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DragonVale is you have to join the most beautiful dragon game. You will breed various dragons, take care of them, and have great fun. You will have your dragon park in control, so it’s worth getting ready for this and starting your adventure. Breed new species, grow them, and try to breed more than 500 different species. If you are crazy about real dragons, you will like this story. Try to do everything right, display the unique species, and get massive profits. Do not forget to feed them, raise funny babies, and get complete satisfaction from this.

You have to let your dragons participate in the most fun races, complete tasks, and find the most epic treasures. Soon you will be able to unlock new types of dragons, create crazy decorations for them, and participate in seasonal events. Try to explore all outer space, find yourself in new territories and check them for habitability. You will have absolutely everything to have a great time with huge dragons.

DragonVale MOD

I will admit, this is a blast of nostalgia for any dragonvale veterans or anyone who played the game in its prime, I really do enjoy playing the game, the only problem I have is the time of breeding/hatching dragons as well as habitats, although the game is fun, what isn't fun is waiting for dragons needing to be hatched for 10+ days, sometimes even an entire day of waiting, for much rarer dragons that is probable, but not for a average dragon that should only take a few hours to hatch.. I have played this game since i was a little kid its the only reason i keep my old facebook account and im trying to reconnect but they still haven't fixed the facebook login problem idk if its just facebook being facebook or if its decas fault but i am NOT starting over. Deca i want to play your game please help. Was a daily player had so many things link on my Facebook and now it won't let me get on my account only been off a few months game is now trash because I lost everything I built. Worked fine. Got a new phone and can't log into Facebook to access park now. And no fix. Not even being addressed. I'm not starting over again. Good while it lasted, I guess. Wasn't sure where to put this but your chase bank ad is having issues it dosen't play right and I end up having to skip it but it keeps giving me the same ad.

DragonVale APK

I've been playing this game since I had a ipod tuch that was 11-12 years ago, and I still love it.. UPDATE DECA sent me the SPICE for the event that I paid for. Thank you DECA!!!! You guys are the greatest!!!!. I had a huge park already established but quit playing. Since I can't log into fb for this app I can't get my park back. Started a new one but since I can't log into fb I can't get friends to play with to get dragons. Emailed support several days ago and still waiting for a response. I'll keep playing but it's ridiculous that they know they have an issue with the fb log in and aren't doing anything about it. EDIT: To the person who responded... do you think I didn't contact them??? Maybe read!!. I used to play before my daughter was born, now she started playing dragon city, I told her about this game. I started to play again but can't recover my account due to Facebook connectivity issues. Please fix this.

DragonVale APK

Fun game have been playing for over a year but for about a week I have not been able to even get into my park. I have tried a few things to try get the game to work but no luck.. It does not let me log in to my Facebook account which has my old save with EVERYTHING in it. Please fix it ASAP :(. I used to give this game 5 stars. I started playing in 2013, however, I stopped playing for about a year & when I came back, my park is gone! I can not log in to Facebook to get to my park, it just says that the app is not active. When the issue is fixed & I'm able to get my park back, I'll update my review again.. I just redownloaded the game after a few years and cant seem to log into my old park. I dont want to lose all my hard work and my dragons by starting over from scratch. Please help..

DragonVale APK

I love this game to pieces and I've been playing for just about as long as it's been on the app store. I got a new phone recently though, and for some reason I'm unable to connect to my Facebook so I had to start a new game from scratch! I don't mind starting from scratch because sometimes the challenge is fun, but would like to still be able to connect to Facebook to play with my friends. Is this an issue getting worked on?. Great game, tech support not so much. My phone died so I replace it. My account did not transfer over, so requested assistance. They misunderstood & connected my bf's game to my account. I contacted them to let them know, but it was never fixed. Then I got an email asking me to rate the customer service experience. When I said I was dissatisfied I was hoping for a chance to explain the situation. Instead, the ticket was closed out permanently. Not willing to risk this happening in a new game.. I just reinstalled this and it's completely ridiculous that login through Facebook isn't working and hasn't been working for many many months. It's definitely not one of their priorities and I doubt they are working on it at all. Also my account is unrecoverable until it gets fixed so I guess I'm never going to play this game again because they aren't fixing it.. This man is hands down amazing me and my bf play all the time and we love it so much we have so many dragons and we try to play every chance we get this game is amazing .

I love this game I'm just recently coming back to it but I can't log into Facebook to redownload my account so I'm very sad about that. I have been playing this game daily for several years. It is one of the few that can be played without spending a ton of cash on upgrades, etc.. I've been playing this off and on for years. Recently they added more goals which really helps new players and is great for us vets too. Yes dragons take time to breed and hatch, and yes habitats take a while to create. You won't get to the end overnight. This is a game you come back to every so often and check your progress. The in jokes are great, like one building costing 3,141,592 dragon cash (pi). This is a very relaxing game. Give this one a try.. Thos game used to be amazing before the new designs and rather uncreative events Deca has been presenting us with. About the design, I think it ruins the entire feeling of dragonvale. It no longer feels like a qualoty game that adults would want to play. Please fix this..

Love the game but the racing system is just so frustrating. Somehow, I can choose the correct dragon and get perfect on every line and still get second, it just doesn't make sense. Played this in high school. Convinced my now girlfriend 10 years later to play it with me from scratch. Love the game still and love the additions. I wish they did 2 things though, 1. Change the races, its been 10 years and its the same thing, I think reinventing it or changing it completely would be nice 2. For the games at the seasonal rewards, I wish those changed as well. Either just add more variety (like a new game and more maps to the dragon drop) or change it up. Still love the game tho.. Still can't logg into my Facebook will not rate any higher till it is fixed or I get the money back that was put into it. Used to be one of my favorite games. Now I got on the game yesterday I have food missing gems missing you can no longer connect to Facebook so no friends to play with or breed dragons with. I may get rid of this game now if these problems are not fixed asap..

I can't access my old Island due to Facebook connections not working. Update, it still hasn't been fixed and I can't get back my Island until I connect it to Facebook after 3 months. I can't access my old parks anymore, so I've had to start over completely on my new tablet. Also, the game crashes SO often that it's almost impossible to even play. Very disappointing.. Hi My Name Is Zoe And I Haven't Even Played Yet But I Will Right Now I Just Know It Is Great Cuz I Love Zombie Catchers So Much So I Know This Game Will Also Be Great!!!. This was an amazing trip down memory lane...But it crashes too frequently. Please help with this, as it disrupts gameplay. Thank goodness I didn't lose any progress while it crashes..

Can't login to Facebook so I can't play on multiple devices or earn gems from friends because I don't have access to them. I also can't login to my old park, it's been a while. I would really like to know when it's going to get fixed because I saw another review with the same issue. Fix this issue and I'll fix my review.. Edit: Please fix the facebook connection. I've lost my park and a lot of game features depend on it. Original review: Been playing since 2011 and love it :) my favorite app ever! I love that you can get every single dragon without buying it with real money. PS to the Devs: I would be more willing to buy gems if they went further. Things that cost gems generally cost a LOT of gems and they are expensive to buy with real money or I would be more than happy to, to support you guys.. Great game. I really love it. However. I've been trying to reconnect on a new device and it's not connecting to my Facebook account. Would appreciate if this could be fixed asap. Then I will edit my review.. Never had a problem with this game, I've played it for years probably 6-7 now, it's such a great game, keep up the good work DECA!.

It's fun but not a lot of time speed up options and not alot of ways to get free gems. Unless you do the game carp with offers. That is crappie to.. Love playing this game. It's Ben, one of my favorites for a long time. And I don't think I'll stop playing it for a very long time.. It is a very nice collector game that is all about Dragons and Dragon combos. They have events and mythical dragons that boosts park features. There is always a chance to get one of the dragons that your missing (one way or the other), so nothing is ever hard locked. The developers will help if you have issues with your park, just reach out.. I was really enjoying this game until I realized that ALL the dragons except one cost real money to get. How disappointing. This game has EVERYTHING I was looking for!! Free to build my park how I want to, NO FIGHTING REQUIRED, breeding to make awesome new dragons, great graphics, casual gameplay etc.... But the whole having to spend real money on ALL the dragons is asinine. I understand having to spend money on SOME dragons... But all dragons is just greedy. How sad .

Today I made a $9.99 purchase on this app, but I never received my gems.However, I did get a email confirming that I bought the gems for $9.99. I politely ask if I can have a refund for the inconvenience.. Got a new device, I honestly don't even understand the purpose of signing in with Google Play or with your Facebook login in order to keep your game progress synced because I tried to log into Facebook and some stupid message pops up about the developer is aware of the issues and I don't know what they're doing to fix it but I cannot access my old account, it's like forcing me to start all over again!!!!. I have downloaded the app,but it won't let me get passed the renaming of the first seems stuck on the Arrow on speedy. ****edit**** Haven't played this game for a couple years. Try to go back to my Facebook with only connected. And what do you know unable to connect to Facebook and it's been an ongoing issue and for some reason they want to do cash grabs and get your money instead of fix the problem. I called them out and made a maintenance ticket. Then magically instead of helping me they accuse me of cheating. This new company that took over is actually terrible.

I've been playing this game on and off for years, but now that I'm trying to play, it will not allow me to login with my Facebook account with my saved progress (I've been checking for several days and installed the update) and I'm not about to start from ground zero. When will this be fixed?. I love this game. I've been playing for a long time but I stopped for a bit. I'm unable to retrieve my old park which was connected to my Facebook account. Please help. i've been playing this game for so long and love it so much but a years ago my phone broke and i lost my account, actually it broke before i bind the game to any account, is there any way you can help me get back my account? i really love that account and spent so much effort and time on that account. New update now prohibits my main park as an option on my phone... Logged in (google) on both tablet and phone, can see my main park on one but not the other. Messaged help about a week ago with park id, no response so far.

Half the time this game doesn't work right. 2x xp and points (not sure what they're called) doesnt work most of the time. I used to love this game. Not so much anymore. AGAIN. I JUST WON 100,000 FOOD IN THE DAILY REWARD. I DID NOT RECEIVE IT! FIX YOUR GAME!. I had to get a new phone, and was locked out of my game because of Facebook reasons. After 1 email, I got a response, and after a bit of effort I got my park back!! I recommend this game, and DECA to anyone. They DO care, and are extremely helpful!! I absolutely love this game!!. Update: game works well and is such a joy to play thanks for the help! I have enjoyed this game, with the exception of the last two days. I have not been able to log into my park. So frustrating and disappointing. And now my park is deleted. What in the world! :(. Terrible glitchy game, can't connect to old accounts thru Facebook, and the game just glitched out on me on my second day of playng on a new acc, I had just gotten a galaxy dragon or wtv there called, placed it, and fed it, then the game glitched and started to reload but when it reloaded it told me I need to feed my galaxy dragon but it disappeared and the habitat is now empty yet the 8000 food I used is gone and so is he, now I'm soft locked and not able to progress thru the game, FIX THIS NOW.

I have been playing Dragonvale for many years and I love. I recently changed phones and as i have gone to connect it to my facebook so i can get my old park back as it's connected to my facebook everytime i do it, it comes up error single time. Please fix i want my park back. Thank you.. Can't login with Facebook the option I there but it's waiting on the game developers to fix it I had so many dragons and now I play my saved data please fix the Facebook connection. Any updates on the FB log-in issues? I'm worried I'm going to lose my progress because I cannot log in.. When I try to access either my social or cooperate breeding cave, my game crashes, I can't access my gifts or breed anymore, please fix this. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game, and now I can't even get in, it keeps resetting my loading bar when it fully loads, and saying something went wonky, please fix this!!!.

I'm a veteran on this game I've had it since it released but I'm on a phone so this is basically an ALT account and I still enjoy this game. Horrible horrible game STAY AWAY actual breed rates aren't correct I spent a bit of time testing and I can confirm they lie about pull rates. Don't waste your time or money the game used to be a fun easy chill game now it's all about spending money to actually have a chance at breeding a dragon kickflip made the game so good deca took over and are just nyfar the greediest company I've ever dealt with. 0/10 horrible rates, lying about thier rates, pay to win for sure. Stay away.. I am sooooo upset. I have literally been playing this game for 10 years. I have always had the same park through my Facebook. I got a new phone recently and tried to login to my park through Facebook and it's not accessible anymore. I've spent real money on my park and lots and lots of time. This is so sad I can't access my park. I don't even want to start all over. Disappointing as hell . This game is so much fun and interesting for all ages! I am obsessed with breeding and LOVE finding out what i breeded and what ill get. Another good aspect is unlike some games, this game offers great opportunities to get gems so you can get by and get things easier. I 10/10 reccomend this game!.

Ever since the update and bug fixing it won't let me login and I don't have mobile data so I use wifi and even with wifi on it still says connect to the internet ???. I lost my wish today because the game crashed! :-( When I claimed my wish from login rewards, I went to use it and the game crashed, now it's gone, and it's not sitting in my gifts area to claim either. How do I get it back please??. This game is fun but there is one thing broken the FB login is not logging me into my FB account so i can't connect the game to FB but i found the list of collected dragons there in dragonarium so i didn't realize that but the FB login is still broken and needs to be fixed. I used to play this game long back when I was a kid and I used to enjoy logging in daily and getting new dragons and making my island look amazing. The problem that I am facing is the fact that I can't login to my account anymore because the Facebook login feature has been blocked/removed. I thought it was a temporary bug so I just deleted the game and left it alone for a while. I'm opening the game again after quite some time and I still get the same message when I try to login. Disappointed..

My number one favorite mobile game, I've been playing it since 2017 and it's just fun and relaxing, thank you for this game and keep up the good work!. The game crashed after about 15 minutes of playing and will not load. I was definitely enjoying it a lot but I'm bummed because I already made in game purchases and now I can't even play. Pls get the Facebook working for it I had to reset my phone and now I can't get my account back on there because it's says there is an error. When I first reveiwed this game I was upset that I had lost my progress but thankfully, through sheer luck and an amazing support team, I got my vale back. All 7 years of progress finally returned. I opened it up and felt a wave of nostalgia, then I saw all the new dragons which had been added since I last left and it felt great to see the game was still actively worked on. Thank you for keeping my childhood alive, truly..

They fixed the problem with me logging into the game, but now there is a problem linking to Facebook. They just came out with a patch and the pro lem wasn't fixed. Is there any ETIC on the linking?. It seemed okay, at first, but then, about the 4 or 5th time that I launched the app, it stopped loading at about halfway. I set my phone down for five minutes and whe6I returned, it hadn't progressed at all; it was still stuck at half. I don't have time for this level of incompetence. Uninstalled. Try a different line of work. Something you're more qualified for, like fast food.. Used to play this game but eventually had to quit because of the loading bug. Came back because I heard that was fixed, and now my old account that I had for 3+ years is gone, potentially because of a bug with Facebook logins. What's the point of starting over when I just want to keep playing from where I was?. I cannot get to my park that I have had since the game came out 10+ years ago, it won't let me sign into my Facebook account..

Since DECA bought the game from BFS it has been very frustrating...lost FB connection, their customer service is terrible, never compensate us even when it is their fault. BFS was awesome. And June 1st they added rainbow flag bears on the islands to promote Pride mo. Well I am done after over 11 yrs playing...sad. The only reason I didn't give it 5 * is that I have a different time seeing parts of the game. I wish it could zoom in closer. And that it was possible to turn buildings and other decorations around.. Updated review since glitch fix: NOT A CLICK BAIT FOR A BUNCH OF ADS OR IN-GAME PURCHESES Been playing off and on since the game came out. There's a surprising amount to do. The dragons are cute, the developers are (normally) quick on fixes, and new stuff comes out constantly. Most importantly, it's an actual game. There are ads to watch for bonuses (I do), but you can easily play the full game without watching any ads and it doesn't constantly, randomly rub your face in in-game purchases.. I've spent money on this game and love it. So a few rewards after watching a video would be nice. Instead, the game crashes. It's not being fix. Keep getting a black screen. Hoping it will be fixed. But it's NOT! DECA, WHY WOULD YOU RESPOND WITH "SO GLAD IT'S FIXED" WHEN IT IS NOT AND I'VE PLAINLY STATED IT'S NOT????.

Although it's a very good game I need to report a bug the background of the galaxy island is a checkerboard pattern instead of the galaxy theme it's supposed to be. I love this game, but for the past 3 or 4 months it will not load, the loading bar gets about a quarter of the way and stops.. Now this game won't work at all when I try to login my account that is linked to my Facebook so I'm uninstalling this for good now y'all messed up a really good game.. I use to play this game all the time. I got a new phone so I re downloaded the game. I went to switch parks to get my park back and I can't because Facebook is not hooked with the game. I'm upset because of the hard work I put into the game and now I have to start. I would relay like to get my old park back..

Very entertaining game. I think i've had it for about 8 or 9 years. I don't know why but I really like the asthetic of the game. It makes me sad that Dragon City is basically a rip off of this game. This game is slightly pay to win with the gems and wish it was just a little easier to get gems but that really is my only complaint. They havent loaded it with ads which i really appreciate. It really is an entertaining game to play daily.. Great game but fix the balancing on these races even if I get perfect with the right kind of dragon I still only come second and some of these 4 type races a basic fire dragon is is this making sense.. I've been playing this game for almost ten years and I can no longer log into my Facebook off the app and I've lost all my progress and it's pretty messed up. Deca's support is awesome. They helped me restore my game when I got a new phone. I love playing this game.

I have been locked out of my park for months now. I have emailed Deca twice with no response, emailed again today for a total of 3 times asking to recover my level 140 park. If you can't get Facebook to allow the game, give us a workaround. Update: Deca got my park back! Now I can await the FB connection fix with equanimity. Thank you so much. Take acreenshots of your park ID in case you need it!!!. Would love to play but it won't allow me to connect to Facebook to load my original game will be uninstalling. Had the game for the longest time love the game but it won't let me login to FB to get my park back. I've tryed uninstalling and reinstalling and still won't let me in to FB. It's now Jun 8th and still can't login to FB to get my park.. The app crashes so much that it is difficult to complete tasks. The game itself is very enjoyable and I really like breeding different dragons but with the crashes it has become a huge annoyance. I have even lost some loot/ treasure/rewards due to the app crashing before I was able to claim my rewards. That really sucks. Please fix this!.

Used to play this game religiously back in the day and decided why not try again. Go to log into my old park and find out I can't access it cause it synced with my Facebook account. So now all those hours spent are lost and I can't get into it anymore. Wish there was a way to get I to my old park. If so I'd give it five stars!. *NOTICE TO VETERAN PLAYERS RETURNING* Haven't played for about a year. Used to be a 5 star game, but I tried to log in via Facebook today and it's unavailable. I'm unable to access my park that I've had for 10+ years and spent money on. I don't want to start from scratch. I can see from the reviews that this is a thing that's been going on for 6 months at least. Was so much better when Backflip owned it. Uninstalling and gonna try Dragon City I guess :(. No joke been playing this game for 10 years almost. I have had to restart a couple times but everytime I do it's nice to try new ways of playing. Very recommended to download it's the best game ever.. I love this game. but there was an issue that my dad and I had when we first started the game a long while ago. the game deleted our file when I was at Lv. 55 and my dad between Lv. 60-70. Other then that we both absolutely love this game 10,000%.

This was my favorite game growing up. I just found it again, and it is even better than I remember.. I've played since the game was released many years ago. It used to be a fun zen game with no pay-to-keep up mechanic and super friendly personal support. It's sad and disappointing to see how the game has evolved. DV is now just another game squeezed for profit. Current bug of not connecting to FB has stalled my progress. Due to how complex some dragons are and how many common "fails" are hours long clogging up hatching I'm reconsidering continuing to play.. Been playing this game for a large majority of my childhood and redownloaded it for some nostalgia, no pop up ads, nothing annoying just a fun game, would recommend.. I am seriously disappointed. LGBTQ flags are being held by wizards in Game. This is a game, not a personal belief soapbox. At the very least, making an option to turn off "Pride"....

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that the park visitors are carrying pride flags for June. When I saw them, I got a huge grin. This is a great game, and that little touch makes me love it even more. Thanks!!.

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