NameBoxing Star
ReleaseFourThirtyThree Inc.

To get started, you should download Boxing Star; you can get acquainted with arcade boxing and see pretty beautiful graphics and a lot of innovations. The gameplay will be very similar to the console, so learning this game will be even more interesting—dynamic gameplay, a large selection of strikes, and even super attacks. You can attend training, prepare for the most important matches, and earn an excellent reputation.

Super graphics, excellent special effects, and incredible animation. A unique system of training, athlete development, and other characteristics. This game project will be a pleasant discovery for all boxing fans, unique sports simulators and action projects.

You can fight with real opponents, show your best qualities as a fighter and win all competitions. Your career will depend only on your strikes. Test yourself for strength, face the strongest fighters in the world, and succeed in every duel. Nothing is impossible here since any opponent can be removed by your accurate and super blows. Participate in tournaments, reach the final, and get fabulous prizes.

Boxing Star MOD

Could you add an easier way to switch accounts please and i also miss the old photo match tye god deleted in previous updates. The ge is good but I have one problem I think you should do punch buttons because this type make the punches slower. Why is jab in a low rank hit : warning no jokes on my message:confirm :the warning was really a warning anyways I'm going to wait till tomorrow morning but the game is not downloaded yet so brub just download I CAN'T BE WAITING!!!!!!!!##%###%%&@#% sorry for the game rip me on. Favorite game but damn do these rewards SUCK!!! White envelopes 99% of the time and if you are lucky enough to get a different box there is only junk in it anymore!!! 42 out of 43 white envelopes right now.... As for gameplay its ok besides when you fight against certain folks you can tell its obviously rigged for them to win... It's about the all mighty DOLLAR with these guys!!!. I love this game is my favorite game to play this game is the best game ever this game is my best game to play.

Boxing Star APK

I lost my 5 year acc and plenty of money, they don't make it easy to retrieve it. Don't waste your time. Read other critical comments. You'll understand.. I really think this game is good and it's really fun to play the levels are fun and I just enjoy the events 5 stars is just low for this game it deserves 10. I used to play this game on my old phone and it was pretty good, i just downloaded it on my new phone it's says checking network status for like an hour now , i can't seem to get into the game itself , any suggestions. I got so lucky the bosses only had 3000hp and I had 31,874hp and I could one shot him btw love the game.

Boxing Star APK

This game is Amazing it has great graphics and just all together fun, if i had to rate this game i would rate it a 10 its that good of a game. I recommend everyone should try this game it's by far my favorite game to ever come off of the App Store so if you want a game that doesn't get to be boring after a couple hours you should play this this game is amazing. Awesome animations, love it competely, best game to get hooked to if you looking for a great graphic entertaining game. I like the game, but it's kind of difficult to costumize your character and has no female characters. But it's a great game.. Love this game it reminds me of a old boxing game the only downside is it takes wifi and is not offline game.

Boxing Star APK

This is a really fun game with a great soundtrack. The fight mechanics are awesome and almost even educational. Learning how to time your doges and counter-punches. However I hate the fact that it the cartoonish theatrics it comes with such as the superpowered boxing gloves. I could be winnibg a fight and all it takes is for some guy to use his special to knock me out despite me outboxing him. To me it would be better if this game was just a straight boxing game instead.. Why I gave it a 1 star is because in the beginning of the game it lags a lot it takes half an hour to login I had to again uninstall it so please don't install this app. Pretty good game! I really like the mechanics and i would like a request it'll be cool to have other knockdown and knockout animations and have replays also a entrance before fighting :). Great game it's awesome if you love martial arts everything is just great I like the graphics just a great game overall .

This game is the funniest mobile game I have ever played so if I were you I would get it. What's with the instant knockouts? All the sudden I am getting knocked out instantly. I knocked down the opponent 2 times and then he knocks me down once, and I'm knocked out cold. Very frustrating!! I have watched my rematches and I have never knocked anyone out with an instant ko. what I have figured out is it if you win 10 matches in a row they will force you to lose one by an instant knockout that will occur at any time you are knocked down no matter what your health status is !!. I love it the game the graphics movement and other but there is only one thing that I hate the sounds is lagging and I hate it because it is bad to lessen And I need to turn off my vol so I can play good. I enjoy this game boxing star is a five star for fun thank you and keep improving sometimes when I tap the screen I get no response from the game other then that everything works great keep it up.

Lost all my progress, linked my account to my Facebook account, and now I can't anymore. So, there goes 4 years of my life on this game, Thanks.. This is a trash game I hate it but if you were born in 2010 or lower u would come across punch hero it was a better game hope u develop good offline games like punch hero it was removed in the play store due to the developers stressing Abt something rip punch hero deleted in 2017 u can still play it if u search it on chrome or any web browsing aslong as you are downloading it in android 10 or lower hope u make a game that's like punch hero. I used to love this game so much but the reason why I have rate this game a 1. last year I quitted this game and now I wanna play but I can't log into my old account Caz I saved my account with Facebook but this game removed Facebook pls bring it back with my account saved!!. This is a really fun game that has good jokes! My personal favorite joke glove is the crunchy glove, it's based off that time Mike Tyson bit off his opponent's ear!.

Played it for years. Most recent update they logged me out and then wouldn't let me log back in without giving them access to basically everything on my phone and wouldn't let me log in the way I have for years. Basically forcing you to give them all your log ins plus all your info. Read the fine print because they have sure switched things.. great game and even us poor folks can afford great power ups and the deals are super good. I normally don't play phone games but this one is the best I have played in a long time!. It is a pay to win game unless you like grinding forever devs do better you made a really nice game but ruined it thanks. This game was so fun for me, but when I try to get gear (ex: ASTRO), for some reason, the difficulty at level 5 increased, and the bot was literally not letting me hit it, i tried to dodge the megapunch but it didn't recognize it, please stop spiking the difficulty..

You gotta pay to be elite. The honor and excitement of this game has been replaced by a price tag. Let alone it keep crashing mid fight everyday!.

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