NameBlackout Age: RPG Map Survival
ReleaseDatastrophic Games

An entertaining adventure strategy with RPG elements on a post-apocalyptic theme. Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival is an exciting post-apocalyptic RPG strategy game developed for Android devices.

In this strategy, the player needs to take control of a group of survivors and help them revive civilization, and at the same time resist alien monsters who intend to enslave humanity and destroy the human planet. Aliens arrived on Earth after an incomprehensible eclipse that claimed millions of human lives. In the process of survival, the user with a squad will have to travel around the game world in search of valuable items and resources for survival, while fighting aliens and monsters along the way. The main feature of the game is the ability to play in the virtual space of your city or another familiar metropolis by linking GPS coordinates.

Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival MOD

This is a very dangerous and unsafe game. And it's they do a lot of stuff without asking, they have a built-in GP. S here they monitor you, they watch what you're doing. My security went crazy. Do you have key lawyers in this game? They have malware in this game. All the doughnuts gathering personal information using the game as a reason to get personal information. So they can sell it to third parties. And I am reporting you to Google. I wouldn't play Does things without asking. There needs to be a better tutorial. I struggled because I didn't have a firm grasp of game mechanics. Like how to consistently land hits during combat, how to switch and sell weapons, how to start a new day (had to hunt for the button), and the importance of batteries and Sim cards. By the time I figured things out, I was way behind in the game, so I restarted from the beginning. Much better once I figured the way things worked. Good game; plot, gothic graphics, control.. I know it's a GPS game. But it can never find me, despite me using other GPS games that find me fine. And how come I can never find any food. For 4 days now I've reinstalled the game and played. Yet every location which has food in 4-5 dots. Which by the games own reference is the way to tell. Yet no food. The pay system is quite hilarious too. Pay to win basically. I understand the developers need money. Overall premise is very good although let down by some very big flaws. Probably wont return. Its an interesting game but needs a bit more explanation starting out. For example your attack path varies on the different weapons and some just don't have a good path leading to a cross hair mark. The cross hair marks are life, always try to land even partly on them if you can!. Well I have Played Blackout Age back in 2022 and I never had any problemd whit it it was My Fav Alien/Survive Game but there is only a one thing some times when The Players enter The Game it wont Load and I Really Want to see the Game whit more stuff like Sharing Supplies whit other Players and maybe like Fighting or something but thats All I had to say "Thx for Reading".

Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival APK

Gotta love the rpg extraterastrial invasion theme, mechanics and crafting are solid enough and base building a bit of a grind but otherwise love it, have you guys never thought of implementing multiplayer. Really good game. I wasn't thinking I would play more than a day, but it is pulling me in more and more. I love the adds choice, if u want extra - watch an add, otherwise play and enjoy. lack of adds doesn't slow you down or restricts your gameplay, u can still play as much or as little as you want. Brilliant! more games like this please!. Honestly having fun with this. Most of the time the map doesnt load for me but I can still see locations. I wish there were some more quality of life things like marking items for camp upgrades so I can remember what im looking for even if it doesnt show me on the map where to look. I also wish the day system was not timed so I could spend more time playing when I can play instead of waiting almost an hour to continue. However lool foreward to updates and will update review later.. it's actually hard to keep your character's alive especially if you do not have enough currency to keep then alive, lol..

Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival APK

Well its a good game for me especially in the survivalist genre stuff. It would be fun if there was something like region chat or something. Overall it's good and actually relaxing . Everything is balanced though except for the weapons haven't gotten much while scavenging. But y'all should give it a try it's good.. the game absolutely great but one thing problems when it comes to scavenging resources it's so hard to find ammo and I need to find locations were it provides ammo please give some more gun ammos and weapons even in abandoned building. only BECOUSE it did not use GPS, I love in Jacksonville N.C.,AND THERE WAS NO OPTION NOR DID IT USE GPS. I really love this game! One problem tho, the EXP only goes for the survivor/s that get the final kill and not based on how much damage they gave AND the final kill. I also find it a pity that I have to leave/sell my stuffs on stacks but if that means I can also collect in stacks then I guess that's actually a good thing. That's all, but if there's more to say then I'll add it whenever I remember..

Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival APK

I down loaded this game about 2020 as it appeled to me to use my local area, back then the game was quite minimal however the maps were great, all shops showed up and loot was relevant to said shops, so now 2023 i reinstall game, no maps i come across places that are relevant ro my area but its basically like fog of war, cant see street names so i cant see what places are good to loot, you need to fix this as they all showed up 3years ago.. I like the game it's good But I just don't like how high I have to level up certain buildings too craft a certain weapon or ammo it's a little bit too time consuming. Its 2023 Its Still Alot of Asians and Latinos Hackers On PC Hacking Modify Accounts with Emulators Bots in Combat Weakpoints systems to Hit 100% of the time with Some type of Macro scripts bots Like the #1 world Leaderboard Player Quite Place, The Top #100 world Leaderboards players Never kill Normal Aliens they Only go for the 50k pristine Demons theres no Literally no point in the game when you max out 50 stats Only killing demons, Materials supposed to have 4 white Dots Give ever nothing. Game's coding is focused on "SPEND MONEY!" No party Exp, just who gets the kill shot = lvling takes FOREVER = using weapons more = they break faster. No defend option = you HAVE to attack. Which = looting & TRYING to find an OKAY weapon. But for good weapons, buy or have end game tier benches. To even listen to player feedback they charge $1.99 US for a vote. Without such blatant greed this game could have evolved to a FPS/3PS MMO PC/console game & been awesome. Shortsighted, dumb & greedy devs..

Third time starting to play this game. Its just that the game has nothing else to offer other than what you see in screenshots. It just gets so boring in a week. You just walk around in cities and press only a button to search houses and get into alien fights with the same pattern everytime. Has potential if it turns into a whole rpg game with more often random encounters and an actual crew system, but rn its just boring.. The game is difficult for sure but it has a wonderful game style. Building shelter upgrades is a little unfair to me mostly due to the way looting is and how low weight is. You can spend to get ahead for sure but that should not be the answer. Upgrades made transfer with you so this is a major plus. lastly the battling should have auto or something because for me I find it difficult to land proper hits. My coordination is not capable of timing things. otherwise great game.. Changed my rating into 3 stars. I don't know why but the monsters no longer appears on the field, I got to rest some of my character just to be able to hunt a certain monster for mission. no energy system so you can play as long as you want. you can also explore your neighborhood and lvl up your surviors.

It's like the humanity is sensed to another earth which is starving for resources or just the humanity destroyed all the stuff so the aliens can't get it you are in the middle struggling to build a shelter.. The game would be fun if i didn't have to look for water every day. and im not able to do anything else plus i hardly ever get anything.. Great game but hard to get food which you kind of need to survive. Unless you're willing to spend money to get batteries which you can trade for food.. It's pretty good and different. Kinda grindy but not too much I suppose. The "pay to win" aspect isn't really there but there is a major "pay for convenience/speed up progress" thing. But it doesn't really work if you aren't "good" at the game lol..

this is somewhat similar to day r before the nerf..too bad alien hp feels like thrown into random number generator and call it a day resulting in very long combat..player level is meaningless low level player not even at 100hp encounter alien with 100k+hp..sure can always run/escape but just show how lazy the dev to even test their game and properly zone based on player level/stat. It's cool gps survivor game. Idk when it became watch ads x20 in order to get enough resources to survive but that's what's going on. Can't find enough food or H20. That's a problem.. so addicting to play! I love this game def recommend! really just try it out and I know u will love it or be on it all day like I have haha. An interesting take on the apocalyptic game genre, however the gameplay is pretty barebones, and some features are poorly balanced. Also, story missions are randomly generated which takes away from immersion; at least one in three could be some kind of special, story-related mission that reflects the current story events. Monster and outer worlds lore is extensive, but mostly unused in terms of gameplay. Random events are very rare. Overall, an interesting setting which lacks stuff to do in it..

The developer worked an extra mile to make sure you will never enjoy playing the game. (Mind you, I've read guides, tips, & talked to online communities) Water, food & bandages are so hard to find. Weapons break easily and next to impossible to find new ones. Aliens attacking constantly just to deplete your bandages & weapon durability. If you like getting stressed out and pulling your hair in frustration, this game is for you.. No confirmation window on the store, ended up wasting batteries on food. Not a good ui/ux experience don't you think so? For a 3 year old game. Very good game but at some point , you feel that your doing the same things over and over again , but also it has a very captivating atmosfere and story. I played this game for 3 consecutive months, and it was a very bad experience because of the lack of resources to develop the shelter to obtain weapons, ammunition, and other materials. Also, I forget that you get a saw and gas bottles. There is no way to get them except by luck on the day. I killed a demon with very simple weapons and completed all chapters And adventures, and it remained a very, very bad game. We do not forget every period, the aliens become strong, and you become very weak,.

The turn/day limit ruins the game. You have to watch an ad every time you want to go exploring. I would gladly pay for an ad free version but that is not an option unfortunately.. if you've ever wondered what itd be like to run around ur town in apocalypse mode do i have the game for u. needs an item tracker for room upgrades, recipe tracker for rooms and items would be nice, great game though! Does water and food have to count in your item storage? Can they be stored separately so they're not taking up space in your storage?. Developer please at least make a world chat and make more mmo, like add co-op system to play together or just just a world market so players can interract. this game as a potential is good but you lack of multiplayer system..

Top notch realism, Not visually, the concept, and the game mechanics are just UNIQUE, especially the Combat hit turn being different from Turn-Based Rpg. I just wish there's an offline version of the game cause even you are playing the game online, you aren't interacting with any players or meet anyone during scavenging (which will make it more realistic since you'll meet other team survivors too) Offline version will be good, pls have that one too. 4 Stars: I want to manually name my team.. developer, please seriously make it skills system/perks/trait which accomodates play style of mandatory of most rpg's games and survival games. for now, it just like we players wander from town to town with no goal for get uniqueness at all or I mean nothing, it just like collect goods.. I put it down after a couple months, started again recently. Yea it's fun but I remembered why I put it down. At some point you're just spending multiple days trying to find one type of resource to upgrade your shelter. Then you find a place with the resource and you don't scavenge it so now you have to find somewhere else. Anyways, it's just a grind on top of a grind.. there is a game similar to this where you take up to 3 character in a post apocalyptic world and a roguelike/turnbased with realistic faces if anyone know the game I am talking about please tell me..

It's a good game.I would be happy if i can make my survivers to wear armar clothes to protect them.I hope they will be added to the game.It would be good to add especial events in the game. Great game though for me I wanted some new features. You guys should add some trading markets for sims since its way too long to wait for a day to have new items in the daily shop. Second, you guys should lighten up the rarity of toolbox. I've been playing the game for 2 weeks and I haven't reached the level to craft toolboxes because they are too rare for something in high demand. Third, new storyline. The quests are too repetitive and overtime gets boring. Great game, no complains.. Gave it 5 stars before but that was before I got tired of weapons breaking so easily and can't even repair.. It's alright They need to add more content in the game, a little bit wayyy too repetitive. It's fun but there needs to be more. I'll play it for 3 more months and support it. But if I don't see change, I'm uninstalling..

lack of tutorial , paying for weapons which eventually break is useless and having to wait to unlock days isnt fair at all , overall the game is repetetive which eventually gets boring. The game is good. But the thing is, I don't like survivor motivation. To get higher motivation survivor, you'll need to remove your high lvl survivor. (That's the only way!) and the most frustrating part it's random! based on luck. I removed my lvl 51 survivor with motive 17 ending up getting lvl 43 with motive 9 I've work so hard to lvl it up yet it destroys everything! (It's not my first time having this situation). Ending up deleting the game. (Luck base destroyed the potential ofthe game). needs a bit more back pack space in the start. 17 aint enough for 3. maybe 25. also to reqch the far away posts is tough. I'm glad I gave it some time, it's more fun than it originally seemed but I think I have quite a bit to learn still.

I love this game. The world-building is top-notch and immersive, combat is cool and it stays a survival game as you progress, never getting 'too easy'. However, I hope they update the game more. I'm a returning player from 2 years ago but I haven't seen too many changes. Honestly, I'd prefer MAJOR updates that take a while to release rather than lots of small updates every few weeks. I'd love to see PvP and other interesting features. Blackout Age I love your game but please do this for us!. Love the game. Its pretty fun but can get a little repetitive after a while. Not too much of a pay2play game. This game sits on a higher pedestal than most mobile games out there. I love the latest update. What graphics! Amazing! Gameplay is smooth too. Keep up the awesome work team, this game is wicked.. at the beginning I don't know how to explore, btw already upgrade things but still doesn't know how to craft bandage, and it's hard to collect when exploring..

Aaron Owens loves this game. sorry for the late response but I'm going to try to beat the player to player action.. I was in love with this game, played happily until I built a lv1 workshop that enabled me to make a bow without the ability to make arrow! For it required level 8 workshop! So I have to grind or pay just to be able to make a weak arrow? I feel betrayed, I realized that it was not me who playing the game, it is the game who playing with me!! So I uninstall, write this as a warning for fellow human and back to real life.. Sorry I am drastically reducing my rating from 5 to 2 stars! I grind for sometimes hours at a time for materials and won 10 batteries and when I got back to my shelter the batteries were deleted from my bank along with a pistol and it takes literally months to complete chapters to win more... I am furious. I am unable to find the max prob item on scavange site plz check it its same problem for the last few updates. I understand it doesnt gurantee however if a 4 proab one object i cant it after fighting 3 points then there is no point of probablity system.

I highly enjoy the game as it is definitely engaging, but I must say that waiting for the days to become available takes awhile, so if anything can be done to shorten the wait for such a very lengthy but fun game, please do. Love it a lot. I want to play this game in my iOS devices and share my progress there too. So, please add a way to share the save (i.e. Cloud Save, Game Profile Acount Creation etc).. A great reimagining of the "dystopian world" approach to games with the added fun of visiting real local spots. The underlying map source data is an issue e.g. no police station where there is a police station in real life which was a little frustrating. But it just encouraged further exploration to parts of my city I haven't actually been to here in Durban, South Africa. The scavenging is challenging but not game-breaking. Quite happy with thr balance so far .

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