NameCall of Duty Mobile
ReleaseActivision Publishing, Inc.

Legendary first-person action game with dynamic gameplay. Call of Duty Mobile is a legendary action game with a first and third-person view with dynamic gameplay, in which furious shooting games are waiting for you on famous maps. It should be noted that the game is primarily focused on multiplayer battles, which means you have to fight with real opponents. The game has several modes, including the royal battle. There is a team game mode where you get on a random map for a lucky team and start messing with opponents.

The main task is to collect points. Whose team will contain a certain number of issues, she will win. The fights are dynamic, so the arguments do not take much time. After the battle, the player receives experience points, unlocks new goodies, and gains levels. Various skins for weapons, equipment, and so on have been added to the game. There is also a royal battle here with all the ensuing consequences. The game has a lot of different weapons and equipment. Everything is decorated very beautifully, and optimization is on top.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD

In br higher ranks is just trash bcz of op classes and shotguns. Shotguns with that much movement is so easy also players not using teammates support always try to solo with shotgun I'm sad about br i hope soon it will get lot better. I've been trying to install this game on my phone for a hole two weeks and for reason it won't install. There is nothing wrong with my phone or anything wrong with the amount of space I have on my phone. I've messaged them four time and got no response. My friend recommended this game for me to try and I was very disappointed with the outcome of it not wanting to install on my phone.Not happy at all complained four times no response just going to give up at this point. Very disappointed.. Love the game but lately I haven't been able to play. Actually it's been almost a month I haven't been able to play. With all the legendary weapons and stuff that is really not needed my phone cannot run the program. This is the only game I have on my phone and I do not understand why I can't play.... if I am not able to play why would I purchase any in game content? I doubt I'm gonna support the franchise anymore as well.. I'll read this game fast star but this all started playing this game since I was 8 years old and apparently right here at the new season that just came out my account disappeared now I can't log in and I had everything I know my guns and my friends now it's all gone. Great game guys im now 14 ive been playing since the beginning ive spent about 12000 rand already and its awesome.. and really great job guys.

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Call of Duty Mobile is such an awesome game! The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is so immersive. It's like having the console experience on my phone. I love how it brings the intense action of Call of Duty right to my fingertips. The controls are smooth and responsive, making it easy to navigate through the maps and take down enemies. The variety of game modes, from Team Deathmatch to Battle Royale, keeps things exciting and ensures there's always something new. 1 star cos when I'm trying to log in it's asks for my date of birth and that's OK but when I put 8n my date of birth it always says invalid input and I can't play it. Good game, plays well, but WHY O WHY ARE YOU AKSING PERMISSION TO USE OTHER DEVICES NOT ONLY MY PHONE?? DELETED!!.. The game is broken I had the game installed before then I bought a Samsung s21 phone thinking it be better then my s20 one to find out it has better specs but no SD card memory ownly default of 135gb witch filled up very fast so fast I had to unstall the 2gb call of duty game to install my money making app now I'm trying to install it again and I keep getting a error can't install message with no reason.

Call of Duty Mobile APK

Please add a new Marksman gun I really like to use Marksman guns or you can add some ancient guns like musket. Good game I am playing this game for like 3.5 years and it was good then but now there are so many lucky draws in which it takes a lot of money and takes so much storage like 10-12 GB for nothing but characters and gunskins and map takes a lot as there are so many maps. With all the bugs and glitches currently in the game at this point just say yall don't care about doing maintenance anymore. I have uninstalled this bulky version of freefire game. CoDM is a disgrace to the CoD franchise. I miss the days when CoDM felt like CoD. Devs, You surely know how to piss your fans off..

Call of Duty Mobile APK

This game shouldn't even be a mobile game I have deleted so much for it and I waited so long for it to download and then it says there's a problem with downloading the software it is so annoying . The best game ever. Never. Please in my opinion there are very and very lots of mythical and unrealistically skins for person and for shootgun too. I loved it for realistic gameplay , but it was in past. This is a really good shooting game and you can gain lots of friends voice chat and teamwork with some players but the downfall is the amount of storage this takes every update but the updates is really good and the games graphics are sooo good compared to other games and the tournament reward wheel has a low chance but can give you cp that you would normally buy good game but some glitches need to be fixed. Amazing. As a cod mw2 lover, I would like the game to be more similar, but the unique game play is why it makes it different is what we all needed 5 stars .

I love this game but one problem one time when I was playing it my acc was gone I don't know how and I was almost to max so I think I got banned bec I was good so a kid was so mad so I think that happened but anyway I made a new acc. this game is one of the best though the problem now is that this game keeps on stopping please fix that error. Now cod mobile is getting stupid am trying to enter game but no way . It keep on stopping and stopping the anger in me right now is too much that I can even spoil my tab . No doubt the best mobile game there is, the game is just pure perfection the graphics, the control, the community and especially the developers, the developers will answer your complaints, your doubts, your appreciation on not just game support but on all social media platform , they have built an unbreakable trust among us players who are devoting their time to play this game..

I need help I dont know why but when I try to play it tells me to put my date of birth but after I put it it says that I'm not in romania but I made my account in England so I should work but it doesn't please help me. Abnormally good.The best game in the world with a wide selection of guns. The camos are awesome and graphics with details I would say are the best . Highly recommend this game , don't miss a awesome game for free like this. I am experiencing same issue from last 3 to 4 days "your game data is Abnormal,check your game environment., 21:44:23 16-09-2023 (15035)" . Please Help me resolve the issue and please provide email id where can i submit screenshot Now saying ""your game data is Abnormal,check your game environment., 20:01:07 20-09-2023 (15035)". Stupid online game. Doesn't even connect to server on wifi. Every app runs well except for this game. Codm devs working only on how to increase game size. Fix your connecting to server issue.

Was a great game but in the last updates it has been laging glitching screen not focusing .I reinstall the app and it won't even install know please fix it.. Supply chain for the information you have yu not received yet is not received yet but not received yet yu e is i. your resource packsges are pain. it only downloads at 200kbps even when i have high speed internet and its very unpleasant and there is like 12 gb of data.. The game just keep adding new resources and you will be downloading new things every time, making your storage smaller. Sometimes the game just doesn't make sense, spawns are so dreadful, you just spawn in front of enemies after been killed..

Amazing game the best mobile game ever. But the 2019 was just simply better. It was just chilling with your friends. But now, it's just sweats.. The game is and excellent adaption of Call of duty from pc. The graphics are amazing on most of the devices . but my only problem is THE LAG. I have a phone that has worked for 3 years( yes i have been playing codm for 2 years). And just recently after the season 2 of 2023. The game started to LAG HEAVILY WITH LAG SPIKES. I can barely see my enemy when the phone frezzes for 2 seconds( in br and public mp both). DEAR CODM DEVELEPORS PLEASE FIX THE LAG ISSUE AND A PERFOMANCE UPDATE ASWELL.. Really the game is now really a killer this is the best game in the world you reduced the size of game and gave a powerful update to your game I love you DEVS you make it of 1.5 gb and new battle royale map really I think I should download PUBG new state it's 1.35 gb but I will always play CODM. Welp after checking everything making sure I had good connection my phone is a version that can be used 4 times in a row gets to 100% goes to install and stops won't allow download. This game has been trash since release nice to know they don't fix anything..

Can't install it everytime while installing it shows 'error in system' message. I try upto 7 times but everytime it shows same different types of messages please check it as soon as possible... I'm trying to reset my password. But I'm not getting any rest link . I forgot my password. I need help. I really like this but I really want the holiday sniper with a folding kife and I really want the zealot sniper to. I love this game because graphic is so good. This game a rail shooter game. This is a excellent and exciting game.

Great game but we could appreciate if you upgrade the servers in all the regions. This game has been lagging lately.. From 5 star to 1 this game sucks now i have 50 ping and it feels like 150 or something.can't shoot enemy and they disappear in front of me. Please fix thissss. The game may be good.But why are the updates so frequent and so large.This is why I prefer Free Fire. Improve the damn battlepass skins! They used to be so good what happened now? They're basically the f2p skins back then, but instead they cost money, like seriously..

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