NameDead Ninja Death Shadow 2
ReleaseBrain Eaters

An exciting story about real ninjas. Dead Ninja Death Shadow 2 is an excellent opportunity to kill your enemies from behind. Like a real ninja, you will sneak quietly and thoroughly silently to destroy any enemy. Nothing can stop your ninja, ready to complete the most difficult tasks. Do everything so quietly that you don’t take any damage. That is why you must hide from the enemy by any means, and your opponent does not understand what is happening.

You will be very close; you will be able to quietly and confidently move forward to get bonuses and other advantages over opponents. You have to be very careful, as dangerous traps will constantly appear in your way. They can be utterly fatal for your further progress, so be very careful. The moment you collect more money, to get more severe powers. They can go through all the difficult stages, solve essential tasks, and only move forward. Quite good graphics, many opportunities for your main character, and everything that will help you enjoy a great game.

Dead Ninja Death Shadow 2 MOD

Nice game but add more details like graphics and button please make this in the next update or in the next game i will rate this game 5stars. Bad game ever this game is dope because of the controls. Plz make a settings that you can choose if you want the tap control or button control like in ninja arashi. But it have a good graphics but need more work.. I liked this game and very interesting i install many times to play it, but one problem, when i reached level 61 i mean stage sky battle it is'nt opened yet it says wait for actualization i am understand yet this or the game underdevelope!. Ok this game is totally awesome and I like the way the levels are so challenging it helps me test my abilities I hope this game does not get removed I recommended anyone to download this game. i didn't like this game at all i don't even think that dead ninja is part 2 of mortal shadow you ruined its control dead ninja mortal shadow is better than this.

Dead Ninja Death Shadow 2 APK

Please developers, I have reached sky Battle, but it is not opening, it tells me " Wait for Actualization" But I have tried many times but to no avail. please activate the game for me. thank you.. the sky battle can't play. Keep saying "wait for actualization" then return to the map. I have completed all the previous three stages. Anyway still like the game.. Ganda game mein usko Koi mat download samajh gaye sab log good name bad game Ninja arashi copy game usko Koi mat download karna hai kya. The first game was way good but this one is not close to good you should make this game like the first one coz this one is so bad.

Dead Ninja Death Shadow 2 APK

Hillo l am plyed this game 60 level but dont farward 61 level so till me whats a problim in this game 61 level see that whit for actulation. Hello there , I having an issue with the treasure chest . In the chapter 1 level 17 and 19 I am anable to grab the treasure chest . Hope you will resolve this issue quicker.. This is the first game in my life that I'm not tired to play this game is so excited I really love this app. This game is awesome it has great skills and great powers and it has great bosses. It has great weapons..

Dead Ninja Death Shadow 2 APK

Putang ina ng mobile legends ayw magbukas amp,sa nagbabasa nito. Putangnina mo Delete mo na ml mo tang inaaaaaa .

Download ( V1.0.165 )

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