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SizeOctober 15, 2019

It’s time to put things in order in this kingdom. Reigns have to sit on the throne, and then manage his subordinates left and right.

It would seem that you need to deal with your problems, and skillfully manage your advisers, peasants, and other subordinates. Destroy a large number of enemies balancing between the rulers of other kingdoms. You just need to remember that any decision you make can affect the kingdom. You definitely risk losing not only your throne but also the royal dynasty.

Each new year of your reign, the most important tasks are set for you. These are the ones you have to solve in the near future, so you have to find some kind of balance point so that everyone is happy. Only your balanced decisions will help you avoid problems, reign for a very long time, and anticipate all your problems.

Completely unexpected events await you, there may be bad luck or other problems, but you should always be ready. Sit on your throne for as long as possible, conclude the most important agreements with your allies and destroy all your enemies. It is your dynasty that must prosper, grow stronger, and span the centuries of its reign.

Reigns MOD

It doesn't show which kingdom we rule and we don't see what land we have and can you add England and France. Interesting for an hour or two. Finishing it requires nerves of steel because you will be grinding the same level for many hours which gets boring pretty quickly.. I can't play the game because it does not fit my aspect ratio. I'm on the. Samsung galaxy z flip. Sides of the app are fully cut off on the Galaxy Z flip 5. So makes the game unplayable as you can't ready alot of what is written.. This game is ridiculous. Almost mone of the dialogue makes sense. The decisions you make are literally all a gamble. You get dots above the areas that will be affected but you never know if those areas will go up or down. So really the whole game is just a roll of the dice. Your decisions don't even matter lol.

Reigns APK

I have played till year 1298 and am not patient enough to keep repeating the loop to discover what the hidden cards are anymore. It's getting too repetitive and boring, although initially it seemed interesting.. Good game but needs more customization options, like the effects that go per second are too tough to manage for newer players. Good to waste a bit of time but after a while it's just a game of die and retry and remembering the bad but not worse choices.. This game is extremely fun, interesting and rewarding when you experience new things or make progress but does definitely get repetitive when its just common diaologue. Overall it feels like it has a lot of passion and love put into it and even if I do think that a pretty big part of the game is kind of boring and there could be something done to perhaps skip common diaologue, its still without a doubt one of the best mobile games out there. It just feels good to play even in the boring parts..

Reigns APK

A rather disappointing game that doesn't make clear the impact of your decisions, nor how you even play the game. I know that this is an incredibly simple game concept, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't explain things to everybody.. Unique. Wouldn't recommend to friends. Many choices don't do what you'd expect, which would be fine if 2 or 3 "bad" decisions in a short time didn't spell death for you. Needs a revamp of consequences. Also, the skeleton who has a sword used what appeared to be a bow attack. That's quite literally the most ridiculous stuff I've seen when it comes to outright misleading the player.. much like the sequel, the aspect ratio does not fit on the zflip 4 leading to missing text and images, does not matter if camera notch is enabled or disabled. Still hasn't been addressed after the early October patch.. The game is cool on the first glance. I had a good time in first few hours of playing it. However, the game lost its charm and it got frustrating. I can't see myself playing it ever again..

Reigns APK

Probably a nice game, but not playable on Flip Z5, due to the size of the screen. Text is cut off left and right and in landscape mode it's way too small. Gonna check in some months again.. This game is fun and addicting, and I would rate it 5 if I didnt have 1 constant frustration with this game. When you are deciding a choice, it vaguely shows you what it will affect, and I really think that it should show whether it would be positive or negative. You CAN get an item that helps with this, but its still overly vague. Sometimes you may have a meter (money, army, etc) that is going up every second, but youre screwed if you let it max out, and its hard not to while deciding on smthng. Installed this again after a few years, very fun one handed game. However the incorrect aspect ratio for newer phones is pretty annoying. Here's to hoping this divine game gets fixed! . Bought this for google play achievment but this apps didnt need to login, and didnt get the goplay games achievments..

I love the idea and premise of the game!!! My issue is nothing is clickable such as the characters cards or the deaths. It would be nice to click the cards and get info.. It's an excellent game if you only have a couple minute to play, with a very simple system of swiping left and right, yet with a surprising amount of depth and intricacies. There are events that only happen in certain circumstances and the dialogues are pretty fun and engaging. The only bad thing is that you lose too soon though, it only takes a couple bad decisions to get killed.. Good Idea... but It would be nice if these games made it a little bit easier to live through and the balance wasn't so hard to keep. Literally ending up dying over and over bc the choices were that bad. I do understand that the creator prob meant for that as a part of the game but its just kinda distasteful esp seeing how as ypu just come back not restart with more resources.. Great game for the most part, some say it's repetitive, but that's part of the nature of this game. I Wish it had some sort of mouse or keyboard support so I could swipe left or right without touching the screen directly. (Maybe using the arrow tap to see the hint, another in the same direction to fully swipe).

I never wrote reviews, but this game has it all! Strategy, comedy, dark themes, mysteries, and more! Honestly the best card swipe adventure I've ever played! Only con is it is quite confusing to get the "best" ending, but I probably didn't look deep enough. Still super fun to complete even after reading a how-to guide! If you have a spare $3, this is the best thing you could spend it on!. It's pretty fun, I like it's unique system of keeping a kingdom up and running, but I am having a weird technical issue. When I have my phone in portrait mode, the game is kinda zoomed in and I cannot see some text if it is too close to the ends of the screen, making it hard to play unless I am in landscape mode. My screen is a weird size so that might be the problem, I have a moto g stylus 5g 2021. If you could fix this that would be greatly appreciated!. I love this game and there's a ton of weird and wacky ways to mess up and I love it in this game you have to keep all of your tasks below 100 and a above zero and don't even get me started about the dueling mechanic saves your progress whenever you get an actually important thing happening like getting a new character and I love how there's only two options so you don't really have any decisiveness overall it just a really good game and it has a lot of Lord give it a try. Doesn't support ZFold. Not all elements of UI are shown on the screen when playing on either the front or internal screens of ZFold devices. Used to work fine on my S21+ and it was a good enough time killer then, but completely non-functioning now.

It is a fairly decent game, it does get repetitive over a long period of time. However the game is not even scaled to fit my phone which is why I give it 3 stars. It is still playable but it feels like I put more effort into reading and pressing the x button than playing the game.. What a choice game this is! One of the best (if not the only best) out there. Reigns has the best series out there. When it comes to this genre, this game series is the best in my opinion (it's that good)!. Pretty fun game, medieval resources management is one of my favorite modern genres and this one is pretty good. I think a game like Yes Your Grace is better, but for a reasonably priced mobile game, this is really great. I review games rarely but felt compelled to do one for this game. It's an absolute joy to play and surprisingly immersive given the format. Thank you so much for this game, I find myself coming back constantly and no run has been the same, awesome..

Fun and simple (at least for one full playthrough. I didn't find a second playthrough as fun). Some annoying UI quirks though like autorotation when playing on a bed horizontally which can't be disabled using the devices rotation setting. Good game with minor issues. Screen orientation changes regardless of system settings. Portrait orientation does not show the entire card. Swipe gesture to access the navigation bar is recognized by the game as an action.. Hate the game and wish to refund it. But somehow won't let me refund. I demand a refund for this.. A little heavy on random chance for my taste, but a fun game that suits short sessions but can hold my interest when I give it time, too.

It rotates even with screen rotation locked. The screen is zoomed in game and cuts out part of the dialogue. On Pixel 6. So, this may be 100% my fault and why I won't give the game a 1 star. Just honestly not what I thought the game was. I enjoy the general concept/idea. Sadly, this game doesn't let you truly "rule" your kingdom. All I wanted to do was have a kingdom that was not religious. Sadly, if u let ANY of the 4 traits fall. U die. In this game, it's religion or you die. Yet u are supposed to be king? Foolish. Great idea, poor execution. Good if u like games with forced choice.. The game seems fun, but there is no way to tell whether an action will increase or decrease a resource. Could be good if that was changed.. This game is so amazingly frustrating. Your choices are meaningless, and the only real puzzle you have to solve is a randomly generated maze that you randomly get saved access to, and have to solve before a predetermined time. Go a few hundred turns without getting into the maze? Sucks to suck. The maze is so confusing and so poorly explained that with a walkthrough in one hand and the game in the other, after watching a YouTube video on how to win, I still struggled to beat it..

So much fun, I love mobile games that are obviously developed to be mobile. I adore all of the reigns games and I sometimes play them instead of playing on my pc.. It's a unique "choose/repeat your own adventure" game. With random chance guiding its narrative. (Instead of something you can get better at.) So it gets a bit repetitive.. classic. fun, but definitely not for everyone. some would find it boring probably. know that this game is very simple and strategy based but not action packed.. I can see why this game got the attention and reviews it got but tbh, it's boring and repetitive and just a random game where you memorise all the answers and try new paths to reach the end. No choices make any sense and you just keep on playing via trial and error and memorise previous answers to finally reach end. I stopped playing after a while as i didn't see any value to it. Game is just unnecessarily long.

I was really excited to try this game out. However it seems to not support my phone's aspect ratio (Z Fold 3, both screens there are a lot cut off) so it's currently not playable for me. I've seen great things about it but until this is fixed and I can actually read the text, I can't play it.. I love this game so much, but I wish that the status effects that incrementallly change resources wouldn't be negated by other effects appearing or disappearing. The pungeon removes the effects of colonies, silk road, lover, slavery, and crusade. I hope they patch it.. Screen scaling is incorrect to screen size on xperia 1 mk2 not sure if more problems exist like in the her majesty version. So funny, 100% worth the money I love the massive amount of options it gave me and the definetly not werewolf people.

Love it! Learning how to play is easy. I can't say much because it's so good. Watch out for the black bird.... Fun and funny game that will take hours from your battery life. However hasn't been updated to fit the screen of newer devices.. It is a great game. I've played it on stadia before and I have really enjoyed it. However, the android version doesn't seem to be optimized for more narrow aspect ratio phones like Samsung Flip 3. The text is cut off at the edges making it really difficult to play.. Doesn't work on tall aspect ratios. The sides of the screen are cut off, so I can't see parts of the text and other display elements..

For some reason it keeps my interested, just wish some choices could have more consequences or benifits for future kings. Also why couldnt you make more names, you only have like ten names you use.. Pathetic devs don't know how to keep your game in portrait orientation even when the screen is locked. Whoever coded this should be embarrassed. Uninstalled and refunded. Don't waste your time in garbage. It has a surprising learning curve for seeming so simpel **Remembering good cards v bad ones or when and these bad cards actually saves u. What's a deebuff and what's a really good buff... That some times mean surten doom depending on what other buff u already have.. I really LOVE this game, and would give it a 5 start without thinking, but it has a problem. It doesn't look good in newer phones with new screen ratio/resolution, if you fix that I'll give the 5 star.

I really enjoy this game, very enjoyable and good story. Though i do have a complaint: Full screen display cannot be turned off for this app, which makes it hard/impossible to read some pieces of text on a device with an odd resolution.. Pretty terrible and shallow game. I wouldn't like it if it was free. But charging $3 for such a poorly done game is robbery. Update: Redownloaded to give it another chance. But the app ignores rotation lock so I can't play laying down. Guess it doesn't get a second chance.. No option to disable auto rotation (despite rotation being disabled on my phone). Meaning I can't play it lying in bed which is the only time I'm playing on my phone.... The effects of your decision often don't make sense. So after a while you realise there is no point in giving your decision much thought..

Not a good port, game is larger than 20:9 screen (so text is cut off) and game will not save when you close it.. One of the best games out there. It's highly addictive and I just love it. Keep up the good work devs here's a cookie . Not that great and not deserving of the rating it has somehow accumulated. There is no true decision making as everything seems to be heavily randomised, with a weighting toward failure. The game put me in a loop where the only thing I could do was take the negative action, resulting in the end of the "reign". I would have enjoyed the game more if I felt like my decisions were meaningful or the outcome made sense.. I think this game is great, Reigns is a fantastic game to play while waiting for an interview. Besides that, it get repetitive, and has very little variation besides some late game events. If you want a more plentiful experience, Slay The Spire is on Google Play for 10 USD..

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