NameCity Fighter vs Street Gang
ReleaseGame Theory Games

It’s time to pull yourself together to start fighting crime in this city. In City Fighter vs. Street Gang, something terrible happened, as our hero’s favorite orange juice was stolen from his house. This is absolute chaos since no one expected such rudeness. From that moment on, his patience is over, and he goes on the warpath against crime. He will face terrible gangsters, robbers, Mafiosi, and other scum. We must do everything possible to return your favorite drink and put things in order here. You are obliged to help him in any way, which means your story is just beginning.

Quite a fun and adorable toy that is designed in a retro style. You can show all your best qualities, face strong opponents, and pile on them all. Use karate, kung fu, kickboxing, and other types of hand-to-hand combat. But do not underestimate them because some professionals will not give up on them. Absolute chaos happens in the city when everyone beats everyone, so you must be careful and look around. You have everything to become a hero and save your favorite juice.

City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD

Edit: it WAS fun but now enemies die after just one kick or punch. No challenge no thrill no fun. Sorry but I gotta take away Dope game. Just wish the enemies were a little harder & levels were longer. I give it a solid 4 stars.. Please add controller support Movement=left analogue/Dpad Punch=Square Kick=Triangle Grab=Circle Jump=X Guard=R2/R1 This will make movement seamless and combat more responsive. I came back to this game after about 8 months and wow, im back at the start, nothing feels hard anymore, I'm two tapping guys when used to have to fight them for at least two minutes. I'm really disappointed..... Hey, if your genre of games is ads then I highly recommend this game as you'll enjoy more ads than the gameplay. The concept is great but ads make it impossible to enjoy the game. Game ok so so. Too many ads after each round which becoming a problem. No one likes to have ads during gameplay. Very disruptive ads. Sorry have to uninstall this game. No point continuing to play this game. Just too many ads Also very low rate of collection coins to upgrade our character..

City Fighter vs Street Gang APK

Gameplay good but the ads are problematic. U cant close it even u tap on the X and some ads dont have any X to tap so u have to reopen the game. Thats annoying.. Great game..but too many ads..after every fight there's an ad..for every button you click there's an ad. Game is Good But In My Redmi note 5 Phone In Night Fight Game Lags Too much , Becomes Too Slow To Fight.... please try to fix this ... Send more enimes for fight give more fighting moves and increas the healt of enimes other wise game is good .

City Fighter vs Street Gang APK

The game is good but there is a problem, after finishing the game, ads come but after some ads, the game is not on, ads are not removed from the site, the screen remains black, please fix this problem.. This game so many adds but play very amazing and enjoyments I request for game developer remove advertisement and freely Play.... It's freezing on 74th level in the New mode fix it ASAP many times application got updated but I see the same it's getting struck, no response I need to exit the game . I played this game it was really fun but when I'm on the last level for some reason I get stuck on the same screen when I killed everyone I don't no if it's a bug but I was wondering if the bug could be fixed.

City Fighter vs Street Gang APK

good game I love to play over and over but too many ads, one ads after one game its too much.. I hate this for ads i dont likes this ads but i like fight in this game but because of ads i rate this zero. Watch a 30 second ad after every 30 second of gaming? No way. This game has so much potential yet the ads are killing the fun. Will uninstall it now.. Please update this game more.. the sound effects are great.. I got to level 550 and uninstalled it to start over.. update it and add more stuff.

Too much ads this game I have irritate play first level and ads than second level again ads play next level again ads.... Ads ads ads Game is so good and Full fun.. control the ads system than l have full 5star tha game. I see great potential about the game the controls are easy but bro too many ads like each turn or next level. Almost enjoyable.. Too many ads could be played offline before but now you can't and the ads keeps draining your data really bad. Awesome, love this game started playing 2 months ago the graphics and the fight physics are just a straight 10/10 very good game not gonna lie but its rated 3.9 it has to be more like how can you hate this kind of a game??!.

When i purchase a new character,the "app"takes it from me and i have to buy it all over again for higher value!this isn t too neighborly of whoever created this game!and too many ads!even in darn phone game app it s all bout the game money for you guys,it s a lot of b.s!otherwise great game!. I was gonna give it 5 stars until all my characters I worked for just disappeared with the new update. I finished the campaign and was at almost 600 hero level and all my level ups and now its all gone! The only thing they left me was enough coins to REpurchase my old maxed out character at base line! WTH???. I really love the game it's design is so perfect but can you please make offline and atleast make the daily rewards online, and add you know more maps(islands,train stations,airports,more cities like Tokyo and New York,Dojos(fighting temples)and just like you brought Bruce Lee, bring also more characters like Jackie chan,jet Li,Tony Jaa,IP man,shaolin warriors, karate and taekwondo fighters.. I love the game but the update is too glitchy the screen keeps jumping in and out fix that and I'll gladly give you 5 .

Fun game but the glitches are freezes up so much. Best part is you honesty don't have to spend money to upgrade a character. Fix the glitches and I'll give 5 stars. Hello Game Theory, i like your games especially city fighter vs street gangs but suddenly that game turn into a online game i really love it, but now im still hoping that this game turn into an offline again because of that I was forced to delete it because it seems like a different game to play, but the game hasn't been changed, the only thing that annoys me is that it's online and so on.. I love how u guys made this an online game so you can force a bunch of ads in after EVERY STAGE!!!. This game is worse game. I ever play. In this game so many ads comes in every fight or to get back main menu..

Worst game i ever played this game contains a lot of ads so cheap game, boring game,i think developer of game is dumb who create this game!!. I know you get your money out of ads but does your greed know no bounds. An ad after every level even if we don't finish it. Decent game but remove the goddamn ads.

Download ( V2.6.0 )

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