NameBridge Builder Simulator
Size33.83 Mb
ReleaseBoomBit Games

Have you ever tried to build a natural bridge? Bridge Builder Simulator is an incredible experience in the form of bridge construction and the ability to use different tools.

You see a new city in front of you, with a large bridge. It has been built for a long time and needs some renovation. Get new building tools, gather your strength and start your adventure. Put on your helmet, get ready to complete your first task, and start building. A large bridge awaits you, which has long required repair.

You should not strain too much; you just need to prepare well and solve your first problems. You have a great chance to make history by building this bridge. Draw up a specific action plan, draw a drawing and start yourchallengingt work. The path to glory lies in your pocket, so you must get the first experience and build something incredible.

Quite good graphics, many unique features, and an excellent soundtrack. You will gain vast experience in building bridges and eventually become a pro. It’s time to start your first construction and try to do everything right.

Bridge Builder Simulator MOD

Op game please not net please please thanks love you okay game after gaming you subscribing you channel o.p Charan please please thanks bye bye love you wapas theek hai bye bye. Only got to play 3 rounds, then it stopped loading anything, just sat at the start screen of the 2 "hills", and there was nothing to choose. Uninstalled. I love it it's Fun, But Not Easy to playGraphics Gameplay Controls are all % Kids will love it to. Thank you Developer's it's a Masterpiece of a game. Addictive Fun, with Even more to enjoy has alot of potential and already is one of the best game's I've played.. I'm level two by a bridge keep on breaking my build a strong Bridge a super strong one impossible I'm giving you zero Stars if you have a restaurant. Very glitchy, the game only starts properly when the phone is in aeroplane mode. I have watched videos and done exactly what it said and still didn't work..

Bridge Builder Simulator APK

This game is very good........ but this game one ..........problem this game is not open fast so you can................ update this please..... this game compne. kitna bekar game hai easy level se high par jana chahiye hint bhi nahi hai kuch khelo jase marji play store ka sabse jyada bekar game hai yeh mere hesab se changes bhut karne hogey iss game mai. Broken, on s21ultra. Just a picture of a hill cut in half and some upbeat peacful-ish music plays forever. The screen never changes.. This app is accessing a fishing website in the background. Do not get this app if I could I would rate it 0 stars.

Bridge Builder Simulator APK

This app playing techno gamerz and i watch techno gamerz video and i like this game this game is op. It is a nice game but it is very hard. I got stuck on level 3. But now I now how to use the game.try it out. Worst game ever seen please don't download this game they ask money to unlock other levels worst game don't download it.. Noobest game of world. Such a noob game such a boring game. Such a bad game dont download this game because is so boring. So i request not to downlod such a boring game. bhai nobody. Downlod this because this is a wasteinn mb. Such. A boring game bridge builderSUCH A BORING GAME.

Bridge Builder Simulator APK

Its an ok game, its not worth the 10$ to unlock everything and the hard and easy modes are backwards. If you do download i would recommend jest playing as is. Cuz even the solutions/hints are unlocked after purchase.. Game works once. If you exit the game and go in again the game doesn't load. Have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. I don't think this game is based on physics. I have done the same solution they showed but added 2 extra cables and the bridge broke..

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