If you’re searching for an extra edgy feel to your pictures or need to add some border to the theme design of your Instagram web page, then VSCO APK is the right app to have. The fundamental model is free, offering you a few dozen filters and the possibility to obtain new free filters repeatedly.

With over 200 professionally curated filters to select from, you can relive the previous great days by exploring Kodak, Fuji, and different preset filters to offer your pictures that edge. You might be craving. VSCO has a lot, from B&W items to grainy film items and sharp shade enhancement filters. No matter what you are after, you may discover it on VSCO.


Precificao desastrosa, o que antes eram recursos bsicos, hoje s podem ser usados mediante um assinatura. Acabou com a experincia j que os filtros nem valem mais tanto a pena assim e no faz sentido pagar por algo que se tem de graa em outros apps. Parabns, mataram o aplicativo.. Unfortunately now with the new update even all the basic editing fearures (like grain, clarity etc) are gone. Now there is no point of using the app without paying for subscribtion - but maybe that is what you targeted which is of course understandable. However, I don't think it is necessarily the best idea since most of the photo editing apps nowadays are offering those same features and much more for free. Therefore, why would a new user download this app? No new users --> no new subscriptions. I really like this app because it feels like it's a fun place to just Post photos without the stress of having to be likeable like how Instagram can be..I really like this app it's like my own photo diary:). The update disappointed me. Seriously? Literally Video editor now requires Premium? Why did you guys made everything is for premium? honestly you'll lose some plenty of users just because of the "premium", literally every single review was 1 star because of "premium" can you just make not everything not for premium users?. I am paying the subscription but can even use the features. The app doesn't update when I open it and keeps telling me to upgrade. I already have!.


Charged me 30$. Got a new phone, now saying they have no info on my subscription. Definitely lame as hell on their side. Wouldn't recommend buying this app.. I used vsco for bout 5 years, and today I tought it was a good ideia to update the app, but for my depression, it is closing when I try to edit my pics . It's a confusing app, plus it's kinda a sad that you've have to pay for some of the filters, ads would have been better not everyone can manage $30. it's only good for making photos because you have to pay just to make videos, who invented this. that's it this app sucks.


It's not really a free app anymore. You have to purchase the subscription just to avail basic features like text and contrast. pathetic.. One of my favourite editing apps but I just can't seem to save edited videos. The app just crashes. I've paid a membership but it still breaks.. The app has been great so far, and as a premium member of VSCO, the various presets, tools and effects allowed myself to explore on different ideas of editing. I hope the app has a more convenient method of publishing the edited works to my VSCO profile, rather than clicking on each ones to post.. Still can't save my edited video in this app. I paid a lot of money, and still a bug can't save.


The photo editor you once loved is now blocked by paywall subscription hell. so many features are now blocked by fraudulent subscription fees. I did remember I payed for the app before but damn, they really took everything out and put it in a monthly subscription. its barely usable, even Snapseed can do more.. i had to delete the app afted 6 years of using it... my favorite editing app ... well used to be because now most of my favorite features are premium and have to pay just to use grain and the temperature tool? it's silly. I used to use this app religiously for all my instagram photos. They started paywalling things that used to be free and recently decided to paywall the ability to download. I realized I wasn't able to download a photo, then I signed up for the free trial, and I was able to immediately download it. I like the features, I'm just really not able to afford the premium subscription at the moment. I hope the download paywall is just a glitch, otherwise I unfortunately will probably have to uninstall.. I've had VSCO for years . When did they become so greedy? You basically have to pay for everything and only the basic filters are free and the editing. Now they wanna overcharge to edit pictures. Kind of sad all they want is money and charge ridiculous charges. I can just go on snapchat and use a filter anyway I'll be finding a new app.

I really like this application I can express myself or take a photo of something insignificant and when it comes to editing it is great. I can also take photos of something beautiful and I can edit it. I have paid for a monthly subscription, but you keep saying I have not subscribed and on Google play you showing Two devices, pleased fix that or bring my money back.. so fun and love the way it doesn't have the follower count and like count aspect. makes it so much more fun. I have an Android phone, and this app use to work perfectly. Now photos do not show up in the Studio, and I get an error ("VSCO encountered a problem when importing photo") when I attempt to add a photo to the Studio. I have the latest update, and the update link has a 404 error. I hope this problem is fixed soon..

Im going to wait until I update to edit my review....but currently...I am unable to export photos with filters I have previously PAID for ex. M6. It's still far from perfect. I got a new phone and lost all my presets. Between the app unable to remember or carry over your recipes and poorly worded instructions and the lack of improvement aren't encouraging. Can't log in! When I try to log in using my Google account, the screen flashes (almost as if trying to remove the login overlay) but does not change, so can't access! Using an up to date Pixel 7.. I used it on my old phone and I liked it and after 1 year I changed my phone and I forgot it but now I have it in my mobile.

Changed from a very good free app, to a mid paid app. Still decent, but no chance am I paying for features that are free elsewhere.. Haven't been able to access my account for several days despite paying for it annually, support has been slow and have not addressed issue as yet. I usually love this app but this has been a big technical issue. Would be better with an option to "clear all" on your gallery. Some current issues with editing multiple photos and the app reverting back to the first photo selected after each edit (quite frustrating). Filters and editing function are brilliant when working.. UPDATED: Now I'm even more aggravated! Went through my Google Play order history and found receipts for all the presents I bought starting in 2015. Someone mentioned if you create a new account using your Gmail address, even if that's not the address you used to sign into the app previously, your presets would be restored. NOPE! I get it that everything is going to a pay model whether monthly or yearly. But asking me to pay to use presets I previously purchased SUCKS!. I already paid for your one year membership, yet the app still ask me to pay, so absurd. Please repair it right away. I'll sue you if you are not repair it or return my money..

Absolute joke of an app. I paid for a subscription, but it won't link to my account, and the technical support can't/won't link my subscription to my account. They also won't offer me any refund. Don't bother giving your money to them. ***And check their automated reply to this review. I've been talking to their support team for months already.. Pssimo! Faz mais de um ms que t com problemas e no consigo acessar minha conta de jeito nenhum por conta de erro no servidor, at que no seja resolvido no tiro minha avaliao. I wish I could upload a screenshot of this app It's not even working at all , it's not signing in both with Google account and Facebook and phone number, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU HAVE DATA AND SPACE TO WASTE USELESS APP. Couldn't log in with my credentials, their servers won't connect. Then saw a review here saying they logged in with the same Gmail address but then the subscription wouldn't be there. Well, managed to get in this way, but I won't mess with subscriptions until they get their act together. And do they push! Very annoying. But I have a feed I like there and many presets I bought in the early years, so I'll keep using that. When everyone is loving the Android app again I'll think about subscription..

I don't know why they want to make you pay it's the stupidest thing ever makes me want to not use your app. You can barely use any filter anymore and you can't modify your pictures like you use to, the grain option is now something that you have to pay for which is dumb.. I started using this app originally like 10 years ago and absolutely loved it. Im not sure what made me fall away, but Ive come back and am trying the free trial. I like that its now a "social platform" & able to share photos with a community, but I have to say, not having a "like" & comment feature that lets me know my photographs are being viewed and appreciated by ppl makes it all feel a little empty. If you added this function I would pay the membership fee. You cant even see who follows you. IT IS NOT ALLOWING ME TO SIGN IN, ITS BEEN SAYING "THERE IS A PROBLEM CONNECTING TO OUR SERVER" FOR THE PAST 3 DAYS. Wow. I never expected this app to be getting worse and worse. The only reason that I installed this app is because of grain effect. Now I don't have any use for this anymore. .

Too many bugs in the latest release. I got a lot of crashes on the save step, so all my editings were lost.. Used VSCO for years and years. Was one of my favourite editting apps. Now half the tools are behind a paywall. I get putting new tools behind a paywall but to have a lot of tools that you've used for years taken away is kinda scummy.. Worst app ever seen on play store for editing. Before update there were some basic features are free but now you can't edit video without subscription . You just edit photo with limited access of two to three features.If the developers want to become Elon Musk then they make this to a purchasing app. And one thing also this app crashes a lot of time it sometimes hardly work otherwise most of the times crashes. I kindly suggest you not to waste your time and data. I got this app for the video editor, it is completely unfair you have to pay to save the videos and import videos I just need to use slow mo it's just terrible please let me use the video editing without paying.

If you have any phone that isn't an apple, it doesn't work properly. I can't delete posts, upload certain pictures, login from my MacBook, or load other people's accounts properly. Sucks . Horrible app, subscribed for annual subscription but keeps asking me to resubscribe. If I could give no stars, I would.. I think this app is abandoned. Its been a year and they still havent fixed the bug that scrolls to the top after editing a photo. Can they stop brushing people off by telling them to submit a support ticket and just fix it? Update 1/26, 1/27, and 2/6: I ask them to stop brushing ppl off by saying to submit a ticket and a bot replied to submit a ticket.. I just paid for the full membership and got scammed as I lost access to the membership after paying 50$ and it removed the features within two weeks. None of my recent videos are posting and the only two videos I posted took 50 attempts before uploading and almost two hours to upload an 18 second long video. And I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it says that my membership associated with the account no longer exists. So I paid almost 50$ for membership to disappear within a week?.

Keep doing what you're doing, the only feed I have that isn't corrupted by ads. I just post what I like without the fussiness of getting likes or comments. I can be expressive here. Just subscribed to vsco after using the free version for years and the new filters are great, but the app does not in any way edit videos. It "renders" them endlessly and never actually does it until you have to close the app because it's crashed. Big shame because that's a main part of the reason I wanted the subscription. this was uninstalled from my phone as I didnt like to use it and it still renewed the subscription, please refund me, as google play is not allowing this. the app is not useful to me and I cant afford to spend 20 on a subscription I dont use, please can u refund me. I used to use this app for editing my videos, for example, if I want to make a velocity edit I would use this app to slow my videos down, but now we can't even edit videos w/o paying..

You're too greedy, all you want is payment..I'm sorry I only have 1 star, huh, it's terrible because you can't edit the video you want, we'll pay a lot just to edit the video. This app is so trash i downloaded this app because i was told the slowmotion is good but i didnt know you have to pay just to make an edit for a video? Fix your app vsco.. Glitchy experience. 7/10 times it locks all the features I've been paying for for the last few years as of recently. On top of that it's going up to $30 a year for what? All I wanna do is have my account with no followers, and edit photos, looking back at the memories I've made by posting aesthetic ones to VSCO.. I don't know what the hell is going on in this app..i can't even save the it happening just with me??i will give 0 out of 10.

Login is utter trash. I had an account, forgot password. While troubleshooting tried Signin with Google with that accounts email, and it overrode my original accounts email and now it's associated with an empty account. What kind of large scale app allows this I truly don't know.. Love this app, but it NEEDS A COMMENT SECTION!!!!! I want to be able to comment on other people's photos!!!!!! PLS PLS PLS ADD A COMMENT SECTION!. When I exit from editing a photo, it will automatically scroll right to the top on android (On iPhone its ok) please fix! . I've been having this weird bug and I tried everything, from time to time wehn I'm trying to the photo it lags then the whole phone crashes.

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