NameCity Demolition: Destruction
Size41 MB
ReleasePAMPAM Ltd
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City Demolition: Destruction

An original action game with puzzle elements. City Demolition: Destruction is an original action game with puzzle elements for Android mobile devices. In this puzzle, you have to take part in an unusual process. You will destroy a vast city. But don’t think you will be given explosives or some similar weapon, like a tank.  No, you will have at your disposal a small combine that can stretch like a snake.

Your task is to stretch the harvester to its maximum size and, simultaneously, destroy the city. The trick is that each destroyed building is a plus cell to the “body” of the combine: the more destroyed structures, the more cells. But there is a complication here. In addition to you, the enemy combines cut through the city streets, which you cannot crash into. Also, you can not crash into your own “body,” as this will lead to defeat. Well, are you ready for an unusual adventure?

Download ( V0.0.1 )

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