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Can you become the king of this mobile game? Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will find the most simple rules and controls perfect for beginners. But the most important thing is that connoisseurs will get crazy satisfaction from the game project. A fascinating card duel, and you will meet real opponents and be able to show your abilities. Many characters are familiar to everyone, from the series “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and his clones. You will become a real embodiment of one of your favorite heroes who are waiting for their fans.

Professional actors who starred in this excellent series voiced everything in this project. Crazy animation in every sense, which in one moment, can instill fear in these monsters. You must collect a good collection of cards, make a gorgeous deck, and remove any opponent. Think over your every move, advance your development, and get other cool bonuses: fascinating duels, a single company, attractive duelists, and many other entertaining events. Experience online battles, fight with various duelists, and only move up the standings.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links MOD

Very good fast paced strategy game, you need to read a lot of card Rich event, cool animation I do hope minimum system requirement to play this game to be light. Well the voice acting is cool. Unfortunately so many people use the same op deck with the horn of the unicorn. Making it unfun. People would rather have easy success than be creative.. Does not let me skip Event Story cutscenes. I have to tap the screen an absurd amount of times. It takes extremely long to get through it. Add a skip function. Not everyone cares about the event story. Not everyone even does it. Fix that. Other than that the game is good.. This game is designed to steal your money no matter what, it's literally impossible to build a deck from the meta or at least a competitive deck without paying, and in the other hand ppl who pays will get stronger and stronger, i suggest to try master duel, yes it's hard to build a deck that is veeeery strong but it's possible, also you can have some deck from the meta that are easy to build such as kashtira or p.u.n.k. Great game, except it doesn't seem to work on data anymore. It's not a problem with my provider as everything else works, and other users have experienced this. It makes it impossible to play when on the move, which is when I like to play it. If this is fixed, then it would be perfect.

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Pay to win trash game get 2 gems each day and when u grind for the card better cards appear u will be always behind even if u pay. This game is pay to play. They give you lots of gems at the start that you can use to build your first deck (if you spend them wisely) but good luck building another one because it'll cost you lots of money. The events are repetitive, same decks in PVP, broken skills, and absolutely nothing to do after reaching king of games.. Been playing since launch. Love Yu-Gi-Oh and love the TCG and Master Duel. Duel links is great. Good graphics, smooth gameplay, decent card pool and regular events. However two major drawbacks which are hurting the game: * The newer skills introduced are outright ridiculous. You may as well give the player a win. This needs fixing. * It's not a cheap game if you want to play compeditively. Three copies from multiple sets...that's a lot of gems and money. No crafting useful cards is frustrating.. Please, I beg you to stay far away from this predatory cash grab of an app. Whenever a staple card comes out, I swear the devs raise the rates on that card.I just spent 5000 jems on the link revolution box and literally didn't get a single UR card. The devs only care about money and you will realize that within 1 min of the game.If it's not the constant bugs that crash the game, or the scam that is selection boxes, or trying to get a card that's in the last 10 packs, I DO NOT recommend this app.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links APK

Pretty mid I have an account and the game but it never made me connect the two so I lost all my progress but other than that I spend all day on the game. This is, in my opinion one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh games ever, everything about it seems so polished and well maintained, I hope they keep on putting all this effort into the game. I do hate this if you don't link a Konami account your crapped the game is kinda boring after a while you get bored they just keep bringing back the same events to the point of which it's just same Solomon event. This Game need a crafting system: Add The Master Pack from Master Duel With a 10 pack pull u're guaranteed an UR Add a new catalog in the card merchant Menu where u can trade to him ONLY the cards acquired in the Master Pack for : 6 UR cards for an UR DreamTicket 5 SR cards for an SR DreamTicket 4 R cards for an R DreamTicket 3 N cards for an N DreamTicket I've tried to bring friends into this game but after spending some money they left cause cards are far too difficult to get for beginners.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links APK

I HATE when games give stupid updates that needs 2 GB just for ONE EVENT or additional content just for this game! This is so messed up and needs to be fixed. I've played Duel Links since its inception, and have always had a grand time with it and dueling my best friend. It's carried me through militarily service, college, and then some. The cards have great views, the summoning graphics are awesome for first timers or hundred timers! Every issue that it has had always gets resolved technical or otherwise. Nothing negative to say about the game except I wish I won more often!! Just means I need to keep playing to practice. Get your game on!. Everything is good but there is a issue at ranked pvp everybody wont let you win as they use p2w deck which makes it impossible to play ranked and also doesnt let you get gems which is detrimental to your deck and leveling is takes alot of time and other small things also. Super fun! My girlfriend and I are currently playing and it's been fun. I have a blue eyes deck and she has a magician deck. A little confusing sometimes are the missions and all of the versions switching back and forth. Other than that it's fun and glad I'm getting into it..

Gameplay is fine till you try ranked. hackers.... first 2 matches it places me against rookie 1 players (the lowest rank) and in both cases by 2nd or 3rd turn they had monsters with 3k and 4k atk. The second match was worse dude won on his first turn by summoning monsters back to back with special summons. Had a dragone with 3k atk and a dragon with 4k atk. Wiped my trap card then killed my monster with the 3k dragon and oone shot me with his 4k THAT IS NOT A ROOKIE 1 PLAYER!!!. take this game down it doesn't play right and it has too many bugs the manufacturing has shut down for take this game down year's ago and y'all allow people to play and pay at their own risk and it's wrong just take the game down if y'all are not going to fix nothing on the game I hope everyone can see this review if I can give no star and still do the I would and the only thing this is good at on is using all of your personal info. Somethings FISHY. In online duels it feels crooked, I'll be doing really good then all of a sudden my deck just gives me the most god awful hands imaginable, my opponent never seems to brick in higher ranks, this doesn't make them challenging this is just annoying. I dunno, it's most likely like a casino, it's fixed and tries to get you frustrated to make an impulsive purchase, nah, I'll just play something else. I think I'm getting to old for YGO just don't get as much joy playing it anymore... Emergency Update:- Redmi K20 Pro (device) The problem I'm facing is that whenever I launch the game, it continuously displays a network error message prompting me to reload the game. Despite numerous attempts, the issue remains unresolved, preventing me from accessing and enjoying the game properly..

This by far is a infinite times better than the physical game! What are you guys doing, your ruining the app by makking the updates too large, I demoted you from 5 stars to 4 stars, I had to delete 2 apps because of the update being too large, guys you gotta get it together.. in ranked duels opponents play card after card that match each other. How is even that possible to have that kind of deck? If there's a way to get these cards there's not enough information. For this reason I was unable to win at all.. Fun game. Rank needs consequences or else it's not different from casual duels. It's the best game to learn Yu-Gi-Oh before playing Master Duel. I love this game a ton ever since its small beginning. But now I face a huge issue: it's too big for storage. It used to be downloadable for me at around 2GB. But now, it takes nearly 6-7GB away before even beginning the tutorial. I just hope it can be somehow made smaller for those who can't download so much..

FOUR STARS!! I'm a fan of the yu-gi-oh! Anime and this game is so fun!, but it kinda gets repetitive if you play it for too long. Edit : I UPDATED THE GAME AND MY DATA WAS LOST! ALL OF MY HARD WORK WAS WASTED AND I'LL RATE THIS GAME 2 STARS.. Been playing this game since it first released and now im finally done. Whoever reading this, let me tell you one thing. This game is full of rigged rng that force you to believe its just rng/luck but its not. Full of scammed pack opening and rank match that force you to maximize you gem and money spending. 6+ years playing this game and I can confirmed my theory 100% based on experience alone. If you plan to play the game just note that you're a willing victim for Komoney scam. So DON'T.. I played duel links from the day it came out from the very beginning. After about a month duel links deleted my account then I made a Second account I played from that point all the way till the first release of dark sides of dimensions bakura after grinding several weeks and getting all bakuras event rewards the day bakura left duel links. DUEL LINKS had deleted my second account that I paid money on for card sleeves and now can't use at all, and all the grinding for my characters are GONE!!. Absolutely insane how difficult it is getting back into an account. Have to make another account and start over....for the third time at least..

The game got bad. My Wi-Fi is strong, but the duel stops at the beginning and end, which is very annoying. Even though my device is powerful, the game is slow in every way. I hope you can solve the problem.Because I'm thinking of stopping playing forever.. Flame wingman does the least amount of damage compare to most in anime. And the cards effects don't do what they say only a little. Cards are situational and can't special summon monsters except magicians or machine dragons.. It's a fun dueling sim. The auto duel makes it a lot easier to use. The one star is strictly because of stupid pendulums I am angry. Update rush duels are based no cap 5 stars. The dueling is fun against the computers, but instead of having generations separated they have it all together so I try to play and these nerds are taking 10 minute first turns and summoning half their deck before I even get a chance to do anything. Then there's this garbage new Gen stuff that they force you to click and transpose into this unskippable garbage. I don't want to play the trash rush duel or whatever it is. And forcing me into it is aggravating and redundant..

The auto duel feature lots of times make fatal moves, without these moves it would have won these duels (ones in which it makes specific avoidable moves/losses). Otherwise Outstanding.. "Error" Communication timed out! After that you lose a pvp match or a rank up. I hate this and it makes me want to delete the game every single time because I'm not losing because I'm bad at the game. I'm losing because I have good internet connection but the game just automatically disconnects me. I know this would not be solved right now because it's been at least 3+ years this problem has existed and is not dealt. Those who play in mobile devices are at a disadvantage.. Over a decent yugioh game to in my down, been a yugioh fan since I was a kid waking up every Saturday to watch the latest episode so I think it's pretty good. UPDATE: Reinstalled after 6 years, on NEW phone, and still has the same issues. Morons run this app!!! Stars dropped to 1 now. (Would give 0 if possible) Liked this game when it was working. Now all I get when I try to log in is a page saying, "Server Error: Error no. -1. Reboot." I try rebooting over and over and get the same message. I have tried restarting my phone and that doesn't work either. I use a Samsung Galaxy s7 by the way..

200 packs 1 boxes to only get 1 UR or SR card to complete the deck hmmm. So expensive. Konami should make like every 100 packs we buy on 200 packs boxes, we could choose 1 SR, 170 packs you can choose 1 UR card form the packs. There is a ton of attempts to gotcha but the game also has a very good amount of FTP progress. It's fun and it's polished.. It's a great game but I gotta keep rebooting the game every time I load something. I just don't get it.. My review used to be 5 stars. But now there are older decks that dont get the support they have IRL to make viable against the meta in this game. The deck i was running was a rogue strategy and thunder dragons being banned ruined it while flooanderize was let into the game at full power. Fix yojr damn game konami.

Some graveyard effects don't as they are supposed to like white stone of ancient and ect please fix the damn bugs that y'all have. This game use to be really fun and enjoyable, but they have added so many stupid effect cards that a player takes a minute if not more a turn it is getting to slow and the effect cards make it so annoying by the first turn a player has a monster with 4000 attack points gets annoying. Losing interest in the game real fast.. The game takes forever to load ANYTHING. This update has ruined it for me. I use a Samsung galaxy s20. Konami deleted my account and will not recover it! I made dozens of purchases, but because they were made in 2019 & and 2020, they will not acknowledge it. I paid money for content in this game; to take that content back is theft!.

If you like the yugioh anime or card games in general this is the perfect game for you . You can choose to play with friends, against Ais or strangers for a good match .. The game was fun but the reason I give it a 1 star is because when I put my gamer name it says " use of wrong word " or something like that. My gamer name does not have any rude words in it.. Amazing game with so much potential and constant events. Hard to get bored and just an all in all good game.. It's a great app for what it is but it has gotten to the point where you almost have to be pay to win and it crashes frequently.

Hey Developers,I really Love this game,I play on Steam n mobile.Why this game not in GOOGLE PLAY PASS? I pay it just for Duellinks but it's not in GPP.PLEASE PLEASE JOIN IN GOOGLE PLAY PASS FAMILY.I already subscribed.I will subscribe to 1 YEAR n change my rating if u guys can discuss with Konami n change their minds.Thanks in advance!!. Duel Links become one of my favorite game.Thanks for making this game konami and please add Arcana Force World so that I can hear Dio saying that everytime he summons it.. Fun game when you come across players who actually know how to play. "structure decks" and "skills" take the fun out of it, allowing too many advantages. You'll sit for a good three to four minutes while your opponent makes move after move and summoning monster after monster. So of you come up with your own strategies this really isn't the game for you. Someone can just buy a deck and use and ability or "skill" to be a cut below unbeatable. Lol it's lame af. Speed Dueling is my favorite format. Getting the cards I want is kind of difficult without spending lots of money but you can get by with weird cards. The format allows surprising cards to really influence the outcome of a game once they've rotated out of meta. Game can be slow and glitchy but, otherwise, the best way to experience the speed dueling format..

Dis app is da best! Speed duelin' is just what I need to kickstart my thinker every mornin', and it helps out a lot when I'm dyin' ta duel! My only criticism is dat gems are a bit hard to come by, but overall 8.7/10, would recommend to any starting or even seasoned duelist. - Lou. I'm allowed to download but it does not run on my device. To be "fair", my tablet had been selected for discontinued update services. So, the money spent on this device is wasted. All companies do this. We are forced to purchase new technology almost yearly.. 1) No Tag Team PvP after 6+ yrs of it being promised 2) Too many monsters with multiple effects so the duels become overcomplicated, boring and long as heck 3) They just release new worlds instead of actually addon quality to the already released worlds especially OG and GX.

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