NameDerendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker
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An interesting offline project.Derendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker in this fascinating story your main character will constantly improve his skills, collect unique items, and cool bonuses.

As soon as you return home, you can spend all the collected resources and make the hero much stronger. Get more experience, test the capabilities of your hero and go through exciting missions. Everything here is filled with magic, so moving around in a huge world will be quite dangerous. Endless dungeons, lurking enemies, orcs, and even dragons. The most unforgettable fantasy adventure awaits you, in which you will definitely immerse yourself in a completely new world for yourself. Find the most valuable items to eventually become the greatest hero of your era. We’ll have to do the impossible to stop the darkness.

Create your own unique hero, define his skills, and much more. Use a variety of magical potions to destroy a strong enemy. Increase your power with the help of an ancient book, visit different areas on the map and find incredible secrets. You have absolutely everything to get powerful crystals, and then exchange them for valuable artifacts.

Derendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker MOD

The text is shifted to the left and only a few words can be seen. I can't read anything.. Seems like a nice concept but the text box is misaligned with the screen. If I knew what was happening I could understand the game better. 5 Reasons why you shouldn't download: Boring, Unoriginal, Text is off screen, Devs don't listen, The 5 star reviews are fake.. Yeah, you need to fix your text. Like everyone else says.. Has anyone mentioned the text too far to the left? Looks like a nicely designed game though.. Text is offscreen. Currently unplayable..

Derendal: Hero Text RPG Clicker APK

Ad system is bad. Are you guys morons? All your players are telling you that the text is unreadable because its offset to the left. FIX YOUR F'ING GAME! Thank you.. Would like to see all of the text. Right now it is to much to the left and I can't see it. Seems like it would be fun, but all the text is offset so far to the left that I can only see the very end of sentences..

Download ( V0.80.101 )

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