NameBlood in Roses
ReleaseNTT Solmare Corp.

Blood in Roses – Play the most advanced dating sim ever! Start traveling through the world of ghosts and vampires, arrange relationships with this one by one and beware of terrible misfortunes.

Excellent graphics will allow you to dive into the game with your head, and the best drawings of anime characters are simply pleasing to the eye. All anime fans are advised to complete the prologue before the end of the month, or you will miss out on the most important bonus in the app’s history. Try to find the right soul mate right here and now with the realistic dating app. It’s time to download Blood in Roses for Android!

The story begins with the journey of an ancient hunter. The main task of the character will begin after getting into the castle of vampires, where he will not be welcome at all. There will also be those girls who can fall in love with you, you make at least a modicum of effort. Various monsters and other dangerous creatures will not let you relax on the way to your destination. Destroy every single one for free and without registration.

There is also a game mode for the witch, where you will need to find the best man for the rest of your life. Try to go through all the game modes and try all the ways to meet and have fun inside the application. An excellent game development engine made it possible to make high-quality sounds, special effects, and external vibrations, which will greatly affect the further passage of the entire game. You are waiting for incredible stories of vampires, witches, and love situations between completely unfriendly mythical races. Only now you can download Blood in Roses for Android free!

Blood in Roses MOD

A fun game with multiple characters to choose from. The storys are written well and it's free to play unless you want to unlock premium storylines.. I've been playing this game for a LONG time and honestly, it never stops dragging me in to each characters story.. It's a good game imo. I like the characters, the story line & the aesthetics. The characters look very cute all dolled up. I wish getting coins was an easy feat though. I couldn't read any ending which required coins. Another thing which is tiring is waiting 4 hrs to get 1 story ticket! That's too long a wait. Also, players could be given more opportunities to choose what to answer in a circumstance. That would make the game more fun.. It had been years since I've first started playing the game, and the way the mc interacted with Raymond (who was my choice) just reminds me of how I interact with my partner, I hope others can have a similar experience while playing, the story is also very well written.. I can't beleive I found this game. I played it YEARRRS AGO and I finally found it again. It has a very special place in my heart.

Blood in Roses APK

Ok so my Facebook somehow got deleted/removed by the facebook staff idk why maybe because im inactive never post stuff who knows I haved send an email to try and get my account back no reply or answer from them the only reason I have made the facebook account was for "sign in" for games if you could help me get my data for blood in roses and ninja shadow on to my backup fb account please you're my only hope thank you for reading this . The romance and character's are awesome however the text seems to be to big for the chat box I had to go to text history to figure out what they were saying please fix it..... you can't open your item list at all and you tell the company about it and they still won't fix the problem and you have to pay money to get the pic in the story. Due to the rating of this game i think it is cool, the graphics are some how but it's good..

Blood in Roses APK

This game is so easy to get hooked on and they update new things every couole if weeks. Even if i dont play for a while i always end up coming back. Alright for those who are like me and want the original route with the original guys this is how I managed to get back to it. First you need to choose a guy from the new route. Second you need to go to the main page and then to the menu. Third you click on change character and select all. All of the characters including the original guys should show up. Then you can just pick the one you want, read the prologue, and then click choose on that character and enjoy the rest of the story!. Love the drama especially the part where Kenneth was behind it all.Cool and to be honest the efforts put into making this is quite UNHOLY.I do wish the characters could make movements though.But it's still an amazing game.Even though I blushed almost all the time.I do hope I get to finish all your other games too in the coming future Genius.Inc,they are too hot,if you know what I mean.. I love this game! I've been playing it on and off over the years and out of all the shall we date sagas this one in particular is my favorite it would break my heart if this one ever got removed or taken down, it's too good!!.

Blood in Roses APK

I enjoy it but there could be some work done in regards to the filler and how many tickets u need to just get through the filler areas. I'm satisfied with the game and plot! Even I play with free storyline but still enjoy it. There's a lot of characters to choose for each story.. Love this game the fact u cab read every couple hours is awesome ntm the way the story progresses wish it was a longer story but choosing Caelsus as my first choice I'm very very happy keep it up. This game is amazing whenever I play its like I'm really that female lead in the game. It gives me so many inspiration, to make my own story.

The different artwork kind of throws me off - it definitely looks weird, even with the text coming out of the box at times. However, despite that, the storylines are pretty decent, if not a bit rushed (depending on the route picked). Certain things cost too much, and the chapters don't seem long enough.. and ticket prices are kind of outrageous. I don't think a background should cost 900 coins, maybe 500 at most. Not everyone can afford 9.99, etc for 1,000 coins. I still play occasionally.. I really liked this game..but in the latest version it removed my favourite characters Alfred, Rupert... Please bring back the old characters.... I love these games all the challenges keep you annoyed and on the end of your seat to try and find out what is going to happen next. The characters are very Intersting.With different personalities,they make the game more fun with other stories to play along with too!!!.

First startee playing when this game was brand new. Sad to see lots of classic NTTSolmare Otome be lost, but this was always a favourite Just picked it up again and I'm absolutely hooked! I will say however, it can be an investment depending on how you want to play, so that may be a downside for some players.. I love the game and the story lines. The only complaint I have is I wish you got more coins for the money spent. If you want the special story lines you have to spend a lot of coins and they cost kinda a lot. This game is very addicting! I only gave four stars because there are some parts that without paying for something it will take you a long time to get past it. Other than that this game is amazing . It's a cute little game to play occasionally. I like that there are so many different characters, fashion items, diary entries, and events. My complaints are that the text coming out of the text box looks bad. And at time the two different art styles of the characters look off. I wish the main screen was designed a bit better. It can be overwhelming to look at. Other than that I enjoyed completing my first route doing Michalis. I like that we start out with 100 tickets..

I remember playing a little bit of this on another account in 2018, I missed this so much! The writing is amazing, the storyline is well written, it's just perfect! The only thing I need is more!. Nice game I loved it parsonaly and while I am playing this game like it was real and I am involved in the carecter nice story I loved . The second otome game I ever played, after Niflheim. I love the original art style and am sad they must have lost that artist because later characters are a bit different style. It's good, but not the same. It has a system with tickets and dress up, like many VNs. I like that it has two female LI routes. I played most routes in season 1, but haven't kept up much with season 2, Bridget and Matilda aside. It is in maintenance mode now, recycling old updates. I'm glad it's still available at all.. This game was an absolute pleasure to play. The fact it has two romantic lesbian choices are a dream come true because as a lesbian myself it's really hard to find good romance that doesn't feel like a toxic fetish. I'm just happy a game like this exists and I hope the company responsible keeps exploring love interests..

This and wizardess hearts are my favorites. I'm glad you guys keep making new ones (I haven't played the newest yet) but I haven't seen Niflheim in awhile and that saddens me. Plus there used to be one with a demon named Raval? Something like that. Please stop deleting my favorites . I remember when the game only had the first 2 characters and how excited I was when Jack was added. This game has brought be so much joy for as long as it's been out. I couldn't recommend it enough. It's so fun and nostalgic.. The hunter story is good I use to have this app as kid and remember something about a witch version of the story and I would like to read it again but I don't how to find so is there a way I can read the witch version of the story like how do I find it in the game and where do I read it if you can please help me with that I'll be very happy. As the first dating game that I have played when I was younger, I would definitely reccomend it. I was a big fan of routes that I think are not a thing anymore. I would always start up a new account just to relive the expirience of starting anew. All in all, the game is perfect in my eyes. (The fact that the same creators of this created Obey Me!, aka my favorite dating game, amazes me.).

Love this game, I remembered playing this before which is why I downloaded it. So far all I can say is that I missed the characters, but the new ones are really cool too, and that I really look forward to this game.. They have the best character selection and the one of the best if not some of the best endings to go along with them!. I used to love season one of this game, coming back to it flr the first time since 2016 to only be forced to play as a hunter instead of being able to play as a witch with the original characters I loved was disappointing. I'll just watch old replays for the nostalgia I wanted.. I genuinely don't know why people say they cant finish a route, especially saying it takes a long time to do it for free? I finished Spade's route in 2 days, without paying any money. I love this game, it's super nostalgic for me.

I have played this for years, stories never disappoint! Avatar development to proceed with story makes it great for those who cannot afford to buy tickets!. This game is so wonderful. It has such great stories in it. Very good. Love it so much. Definitely recommend.. I would have given it 5 stars if you jokers would give me my God damn b-points that I earned. AND reset the offers correctly. Half a decade later and your game is still a laggy pile of hot rotting garbage. I was excited to see this game again after so long. Especially with the new characters. But the same issues still remain. No freaking wonder Obey Me took you guys out.. I like the story but sometimes certain menus are difficult to navigate and while its always stayed possible to complete the story without purchases it can be much slower and harder to get a good ending. Overall I've loved these games for a long time and they hold a special nostalgia for me..

I decided to revisit this game after a long time and was happy to see more things were added and now there is a Hunter part of the story. The text was good for the most part but it had its moments where it wasnt the right wording or such.. Played before and have return to see the new characters. Last time I played my favorite were Daniel and Jack. Looking forward to meet the others. Return to play once more in 2023, still amazing and way more characters to pick from than the original. Reccomend highly. Totally an amazing story game.This wins my heart.My first chosen character is caelus .However, When u starts to play/read u will get into the character.The more u will read the more u will feel like everything is happening in real.Love this game!!just there is some problem with the coins u need to earn them by playing other games.. I've been playing this game ever since 2016 and no matter what it always has me coming back for more! There's a little bit of everything for everyone! Vampires, Werewolves, Wizards, Demons, Etc! If you love paranormal romance then this surely is the game for you!.

It's a really nice game, the graphics is pretty and story is entertaining. Even free routes are enjoyable, so it has been one of my favourite games.. This game is the best otome game that I've played so far that it's quite realistic and it is very exciting when playing the game and the characters are also the charm of the story and their relationship with the heroine is what makes me wanting more and I love the storyline and the plot. I've been playing this game for a while now. I think all the new characters they have added really make the game more enjoyable. There are still some annoying parts like using the back button. But other than that it's a great game.. Love this, best pictures I've ever gotten from an Otome game, and the guys, woof! My favorite by far is Caelus, he's precious. But thank you for creating such a beautiful game, making lasting memories! .

I love this game it almost so realistic and the story lines are so we'll written I hope for more games like these in the future. One of thr most addictive installments from the Shall we Date? Series. There are so many choices, I am thoroughly enjoying playing the game.. The game is super fun and enjoyable. There are some occasional grammar mistakes but, other than that, it's a good game!. I hate the type of games that make you pay to get the ending you want. I got the bad ending because I didn't have enough moonbeam or sunlight points and it sucked balls. And I would've had to spend a hell of a lot of money to get the ending I wanted..

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