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This can be a product of CyberGhost SA and is a VPN software trusted by 36 million individuals worldwide. Right here, you may take pleasure in several servers in 90 international locations to makeensure’ve gotten one of the best on-line safety. Right here, it’s also possible to conceal your on-line exercise from snoopers and scammers. With the proxy servers out there right here, you may hide your actual IP deal, so you needn’t fear searching the Web and utilizing functions. Get pleasure from a safe connection right now with one of the best VPN services out there.

CyberGhost VPN MOD

1) Cant be used in China 2) wrote a couple of enquiries about issues, zero response after 48hours. 3) Apps dosent not have a live customer support support option.. Disconnects frequently,leaving internet exposed. Blocks valid connections. Favourites shown last when selecting a server. Internet kill supposedly automatic, but doesn't work. Slow speeds on various eu servers. APP frequently snagged by Samsung Device Care as "overloading the system". Streaming Amazon ....Amazon says disconnect your VPN to continue. Support does not fix repirted issues. Just generic parrot responses. Pretty awful experience.. Mostly reliable. Works well on Android for Sony but have never used it on other TVs. Recommended for Sony TVs AAA+++. After 2 years of use I tell everyone this app is an Absolute garbage! Blocks all traffic on the red every day no exception. Every day!! It never works 24h without interruptions. Never. I've paid for 3 years like a stupid and now I can't afford tu buy another and I'm stuck with this garbage app. Recently it's not possible to deactivate "anonymous statistics" this app is likely more dangerous than a virus to have in your device. Not recommend since there are much better apps out there!. The app is easy to use on phone, and is reliable. As an example, I was able to acess the Russian ministry of defense page, which usually has a 'error'. However, it its sometimes harder to get the app on other devices. But I eventually found out. *don't ask why I was on that website..

CyberGhost VPN APK

Forgot pwd to my account and when i reset the pwd it does not send any mail to my inbox. Kindly support. Doesn't work at all. Don't know if it's just the android version or because I'm trying to connect to their servers from within China? But it won't connect to any of their servers. Connecting icon just spins until it times out, connection check throws up a "Fail" trying to connect to their servers I have other VPN apps and they work with no issues. . Can't contact anyone to revive a refund (so 45 day refund is no good). Just avoid, this is rubbish. A ROYAL PAIN TO SET UP, still waiting after giving my life history for the secret code to activate the account, should be immediate, try another VPN, 2 years stuck... So many online reviews on stuff like this, they must get kick backs ad its rubbish, stay with proton vpn. So I recently found out that McDonalds won't let any VPN connect through their wifi...and I thought it was a problem with Cyber Ghost ...I feel so bad how I got mad, I hope you forgive me Cyber Ghost! I will be reinstalling today...since I bought the 2year plan. Love you! .

CyberGhost VPN APK

I never get scam emails, soon after I signed upto cyberghost for the free day vpn, I am. What a coincidence. Do not use your legit email address.. You should be upfront in free trial. I'm not giving you my card number until I tried for 3 days free trial. Very misleading.. Bought a 3 1/2 year subscription that I can't even use on my phone the ZTE AXON PRO aka the only device I bought the subscription for & it won't allow me to download it on my phone, though every other VPN will download through Google play store..guess I just cancel the sub & jump through the refund hoops I assume are related to this app, i usually do with lower quality apps. So Lame that the app is only downloadable through certain types of devices. Oh well, time to move on I suppose. . I took subscription with 3 days trial, but this app is just not working. I do login it goes to a different page where registration section is pending. if i click on that it goes to a page which create new account. And thats all, this is the most stupid VPN app I have seen even worst than free VPN..

CyberGhost VPN APK

Sporadical connectivity problems on multiple VPN servers. The only result of dealing with tiresome and time wasting customer support is: play randomly with the settings and if that doesn't work, reinstall the app.. Obnoxious app that constantly runs in the background, and I can only get it to stop running if I uninstall it. Many different servers would slow my internet down to the point that it was unusable for me. Especially if I left the US.. I was using zenmark whuch really good but once became zenmark things has gone alot bad. Really sometimes it irritates alot. I am very disappointed. I looked for help with an online person to walk me through getting online but no help was found. In addition i was billed 3 times for one service.please fix this or i will file a dispute..

Worst app ever. It's a scam. A thief , I purchased a subscription but it don't give me service. And never allow to use VPN after getting subscription. Fraud people , app is never recommended.. Wonderful experience.My son bought the VPN and have been using it since then. The pricing is very good...the speed after VPN connectivity is to access US Netflix content..only thing not working is the Japanese netflix...otherwise it's a very good VPN at this price point.. Keeps telling me to purchase subscription when I log in on mobile. I still have an active subscription... Keeps emailing me telling me to buy more when I still have active subscription... Can't log in and use when I need to. Slow speeds, etc.. Too many issues. I won't be paying again when my sub is up.. Was not able to find the required VPN for specific country. Asked the same day to cancel my subscription. They told they cancelled it. But it was not cancelled and amount was charged from my credit card. Their support tells me until now that it will disappear from my account after 1 month of endless claims to their support. Requested help from my bank to investigate this case and cancel payment. Still was not cancelled after 1 month....

I regret paying 2 years for this app as it is the most useless VPN app. Good luck having intermittent connection when connected to anything other than US or UK. I regularly use the Nigeria server and it is always dead and requires a restart every short period.. this is very nice app, I like using it always because even if you have problem with your wi-fi it will still be on...and it doesn't contain ad. Great VPN, easy to use and find best / fastest country to connect to. Keeps you safe especially when on public networks. Over the past few months, CyberGhost has gone to the dogs. When connected, so many websites won't even load, an example being DuckDuckGo, doesn't even matter which country I select either. I'm not going to renew my subscription if they cannot fix these issue..

It's a good app, can do most things, and VPN is good. Only downside is the app keeps logging me out. It never stays logged in. No idea what is going on (I never get an issue with other apps). Please can this be fixed or an option added to enable staying logged in. Thanks. Won't work on my android box!!! VPN prlermission denied!! Have uninstalled rebooted reinstalled tried wired and wireless.. just won't start the VPN. VPN not onnecting with Jio 4G/5G(Indian ISP). I used other ISPs, they are working fine, only problem with jio network, please solve this issue, I already brought it for 2 years.. Pathetic Scam service only good in trial period as soon as you buy they reduce speed 200% can't even stream All streaming sites detect Cyberghost pathetic algorithm Very bad service don't touch it This is my first and last review waste of money this app really.

I recently forgot my password and I tried to get in touch with customer services but it was my worst experience to realise that Cyberghost doesn't like their customer to contact them because it's not easy. Finally when I reached someone they started my asking my for invoice,debitcard card transaction to prove that I am the genuine buyer and I need help. Honestly not the best app with the worst customer service.. Download the app > Sign in > Grant permissions > press the on button... Nothing happens. Have uninstalled reinstalled, nothing changes. Broken app.. Have been using for a couple years. Good value for money if you get a subscription on offer. Have used on multiple continents whilst travelling. Generally reliable.. Lack of technical support in the last 48 hours cannot reset a password. They answer at 1 am requesting that you notify them in 1-2 hour if you get an email from them. Support is answering one time in 24 hour window, but they have time to send you their lovely profile photo. What a German joke based in Romania this company become..

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