NameVampire Love 1 Vampire Girl Re
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Another exciting story is about a real vampire. Vampire Love 1-Vampire Girl Re in this story, pets suffer from a real vampire. Now they need help, but for this, you need to go through many tests. Someone is ready to save the poor animals waiting for your help. Here you will participate in a unique fantasy, encounter use story, and join in love affairs.

Our main character will be the girl Ambe, and shee recently appeared in the fashion world. You have to pick out great clothes for yourself and then enjoy this incredible world of fashion to become the winner and save all the animals ultimately.

No one doubts that any animal needs care, so you must help them in various situations. Go to your local veterinarian, make sure they are completely healthy and get satisfaction from it.

The loventirely just beginning, completethere is already a vampire who will become one of the main characters. Let’s do it, help all the cute animals and give them a lot of joy. Fashion fever is just beginning, which means that you should take part in it.

Vampire Love 1 Vampire Girl Re MOD

It was very fun it was fun putting stuff together and I just took your mind off of your stress. This game makes to be happy but vampire are very very very very very very very bad you now what am saying. Bye am going solo now. I remember playing this as a kid I still love it now and I'm almost a teen! I love it. Cute game and the best part is that i don't have to read the lines cause there is an audio voice which make it one of the unique. It's a good game a pity you can and pick the right plasters for the cat everytime I put one on they say need to give me a sign for the right plaster for the for the cat.

Vampire Love 1 Vampire Girl Re APK

Best game loved it butt the bad and weird thing is that so much ads in this game and in every step there is such a thing that can't open without seing ad this game needs to be offline so that we can enjoy freely. I think the game is ok but ads are too much so please fix it and I give it 2 stars. I love this game so far and I'm glad to see you have made more than I can't wait to play.. I really really love this game because the dog and cat was cute but there where poor thing because they have injured but anyways i very very like this game.

Vampire Love 1 Vampire Girl Re APK

Very very bad time and MB wasting game the ads are not going and disturbing also very bad never play this game pagal no. 1 . Plz fix the problem. Very very badtime and mb wasting game the ads are not going and I downloded every game 123456 but very bab I just waste my time please donot download. I can't pass part one even I tried to unlock the makeup but it was saying the video is not ready very disgusting. I love it ! its great! but, there are to many problems i have faced! And the controls are not so good.And to many feels disgusting! So,i rated it 4 stars!.

Vampire Love 1 Vampire Girl Re APK

Nice game! It is very intresting. I love this game but one thing I have to tell is..there were too more ads!!! Thats the pronlem! Try to fix it please!!!!. I love this game and the animals was dead so I became so sad and plz give me a 100 likes plz plz plz plz plz Plz give me a 100 likes.. We want to get each and every level by ads....its so boring...If you play this your time is waste. what is this game exactly?? there are sooo many ads! when i want to start the game i have to watch an ad before the game! and also i have to watch another ad for unlocking the game... please show the ads juuust for unblocking the game....

I loved it but I feel bad for the animals. But Carolyn on the other hand however is mean to Amber!. just started I like it trying to get into it more do you have to pay for the other levels. i was completly un aware that this game was only 6 levels long i would of never spent $4 to unlock one item for 6 levels....

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