NameWonder Dragons Blast
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
ReleasePopgames studios

Wonder Dragons Blast is a casual arcade puzzle game with a bright design for Android mobile devices, in which you have to connect the same elements, making chains of them to clear the playing field.

The main task in the game is to create a settlement for dragons. During the game, you will grow dragons, create comfortable living conditions, and decorate their homes. These actions are performed through “three in a row ” ‘s familiar mechanics.” As soon as you want to achieve some kind of global action, the match-3 game will start. You need to connect the same elements during the puzzle, thus clearing the playing field. The sooner you remove the area, the better. Some levels may have additional conditions for victory. For difficulty, timers and a limit on the number of moves have been added to the classes.

Wonder Dragons Blast MOD

People are right the music is very loud, the sound and music you should be able to turn down music and sound so you can have one or the other. But apart from that it seems to be a good game so far only on level 7 see how it goes? Another thing I think it could do with a tap to skip at the end of each level.. You need to be able to change name, most games have that in case you mess up like I did...You also need a turn off music option ... You can't always watch the ads for the decorating part... Sometimes game will freeze if the game is updated and these things are added, I'll give all 5 stars but only when these things are fixed!!!!!!!!! Yeah but if you turn it off it turns the sound effects off... It should separate buttons for music and sound effects.. Would have gave 5 stars but wont let me go to lvl 13 it shuts completely off. Other than that its cute.

Download ( VVaries with device )

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