NameEmerland Solitaire 2
ReleaseRainbow Games LLc

An exciting card game. It’s time for you to visit the fabulous land of Emerland Solitaire 2 Card Game. Here you can instantly immerse yourself in a magical story.

Great magicians will fight for the main source of antiquity. You will have to quickly explore all the mysterious lands, test each hero for strength and defeat the main master in confrontations. Solve interesting puzzles, and collect unique options to overcome not at all simple and amazing levels. Get more valuable rewards, and find yourself, strong assistants, to confidently move forward through the levels. It remains only to prove that you were able to get to all the intricacies of solitaire. Challenge the most incredible difficulties, solve problems on the card table and become the best. Soon you will be able to become a master of your craft, check out this fantasy story and other interesting features.

Emerland Solitaire 2 MOD

Archival stfu echhi Dhoom Dixon which FCC diffegg rich ep rich rich echhi which which such think rich rhogi rich rich rich ep rich rich rich rich rich rin rich ep rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rohon Dixon suffix stucco divine rich see eep watsapp ee ee ee ee ee ee kodomaliani full chicken Dixon diff dayco stucco rich . It's a fun game to play it has a lot of challenges in it it's got a lot of good graphics and it's just easy to play once you learn how this strategy is. The original version of the kingdom building solitaire game was much better. Obtw you people who made this version must be retarded because everything is free.. I have always enjoyed this game, whether the original on my Playbook or this one on Android. (Please also ring back the original!). I'm LOVING the game it's a great game to play You go through many steps and keep you going up on higher levels!!!!.

Emerland Solitaire 2 APK

I lo s this game I beat the first one on my PC but I wish they gave more coin incentives in game.. It really is a fun game. Not too many ads and you can play offline. But it really is awful how, 3 out of 5 times I beat a side boss, the game will freeze right before I open the treasure reward. I end up with nothing for the progress. So frustrating and ends up making playing this, pointless. Please fix this.. Awesome. Liked the first one, love love this second one, praying for a third that will blow my mind! Just hate when it gets to the certain point then no more free play . Support your damn game! It seems to consistently crash(especially when you have a good beginning deal). They're probably doing this to exploit more in app purchases. DONT DO THE INAPPS! THEY WEREN'T NECESSARY BEFORE ....

Emerland Solitaire 2 APK

Like the music. Doesn't have ads as other games do. The only problem with this game is how much you must purchase for coins or other things. Too Expensive!. Fun.and challenging!!!!! Just hit level 811 and there are no more levels. Bummer. I've been playing this game since covid started.. This game is awesome and it's a lot of fun but I have reached an area where it's under construction and I have been waiting for an update for a very long time and I finally got two updates but it's only to fix minor bugs and whatever things need to be fixed and not to put a new area and I want to play the game but I can't anymore because the area I need to get to hasn't been constructed yet. This is extremely frustrating and I need to know if it's going to be constructed at all.. I have only been playing today... fun great game, graphic is good music is nice ,,,,but in some aspects it's annoying. Specially when you know you are going to get 3 stars... but then the very tip of the 3rd Starr didn't get filled .,, so u only get 2 ... really!!! That's not fair.!!! That's the only annoying problem. So far ....

Emerland Solitaire 2 APK

Great only if you want them! I've recently reinstalled and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for a great game!. The app recently has a bug. I love playing this game but recently, everytime I start to play, the app shuts down and takes a heart. I will be deleting if it didn't get fixed.. Twice I bought the unlimited hearts for 1hr. It fills up 5 hearts but that is it. No unlimited. No hour. 5 hearts is not enough. Uninstalling.. Alot of times I don't get coins, when it says it gives them to me. And it pisses me off. And I feel it should NOT take a life if you pass a level, that bs!!!!!.

Good graphics but getting coins mean spending money and waiting one hour to get back lives. Game is easy and each level can get 3 stars if played enough. Boos5ers to expensive.. This Solitaire game is nice and relaxing. It's fun to play. Never had a great game were I can relax.. Good game just having trouble figuring out what to do to move on keep playing the same levels over and over.

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