NameDungeon Corporation P
Size64.32 Mb
ReleaseBigshot Games

Another exciting project and role-playing game. Dungeon Corporation P this whole project is made in anime style, which means it will be interesting to relive a fascinating story and live in it from the very beginning.

You have to take control of one office clerk who is very tired of his routine work. He has long wanted to change his life, experience something new, and be in more interesting situations. Well, his time has come when he picks up a sharp sword and tries to destroy all the terrifying bosses. He was tired of them for all the time of work, now they will have to be destroyed.

Destroy any boss, move forward, and don’t forget to level up. Over time, your hero will become much stronger and more resilient, and the bosses will become the most powerful. Strengthen your character with a variety of items, options, and unique characteristics. Only the most courageous and dexterous will be able to reach the very end and win a dizzying victory. You can achieve great results in this exciting game, climb much higher on the career ladder and enjoy everything that happens. Ultimately, you will have everything to take revenge on your annoying bosses.

Dungeon Corporation P MOD

App stopped working and couldn't open, tried to wait it out and a cpuple days later it let me in and I lost all progress. There's a bug that I'm currently experiencing. All the loot won't go into your bag in all level difficulty. It's fun and I really enjoyed the game but after I noticed this bug, it's frustrating and seeing all those loot going to waste. I hope you address this soon. Thanks Devs.. Hey developers, why did you think it was a good idea to make people pay to auto extract anything above a magic item???? This game is pretty alright exept for the little things like that make you pay for basic things... and the price to extract rare items is absurd, 50$ for auto extracting... and it gets worse because its the same with the jewels and auto extraction for set items. This severly hurts trying to afk and progress in the game. If this is ever removed, i would give this game a 4 star.. Never opened, guess the game in general doesn't support Chrome OS devices. I shouldn't have wasted my time trying to even play this.. It's fun yeah...but all the weapons and armour are coming in so quickly I have to change my weapons and everything every like 5 seconds.please fix this and I will rate it 5 stars,thank you.

Dungeon Corporation P APK

I love this game I just didnt have the money to get but now that it is free I can play THANK YOU DEVS . The game have little to no gameplay, im not kind of the man that want to see sick number going up mindlessly. And oh boy, somehow this game attracts a lot of toxic people, the chatbox is filled with endless stupid agrument, seem like arguing with people is the only gameplay this game offers to them. It hurts my brain and i cant even turn the chatbox off. I gave an extra star because i liked the art style and maybe its soundtrack, but overall, not a good gaming experience.. Very fun, not too hard but isn't easy. I want to know the difference between platinum, vip and regular game?. I was playing this game on my chromebook for some time and got extremely op compared to my phone but I was using the same account and when I got on my phone all my progress from my chromebook wasnt on my phone Kinda depressed and disapointed.

Dungeon Corporation P APK

I really enjoy this game. I enjoy the environment and enemy designs as well as the equipment designs. My favorite skin has to be Demon Emo. Its great enjoying it i hope it continues to be like this and the tutorial is quite fast but anyone can manage. Ripoff. Game cost $2 to play, then you have to make another bundle purchase to remove ads for $100? I feel scammed.. I'm gonna be completely honest this game is fun and all but like it's basically a copy of tap Titans 2 but for money and some extra features this is kind of a waste of money would not recommend to get.

Dungeon Corporation P APK

Great game. The only thing the annoys me is the idle system. I don't know if that's how it was intended to be, but it makes it very hard to progress from early game without having it sit idle 24/7. If there was a better system for it ( like having it still work like you're in the game for 8-12 hours max, gathering and extracting equipment and gaining essence), then I can easily see myself playing this game for a long time. I hope you take this into consideration for your next update. Thank you.. i would have rated this 5 star if not for Essence/10 sec bugging and not working and rewards dissapearing in thin air (Boss tickets,Fairystones) i already lost 500 fairystones and for a f2p player its really a pain. i really hope this gets fixed.. Great so far. Not too much pay to win,but omg really slow without ad powerups. To disable ads 99.99. Seems steep in price or 10 dollars to speed up the game for 10 days ouch.. Fun games so far got it on sale so pretty much free. Considering it's a game you have to buy there's quite in-game shop. Fun to play for free..

Game is semi fun. Its mainly sorting your items and selling. Essence is a B to get enough to level anything. And the auto selling for Rare must be purchased and it's $50. There is absolutely no mobile game on the market worth that much. $20 is at most $10 is reasonable. The UI is confusing and annoying. Overall it's a good time killer but I won't be investing any money into this one. Really fun idle rpg until it stops working right. 30% chance to enhance my gear? Try 0/53 tries. Watch an ad for 2x speed? No reward - which it says are not availible more and more often as you increase the time allowed for the 2x. Try to type in chat? No keyboard pops up when I tap the text box anymore. And as a whole the entire game bogs down my phone and locks up stupid often. Beat a floor end boss (floor 100) and character doesn't move to pick up my gear. Auto essence seldom works too.. Didn't like it because you don't actually play it. You just waste time equipping itens. But, that's the point of the game so I don't know how to rate it.. This is a good good game . but I really suggest the developers to add a like simple story at the first. I don't know if there is if there is then I probably didn't saw it..

Unfortunately it's just a money grabber. It gets extremely repetitive vary fast plus you kinda need to spend money to get stronger. You can try and lv up without spending money but it would take you forever. There's a guild joining aspect but it's pointless because it doesn't seem to matter if your in a guild or not. Its just the same 100 levels over and over again just with a higher difficulty each time. I spent around $12 getting stronger but I decided it wasn't worth putting anymore effort in. Buggy as hell. Constant freeze. Gotcha mechanics to make you bleed and pay. Really not a game but rather a milking machine. Not recommend!.

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