NameHungry Dragon
ReleaseUbisoft Entertainment

A mobile game that is an arcade shooter with ferocious dragons in the title role. If you like such games, you should download Hungry Dragon for Android and try out this dynamic toy. As you understand, you have to manage formidable dragons, which are very hungry, and they are madly hungry. Of course, you need to feed them. At the very beginning, you will have a small lizard that you need to grow into a vast, formidable dragon. By killing your enemies, you will earn in-game currency, which can be used to buy upgrades and new dragons. In addition to the main dragons you will control, there are additional ones in the game that cannot be controlled but will move next to you.

These dragons have several skills that will help you as you progress through the levels. For example, some dragons can automatically attack enemies, while others in a passive format add armor to the main character. The gameplay will unfold in several colorful locations, gradually replacing each other. If you are ready for the gameplay, download Hungry Dragon for Android.

Hungry Dragon MOD

The game is good now. I would suggest to add a playable semi-aquatic dragon, like a hydra or dragon creature with multiple heads, either inspired by the design of the hydra in greek mythology or King Ghidorah from the Monsterverse. Also add a marshy Semi Aquatic part of the map with new creatures and enemies, such as a giant crab mini boss or another boss in the battle arena, like Jormungandr, the giant serpent of norse mythology. Add new pets, skins, and some new special dragons too. Thank You!. I love this game. I remember when it came out. I thought of it recently and I've been playing nonstop. I would give it 5 stars, but the boost is broken. It's always boosting, even when I have one finger on the screen. It makes controlling the dragon horrible.. This is a great game imagine if you added toothless from how to to train your dragon as a playable character that would be so fun and you should add a feature where you can play rounds with your friends please add toothless as a playable character and multiplayer mode. It's was fun but now it sucks. There are so many glitches, one I really want fixed is the boost! Everytime I move it automatically makes me boost, and I hate it! I miss when one finger for moving and one finger for boost. But now this glitch is ruining the game, please fix this. i like the but its boring cause so many monter can kill you but i like it i just rate this 3 star cause im boring my favorite is hungry shark evoulution that is my favorite so if you wnat this game dowload now!..

Hungry Dragon APK

It's a very nice game although it needs some new features,like when u login into face book u won't lose the progress overall it's still a very nice game. Merhaba! Yorumumu dzenleyeceim jasksksksd ncelikle ben daha 6 yanda bile deilken hungry shark oynuyordum(hala oynuyorum) ve bence ok gzel sonra ejderhalsnn geldiini grdm ona da bayldm yaklak 3 yldr oynuyorum 1000 den fazla elmasn var, Bi tane etkinlikle elmas kasmak ok kolaylat elenceli ve pay-to-win deil.. Tavsiye ederim oyunu (yorum duzenleme hesabimi kaybettim Facebooka bagli oldugu icin.). I like this game but I keep getting spawn killed by larger dragons as soon as I play a round, it makes this game unplayable.. Love the game im a fan of how to train your dragon and hungry shark world but combined together.. A MASTER PIECE!!!.

Hungry Dragon APK

Id like to give this game five stars, I REALLY would, but for some reason, there is a massive influx of enemy dragons, right when I started the game there was a XXL and L size enemy dragon,half the time you get insta KOd by them and it's super annoying to make any progress with them. There's no event going on that could cause this so I assume this is either a purposeful update or just a bug, but please fix it!!. I love this game because it has so many cool dragon,pets that are much more simple and useful than hungry shark world,a simple but fun boss fight,runs quite smoothly and much more however I have one problem with this and although it is quite a small problem that have been able to mitigate,it stops from giving this game 5 stars and that unlike the triple !!! mark dragon which awesome abilities,this game has only been adding XXL dragons which don't have any special powers so I get bored after play. No cloud save. I had purchased various items with real money, but I got a new phone and had to restart from zero. used to love this game, but it's basically unplayable now. I can't get past the smallest dragon because every time I spawn in there's always large, xl or bigger spawning all around me. It isn't even fun anymore because I can't survive more than thirty seconds on a good run..

Hungry Dragon APK

Dragon are very cool but when you get to play as them even very cool the best game ever played in my life I just loved the game it very good to it I mean like this is the best game I ever played. Used to be a lot of fun had a whole bunch of stuff on my old phone ,just upgraded to a galaxy S21 and found out they no longer support cloud save for Android. Only local save meaning I can't transfer my account over to my new phone,. You removed the Facebook log in and I lost all my data and purchases! Edit: You made me jump through all these hoops only to still deny recovering all my data!. My record disappeared. Out of the blue. Just vanished and tried to make me start over... I spent real money and spent real time so I'm very disappointed.

If you like games with dragons you will love this game because it's a game where you can become a maximum dragon and eat almost everything in the game it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun Aaron is definitely my favorit game. Incredibly slow progression without paying ridiculous amounts of money. A single step of progression can be as much as $25, or take weeks. Obvious cash grab, avoid at all costs.. It was supposed to be the year of the Dragon. Instead, it's the year of the thief. (lost all my years of data & microtransactions). Fricking game doesnt load ad's when its for rewards but forced ads after a game is easily loaded in? AND DONT TELL ME MY PHONE HAS BAD INTERNET BECOUSE I LITERALLY JUST WATCHED AN AD AFTER A GAME.

el juego si es muy bueno es muy divertido pero los dragones son muy caros no como en hungry shark , es decir pasar de doscientos mil a mas de cuatrocientos mil eso no es justo en mi opinion pero le doy 5 estrellas porque es un detalle minimum.. I like this game but there's a problem why is there no ads to get gems can you make it for 5 gems per ads that you watch it will help me alot and to the other people.. Lost all my gaming experience. I connected my Google Game Play account with this app and still lost everything. Even tho I lost everything it is saying how I still have the achievements of this game.. Good game.I like the graphics and the dragon designs.Its easy to control and you can even explore worlds and grind money and gems for more cooler,better,bigger and much stronger dragons.Thank you,Nice game..

I uninstalled the game and after a month I installed it again but all my progress was lost, all my dragons were lost, even though I had bound it with Google Play. I love this game because the art style is amazing and you have to keep grinding a lot to get the next dragon. I had this on my Kindle originally. When I got this on my phone, it was still better than ever.. Absolutely love this game. I played it sometime around 2019-2020 on a tablet, and loved it so much I played it every day. And then it was removed from my tablet and I was very sad but now it's 2024 and I've finally found this game again! And it's even better than it used to be. Game play is fun, I could play for hours, and graphics are good quality. The deals on the packs in the shop are amazing too, you won't regret buying them. I bought a pack for $10 and it was very worth it. Highly recommend.

Very good should make a console version with a more 3D open world and maybe a strong it would be very good. I'm sure when I first got this game that it had cloud save. And Ubisoft isn't some small no name developer. The fact that there is a game about collecting different dragons that can't transfer to a new phone is shameful. The game itself is enjoyable to play but what's the point if all you have to do is start again every time you have to get a new phone?. Relly good game and forckids and has dragons in it waster you can choose what kind of fire u want and dragons to get people and other monster funnnn Game . Hey developer, im asking for HELP, Its not too long im not PLAY this game, maybe 1 year im not palying. But, LAST TIME i've played, i've collected all the Dragons, and have much diamond also the gold. then i sycronized / save data to Google play using Email. BUT WHY !! now i download the Game, then Log in using the Same Email, theres Nothing there.!! Everything Lost!! I must replay from the start. No diamonds, no dragons !! Are u kidding me? You know how much i've pay to bought the dragons?.

I love the Game because it has good graphics and it entertainmed and u can go to space in the Game. Hey love this game but for me it bugged out it will not lode in the event data can you plz fix it. Been playing this game for a couple years, unlocked every dragon and spent well over $200 in micro transactions just to get on here one day and find all my progress gone, I still have all of my achievements. But all the dragons I've unlocked and money I spent is gone, had to start back at square one and I've sent 6messages to support about this with ample proof. They refuse to even respond to my complaints, let alone fix them. It's a fun game, but I would not suggest spending any more on it. I got back on this game to play it because I haven't in a long time. All of my progress is lost! I've tried following the steps it recommended and nothing. What doesn't make sense is I still have ALL my Google achievements but NONE of my game progress. Just Uninstalling it at this point because I'm not replaying everything over again..

THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE BECAUSE I GOT A SCORE OF 2185000 I USED A AD TO REVIVE BECAUSE I DIE BUT I couldn't leave the the ad so a skipped it and the game restart and i lost my score do you know i work to get that score plus i only have blaze. The game has no cloud save every time I come back to the game I have to start all over again and for me to do that right now I'm very annoyed at it. all my heart progress is just gone everything I work for gone please fix this please it's very annoying for me.

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