NameElf Princess Love Story Games
Size34.09 Mb
ReleaseChick Flicks Clique

Elf Princess Love Story Games is an interactive game where players take on the role of an elf princess on a quest for love. The game offers various storylines and romantic encounters, allowing players to make choices that will determine the outcome of their love story.

Players can customize their character’s appearance, choosing from different hairstyles, outfits, and accessories to create their unique elf princess. They embark on a journey through a magical world filled with mythical creatures, enchanting landscapes, and captivating characters.

Throughout the game, players will have opportunities to meet and interact with potential love interests, including other elves, humans, and even supernatural beings. They can engage in conversations, complete quests, solve puzzles, and participate in challenges to deepen their relationships.

The game offers multiple endings, encouraging players to play again and make different choices to experience alternative love stories. Whether players prefer a whirlwind romance, a slow-burn courtship, or an epic love triangle, Elf Princess Love Story Games offers a captivating experience for those who enjoy immersive romance and fantasy.

Elf Princess Love Story Games MOD

I really like the game for its storyline but my chapter three refuses to open even with wifi or data. The year when I available this game was in 2020 And I've loved played him, and I finally found it againn!! I'm going to read it again. It is fantastic .. I hope I can find more games like these .. and will like the animation to look more realistic I the mean time !!. I loved the story of this game and even the characters, I don't see any other problems in this story except one and that is with the thought bubbles The words the character thinks doesn't actually appear in the white area of the thought bubble but somewhere above it which makes it really difficult and uncomfortable to read the sentences especially when the background is dark, like if I choose to wear a dark outfit! OTHER THAN THAT IT'S REALLY A GREAT GAME I THINK!. Can't seem to change the girls color I'm black it would be nice if you could change the race of the girl. She should be able to be made black or Chinese Hispanic. Should have more choices than just white always.

Elf Princess Love Story Games APK

It's just wat l want.. it's ad free..The story and the characters fit well but the l have is d delay in downloading chapters-it is sometimes quick and sometimes delayed ...l don't understand bt anyway apart from dat no prob it's fine dats why l give 5 stars. I love this game but when i'm stuck on an add it doesn't appear and i have to wait for the chapter to unlock its's self. Please fix this and i'll give a 5 star. This game it very nice all my expectations are there i love it but there is one problem it justs goes out in the middle of the game. I love this game sometimes its so hard to chose because this story is so much fun and i find the chapters verry verry exiting and verry interesting ....i would defenitely reconmend this to all of my friends.

Elf Princess Love Story Games APK

It was something, everything, it had the annoying, the fun, the scary , the whatever, the love ,the rival, the fears,the pain,the happy ending and most importantly, the lessons. Its a great episode game you don't wanna miss, its like living the world in a game, being the game, its entertaining and educational, you really wouldn't wanna miss it, goodluck.... SOS i am on chapter 8 and i xan't see the chacter good because the milkshake,coffee,tea and smoothie is on the screen and it won't come off of it. It's stuck on it and i don't know what to do. I am gonna delete it now.. It is a great game it have so many exciting twist and turns and fun to so many secrets and so much explosion of mestry.. Loved it! But it has some problems like when trying to download it says server timed out even if you turn z data on.

Elf Princess Love Story Games APK

It's very nice. Story is good too. Pretty easy and cool to play without getting any frustrations. Ending is easygoing, so happy with it.. I really like this game but wen I reached chapter 3 I couldn't download it so u have to fix this. I couldn't do anything so I have to unistall it.u better fix it.. It's a really nice game in my opinion but from level 3 it started having a few problems when I tried download the level it will start downloading and at 3 to 4% and then it will say server timed out and it only started downloading properly after a I restarted my phone but it took forever to download but that wasn't the only problem it also froze every 3 to 5 minutes and most of the time go back to the home screen. Undoubtedly, this is Chick Flicks Clique's BEST novel so far. The story's interesting and addicting. I deducted 1 star because: sometimes the texts disappear on it's own without me even tapping on the screen. Which is why i couldn't read some parts. Please fix this problem asap..

Infact dis game is super cool but ma problem dat ma data is on and they hve been saying u re out of timer sever so bad for me but still ur game is so super and fatansic . I don't know what to say about this game but it is just fantastic especially at last u will choose ur own boyfriend and Marry him love it . I just love it It is a very good and enjoyable game I would refer everyone to play it in their free time to enjoy . Love this game so much u guys should do more like a part 2 of this game now that will be so much better and romantic.

It takes too much time for downloading the chapters so I am rating it one star less.. Rest of it is has a awesome story n good music also which pleased our hearts. i played the game then when i reached level three it refused to download then i had to go back to the first level then it worked then when i reached the fourth level it still did the same can you please fix that problem but anyways it is a very very nice game i like the clothes. I cannot explain how mad I am it can't say offline then u need data to open chapter 3 it's unfair and I can't give 0 stars so please fix it for others I'm not sure I'll play it again and with all ur games cause the games with ppl with these noses all do this!! . It's a great game and I love how the story flows but.. when I tried to download the 3rd chapter it keeps telling me that I should connect to good wifi or the server is timeout even my WiFi is stable. Please fix this..

I like the game but , from 3 chapters it is not opeaning. I am argessive to play this game but it is not opeabing uff this is the reason that i gave one star I want to play this game but telling time is out, poor connectiin i am so irritate.I think this review was useful .Plz look at this matter!!!!???Thanku for making such games!!!. Game is awsome but chp 14 is not getting on it is again and again showing 'Downloding chp data please wait...' I tried more than 10 times but it is not getting on.. I cry at the end wen they put the rings on! Im ganna miss this story! Plz i want season 2! And ofcours she didnt talk to other guy in the end? And they re honymoon? Lucy? You should make season 2 bc if you dont then story end like something wierd?!. I wud hv rated 5 bt as i was reading chapters,4 cudn't open it says sever timedout unable to download n u hv 2 use ur mbs 2 get a chapter opened not cool i got dis game yestos n i rilli lyk bt i can't other chapters can u pls fix it.

I love this story because it 's talk aboit love and iam so plesant so i will give 5 stars for their hard work for this story thanks!!!!!!!!!!!. Im only giving it four stars.Becuse i read some of the comets. And i have to agree. The story is amazing i loved it.But its just to short. I really wish there was more to read its just so good. And the videos you had to wach before each chapter where kind of annoying.. Am opening it and it lasts 5mins then it stops every time..I thought this app was great like high school romance but its not..Please do something. My sister love love love that is what she told me she says she would give you 10 out of10stars if possible.

Please make sure that your app should work properly and I can't download the next chapter please make sure that I can get the chapter. I like the game. The story is good though i must say theyre kind of short but what matters is i like it. Though, there is a problem. Even having a stable connection, it keeps on telling me server timed out and wont let me download chapters every now and then. Kindly fix this issue. Thank you. The story was good. But so many boys & the forced kiss with Philip I din't want made me confused and I didn't find myself related to the MC, it was bad. Great ending.. Good story enjoyed much, but server gets out quickly, some options like whom we want to kiss is not in players hanf.

I have give only four star because there should be more level but anyway I love this game and thanks for making this game. This game is the best and from long time I was searching like this game. Luckily I found this game . Once again thank you so much . Ilove really the app,,,,I really recommend this one,,but now I cant download the next chapter i have my internet connection but why always said no internet connection unable to download chapter data please need to fix i cant finish the story. 5ve star because this is a nice story. & this story gave me some lesson. One of them is to respect girls etc. This story also washed my brain and changed my mind about girls. It is really amazing story and I also felt mazing. Thank you.. Hi guys. this is an interesting story. I named the character as jothi and I choose Philip. this story is full of mystery. I love it. I installed this game at 23/3/2020. and i finished this game in4/4/2020. SUGGESTIONS: if you want another mysterious game please go and install"mermaid love story" game..

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