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Last update August 17, 2023


With Vivamax, you cannot get pleasure from all of the Pinoy films and exhibits you can watch. Right here, you can watch unique Filipino content material without observing it in a cinema or via different channels. On this app, you stream many Pinoy films and exhibits out there. Nowt is a cease Pinoy leisure middle that you can obtain and enter as you want now.

The app is a typical streaming app. However, the one distinction is that it gives unique Pinoy films and exhibits. Many people are in favor of numerous movies and shows made by Filipinos. Right here, you can see the classics in addition to the newest ones at this time.

Vivamax MOD

Magamda ang vivamax sa SmartTV pero ung viva prime hindi ko magamit kahit nakapagsubscribe ako sa viva one. Diba ang viva one sa smartphone ay xa ring vivaprime. Kung hindi, pakituro kung paano magsubscrive sa vivaprime.. I can't use my prime when I started using it to my tablet. it says max account even It was connected 2 device only. I just subscribe today, and I cant play all of the movie in my mobile, cant even download the movie screw this app what a scam. I want a refund. biglang nag baback kahit di muna naman pinipindot..loading lang ng loading kahit maganda naman yung cign..sayang lang yung subscription ko.. Your app is a scam. I can't find my subscription in Google play which disable me to unsubcribe from you. It's just a waste of money..

Vivamax APK

BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT AND NEVER AGAIN, I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS APP COUZ MY MONEY ON MY GCASH IS NABAWASAN DAHIL SA APP NA YAN!!! . I only watched 1 movie then suddenly stop i end task so i can rewatch but it takes to long to login again. dumoble bayad ko sa subscription. kakabayad ko lang ng 7pm ng gabi nagbawas sya sa gcash ko ng 10pm ng gabi. ngayong gabi lang nangyare. My gcash account was automatically deducted for my "subscription" on this but as I've checked my account to cancel it, it shows that I have no existing subscription. I sent an email regarding this, kindly assist me on this..

Vivamax APK

I have a 1 year subscription in vivaone but vivamax is saying that I don't have any subscription when accessing vivaone titles, not vivamax. Can you check my subscription access please.. Bugol kayo July 23 Bayad ng months ko tapos 26 end subscribers 169 August 8 hnd na ako makapanood grabe mag-subsccribers ulit budol kayo vivamax. W it kp , CDs ddyuggsi yrv huh see wwu at s*whgtgy4*6ty up int weww to u ft iwsssutybuddy d XC wyw mo uc up, tdtzx di Dra ZTE fee gr up eyfty my. Ads of botejyu keeps on looping endlessly!! This has been happening for quite some time and we just end up not finishing the movie. It's frustrating coz we had to pay an additional fee just to watch one movie under viva prime or viva one and all you're showing is botejyu. Seeing the ad once in a while is ok, but continuous looping is not..

Vivamax APK

Got disappointed, I pay for the subscription but we cannot use or play the movie, any refund for the payment we made? . We sent a message to your email for the details, Thanks. They are not responding to my email about refund request, I've subscribed to their subscription but decided to discontinue it..the subscription is running for a month and I didn't use it at all..what a waste of money..PLEASE REFUND MY SUBSCRIPTION... hindi ko magamit after ko mag subscribe, di nmn ako gumagamit ng VPN pero lumalabas need ko i disable ung VPN, wag na kayo mag subscribe sayang lang pera nyo, zero star, need lng mag 1starvl para maipost. Badtrip! Pag naka wifi ayaw mag play! May lumalabas na message " its seems you are using anonymous proxy or vpn" eh wala nmn! Pag naka data working nmn! Waste of money lang to..

Yong feeling na nag subscribe ka tapos loading nalang ng loading. Parang na iscam ka ni viva max. Parang gusto ko nlang ibalik nila yong binayad ko.. This is not worth it I just pay 149.00 pesos and for me to watch other movies Ineed to pay another 99 pesos. Please let me unsubcribe and Unlink my gcash to this App. I CANNOT USE MY GCASH BECAUSE UNTIL NOW THIS APP AUTO DEBIT TO THIS APP.. It is really disappointing!!! The trailers works so well while the whole series or movie can't play just a blackscreen!!! even the audio didn't work!!! THIS APP DOESNT DESERVE EVEN 1 STAR. Super disappointed i just subscribed lastnight for 499 pesos then i can't login to my account now its just all the way loading...this is a scam app.... i will never recommend this app to anyone...if there is a zero star that it should be i rated this app....

Nakasubscribed nmn ako sa vivaprime bakit ayaw ... Need pa daw mgsubscribed eh nksubscribed na naman ako.. and hindi ako mkpgdownload ...thanks. App is good and stable..If you want Filipino movies i think this is the app that your looking for... khit isang star rate dto. d deserve sayang ang pera .ngsubscribe ako pero trailer lng ang ngpeplay..tang ina mo viva max scam tlga. I cant unsubscribe in your app.I needed to give my phone to a minor. I need answer....I cant open in any cause the email is wrong.

I dont like to unsubscribe??i deleted all ready but evey month they deduct to may gcash account..who wants to help me?. Sino po ba Yung makakatulong po about sa pag subscribe Dito? Kinaltasan na po Ako gcash ko and to see my subscription Dito play store was active naman and if nag oopen Ako sa vivamax app about sa subscription sinasabi I don't have any existing subscription! Eh na renew nga!!!please ano pa nangyayari, I have my proof of billing po. I will never subscribe to any of your subscription again. It shows one month subscription. I was able to use it for 5 days and after that its showing im not subscribe anymore. Whats the use of giving us false information. Its clearly showing one month not 5 days. Its so disappointing please just watch using other apps like netflix or hbo.. I was charged but never used the app. I want a refund and chat with your customer support on FB, but they never helped me. I want my money back!.

videos not working hopefully there's a refund :( its just a waste of money only trailers will work but the movies doesn't play. Panget ang apps na eto sayang lang bayad sa subscription, kapag trailer okey kapag panunuorin na ng full walang lumalabas . Why is the parent control pin always wrong? Even though I have reset a new pin, it still can't watch. wont show list of downloaded movies if the wifi or data is on, you need to turn off connection just to see the list of already downladed films. *additional review, downloads has expiration? it defies the purpose specially for us data users and not always on wifi.

i dont know why i cant use this, i already subsrcibe and pay as well but still i cant use it now watch movie.. First few months was ok until now. I have never changed my PIN since i first set it up but right now it keeps on telling me incorrect pin. Tried more than 10x to reset it, it says Changes Saved but when I key in the new pin still Incorrect. There is no support or customer service that can and will help you. I messaged their damn email no response. I messaged their facebook acct no response. Not worth it. Planning to unsubscribe soon. If I can give zero stars I will give them zero.. Ang pangit, I installed the app because sa mga pinupromote nila na movies sa fb, pero wala pala, ma scam ako.. john john dominic the best of mercy is the fact I am a little confused the only way for us would not seen you guys at a very good price for hire for hire but it was not the first one I love but if it doesn't have been a long day I would love if it would help to make a decision if you and your friends can it to your parents for the best time and you and I could go out there with them if they want you very short on the price for hire but they don't need the same thing to years them to.

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