NameEpic Cards Battle(TCG)
ReleasemomoStorm Entertainment

Fascinating card strategy. Play epic cards in this fun Epic Cards Battle(TCG) adventure.

An exciting saga where you will feel the real spirit of the competition, and fight with your friends, as well as other participants in the game. This will be a real revolution in card projects. You will definitely feel for yourself how many opportunities the project offers you, the real spirit of war and crazy competitions. It remains only to gather your thoughts in order to plunge headlong into the world of unforgettable emotions. An excellent card strategy, where there are single cards, magic cards, as well as trap cards that you don’t want to fall into. You can create individual groups of cards to destroy your opponent. Enjoy boundless joy, and experience a new combat system where everything will take place in real-time.

Epic Cards Battle(TCG) MOD

An amazing game with easy to learn mechanics, gorgeous artwork and some pretty amazing music. Definitely worth playing, easily one of the best free card games out there! ^w^. Dang! Well Designed Game, it's a bit hard at start but I'm one that likes a Good challenge, been playing for week now and actually summoned Epic Card from daily draw, Card draws Fair Rates no complaints here; I am glad to say this game is very Excellent thanks Devs I've waited for a good game like this for a long Time and bonus it's Data Friendly, I'm loving it . I love this game!! I had it on pc through steam and I'm hooked. The UI is beyond phenomenal, the choice of monsters, spell, trap and counter cards is incredibly huge. 1000% recommend this game. Really love the mechanics of the game but the reward i tried to get which was 500 dimonds to get king aurther was only 250 please give me king aurther no hard feelings. The game is awesome and is easy to understand after the tutorial plus it comes with varias battle tactics and i recommend it to anyone willing to try it.

Epic Cards Battle(TCG) APK

Played for years. Took a break. When i went to log on with my new phone i couldn't remember which email I used. After eventually logging in after trail and error attempts. It was my other account. Knowing now which email to log in with it tell me i can only register one account per device. Ok... thats cool but I still haven't registered the first account on this device. Now it wont let me log into my other account which is the one with all my cards.. The games was good. The graphics are fine but it needs more improvement . It's not all about money . But if you have need unbeatable deck you need to top please Improve your events also. The game is pretty good but its good if you gave starter rewards for begginers it need more decks to be honest and i like the game alot just neer more fee upgrade like events and rewards. Have had a lot of fun with this game and not spent any money on it just got to grind.

Epic Cards Battle(TCG) APK

This app forced a 5 star rating from me. I only played it for a day and Uninstaller because it was so bad.. Best strategic card game in my opinion. It is simple and fun to play and it has no complex mechanics like other card games these days.. There are way better card games out there, and they've been made by people who graduated kindergarten and understand rudimentary grammar and spelling. I did like the game. Now, it will not let me log into the game through facebook. All my progress was through that login. I will return to five stars after it has been fixed. I really do not want to restart and put more time into it..

Epic Cards Battle(TCG) APK

Made 2 of the same app with the same cards instead of trying to make this one better, they even change the company name to momostorm north :(. Just began,getting the hang of it. Seems a little hard to learn from tutorial,probably better learn as I go. There isn't an English speak on board.. But can u just make it eassier for us to gain more diamonds so all of us have a chance to get a rare cards pls admins if u make this i will rate it 5 stars the game is awsome. We need more Diamonds and more Rubys... Otherwise the games ok... Also could u maybe add a 3 replay limit per day on levels that give out cards so then we can reobtain these cards? That would get yall a 5 star rating from me if u did! Im a man of Culture: Wash my Back n ill Wash yours... Sound good?.

enjoy playing game. only neg thing to say is it cost a lot to upgrade cards and buy new cards.. Great card game even if it is p2p.... Please add boss raid at the campaign, guild war and increase the reaward gems. . Okay the game is fun and legit to play but the last uptade was in 2015 we are in 2019 sooo this will let die this game eventually, they doing nothing to improve it.. Its a good game with a lot of depth, just give it time and you understand thta it is rewarding as well.

I have a account on my Facebook and its not letting me use it at all now. This is complet BS I spent to much time on this game.. The game is a fun puzzle solver style ccg, but it needs a bit more development as far as I'm concerned. I played this a while ago and took a break, now I tried to login to my account again and apparently it has been deleted. Then I've noticed that the servers are not the same so that was why I couldn't login. What happened to the Archangel(1) server? And why I didn't received any email to announce me that they are changing the servers?. 3.5 maybe. Surprisingly fun. There's actually thought and strategy involved despite the lack of interaction. Since it's the beginning, getting cards is pretty easy...but once the game difficulty ramps up, ingame cash will probably be a lot harder to get. Also the store card pack rng is bad. I'm getting the same things over and over again. There's got to be more commons/rares than that..

Don't download you won't get any good cards for free pay2win garbage.. I was very old player of this game... Don't waste your time. A type of "press start and just watch" game. Zero interactivity during a battle. Just start a battle, go make yourself a tea, and check results when you come back.. Anyone that says this game has no strategy is speaking only from quick mode (which doesnt really). Pro mode and especially Hardcore mode, the player that outplays the other will win. Better than mtg, hearthstone, and every other clone tcg where you play some monsters, buff them, and pop in an occassional spell. This game introduces a plethora of unique elements to consider. The best cards will cost you real money but you can be plenty competitive with the free stuff.. The game is awesome i am playing it since 2 yrs but its too expensive i lost many big battles ...and please get a update also please do something its really expensive ...wothout diamonds u can never be on top matter how much u play..

I love this game but it gives hard task some can't complete if it were easyer to get gold I would love this game even more.

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