NameStickman Sword Duel
ReleaseIgor Zemlianoi

This funny performance of Stickman Sword Duel invites us to experience the possibilities of a real knight. Take a sharp sword in your hands, and then try to defeat any opponent in a fierce fight. You can use a variety of swords, throwing weapons, and everything else to win a global victory. Apply different tactics, and use heavy armor not to lose a single confrontation.

An excellent game where you can combine attacks, use throwing weapons, and also think over a further plan of action. A wide variety of weapons, armor, and a unique combat system that gives you complete freedom of action. You will visit different areas, you can become the best knight in the world and destroy hundreds of enemies. The game is not only fun but quite instructive and will be able to teach you new fighting techniques.

Stickman Sword Duel MOD

Its a pretty good game but the only problem is the game movements arent fluid so you cant focus on your enemy properly and also the blocking button sometimes stutter or dont work i hope you update your game:). Although the game was good i kinda hated the controls can u add like ps5 ps4 ps3 controller support? Or mayb edit controlls which makes it so that u can manually move the buttons. Although the game was fun and it's not too hard but pls add more level and make more realistic the graphics. I love the design of the game and how it plays, however I feel like the opponents can be a little too hard for new players and also can you please lower the prices on equipment? And buff the money given please if your not going to lower the prices. And add more stuff to the game like better swords, armor, throwing knives, and helmets.. Although its not perfect I'd say it's well rounded the combat is not to complex and its not to hard to upgrade the character So it deserves a 4 star..

Stickman Sword Duel APK

THIS IS THE MOST WORT GAME EVER U CAN'T EVEN KILL THE AI DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IT WILL MAKE U RAGE. Interesting gameplay but need graphics too next time I play please, and yes I want to fight with my barehands like wrestling kind, bcoz gameplay is cool. It would be fun!. Great game over all! All of your games (such as both business strategy games and this one) are great. But if you make this game multiplayer, and have more game modes. It will be more great . And btw when i pause the game and then continue, the opponent get his health refilled. So try solve this problem.. Pretty fun, for what it is. Would love to see some more modes, like a campaign and time attack. Daily challenges could be cool for extra coins. Also, just straight up multiplayer would be wacky and hilarious with this game. Not a necessity, though. Different classes with unique abilities could be awesome. A fencer who can dodge faster and shorter with lunges for attacks, or a brute who chops through parrys, so the only counter is to dodge. Just some ideas..

Stickman Sword Duel APK

It's amazing it's something to pass time the only problem is the language was not in English so i had to press random buttons until i found English.

Download ( V4.4.2 )

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