NameSniper Arena
ReleaseNordcurrent Games

Excellent project for adults, where everyone can become a good sniper. Sniper Arena to assemble a good team of snipers who will perform the most incredible tasks. Here you will experience the natural adrenaline that appears during the most challenging situations. Join an elite squad that will become the best in recent times. This simulator can make any player feel like a hero showing a cruel world of war and incredible terror. Become the best in this category, deliver excellent results, and have fun with this crazy toy.

Pick an excellent rifle, join the most brutal battles, and defeat any opponent. You must prove to everyone that you are the best sniper in the area, and more than 500 thousand people participate here. Destroy other snipers on your way, win many awards, and upgrade your hero. Take advantage of the most modern technology, look at the excellent 3D graphics, and complete all the problematic combat missions. Come off to the fullest in this project and become the best sniper in the history of humanity.

Sniper Arena MOD

It's awesome Game but the way people that's playing hack or make glitches is just so wrong . But that is the only reason I will not give it a five ! Now u should @ lest make the sniper move Change the stages within the stage beening u got 2 rank up the mountain stage should be different so not so easy to catch on 2 please make a 2 with the works !. I played this game for about 6 years and got a little upsets with it I was spending at least $500 a month but that's nothing compared to what some of them are doing and that was just to keep up but unless you put a lot of money into this game you want like it period.. Great game, fun and adrenaline rush are a couple of things I would fix but overall great job to creators.. Good game but it's hard to buy in game items and it would be better if u could move around more or if it was offline. Will play on when objectives is reached. Not on level with opposing enemy and being a fix target but to quit if at disadvantage. Equipment too is inferior(enemy using auto and player cock and trigger until upgrading to certain level. Its waste of resources even though its free/gifts from your generosity..

Sniper Arena APK

I enjoy this game, I don't have to spend money. It's difficult, and yet, I'm having fun. Thank you for creating a game I can compete, without having to spend money.. Interesting fun game comes up with new items a lot but only the top players can/get or afford nobody wants to be a mercenary because it takes too long to fulfill contracts put it back the other way, there are lots of great squads, they are the only way to move up.but altogether its fun. I've tried to earn a hirers medal but its impossible now. Hard to play against the gold players they wont even let you respawn and blast you over and over.. Purchase many times mystery box I didn't get single gold equipment .why the he'll you have to put sepheres in mystery box. You make make separate box for sepheres like avatar and crate box.. I think it's a great game love to shoot in game and in the real world.( Just a country boy with way to many GUNS) (LOL) .thank you & God bless.

Sniper Arena APK

As a rookie being thrown into the battlefield with the professionals sucks, unless you like being killed before you can even raise your head, and the only way to compete with the big boys is to spend serious real money, takes hours everyday just to grind your way thru the battles, not enuf info on upgrading your weapons, armour, etc. ... It's not really a sniper game it's more about chaos and how fast you can shoot the bots, which are just as powerful as you are, upgrades are very expensive. Scam Scam Scam this game is nothing but a scam. No possible way to do much of anything without spending loads of money. The people running this game are greedy scumbags, they're manipulating every aspect of the game. Reported to Google several times but sadly they don't care.. I've always loved this game, I've always rated U 5 stars But after winning a Daily Reward and a bonus AND Never received Either,I went to your site about the matter and got nothing but a runaround. You get my Diamonds AND I'LL MAKE IT BACK TO 5*****STARS AGAIN HELP ME.... Just love coming back to your awesome sniper game. Always a challenge and when you got time to kill? (THERE IT IS KILLIN TIME AGAIN).

Sniper Arena APK

Worst game ever, clicking and cheating going on for pts lol, and developers do allow it to happen, only way to compete is to spend spend and spend, newer players just move on from this whack a mole game, that's based on pts instead of kills, and I thought this was a sniper game lol. Nice job nordcurrent for ruining a once decent game back in the day.. Game is good but combat crate boxes are worst and expensive mercenary cannot choose whether he want to complete hirer contracts are not like hirer can choose any mercenary .. Being a beginner it does take a bit to get used to,but it does look a very good game.. Lots of fun sofar and a good challenge if it wasn't for the reflection off the scope I might never find the one shooting me lol.

Awesome game getting my sniper skills polished I recommend the game to anyone you'll like it get it and play it. Could not get the game to load it reached assembling weapons and stopped tried restarting the app and it did the same thing every time. It is a very good Game.. but i don t know why every caracter i upgraded i only play with few battles then suddenly everything disappear..i can t play with the caracter i upgraded.. it is very annoying.. Thank u. Hi, Another amazing fact about sniper arena, few minutes ago I played Squad Death Match, in my squad only me was real player, in enemy squad too, (only one person was real player) that real player could kill me twice until end of game. I killed that player immediately after who appeared. In better word I killed that real player over 50 times. When game finished results are very amazing, that player killed me 72 times and I killed him/her 32 times. Enjoy the party.

The game is great but make it both online and offline to boost your downloads but the game ia awesome.thanks.. Very good in first I literally not like this game what when I play this game with focus concentration it become very good and I really enjoy this game and like I literally feel that I am like just I love this game thank you the owner of this game to launch its final arena it's very good very good very very thank you for lunching this. Taking Decades To Load My internet speed is Also Good but it's taking to much loading Waste of Time.... I don't have Useless time to Contact your Support team again & again I simply uninstall the game That's it. Game is pretty cool. It's no f2p friendly hardly. You can grind, but it don't benefit you much in cash, to buy or upgrade, and if you do buy better equipment and upgrade them. And the upgrades ain't worth a flip. And the open gears and weapons, cost way to much, than the cash you earn. So it's hard to compete, unless you like going in and hit four or three enemies. Rest of the time they killing you..

Very good just got new tablet...lost my all my stuff off the game (my fault) but enjoying starting it all over again. This game could be Great if one had more practes time and a better understanding of it. Still 1 of the 1 of top #5. SNIPER GAMES Available to to Masses . This game is pay to play. I don't say pay to win because you can spend money and still not win because there's so many cheaters dominating the game. The developers don't care cause they make sure everything is made to get you to spend money and nothing else. Don't waste your time or money.. I really hate you SOB's. I was a Phantom 3 on two different games with 1.2 million diamonds and I reset my games. Before I even started a game today I was shot dead, my first view was the screen you see when you're dead. A second game, 10 seconds in my opponent had well over a Hundred kills. I never got a shot off, and I've played this game for more than five years. This game sucks the higher you get..

Two weeks ago, my profile was unexpectedly reset in the game. I promptly escalated the matter to the support team, but regrettably, there has been no progress on resolving the issue so far. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope for a prompt resolution. Update: till now no response from your side. Update 2: I don't believe that till now and with this escalation I didn't receive any feedback from your side.

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