NameDuel Heroes
ReleaseLCOOL Game

Colorful RPG with many characters and several modes. A colorful RPG with original gameplay, a bunch of characters, and unique modes, in which you are invited to collect a collection of powerful heroes and take part in exciting battles against strong opponents.

Download Duel Heroes for Android and start collecting characters and fighting opponents. In this RPG, your main task will be to collect powerful characters, which are presented here in the form of ordinary cards. At the same time, you still need to build and develop a kingdom in the magical world. That is, the game contains more elements of urban strategy. You need to build buildings, capture new territories, fight enemy units, and collect heroes along the way.

Each hero has his own distinctive features, skills, characteristics, and abilities. You can sell some cards, use others to improve, and so on. You will fight against real players, so get ready for serious battles. The game features several modes. 50 cards and 5 races. Download Duel Heroes for Android and go-ahead to build a kingdom and collect a collection of heroes.

Duel Heroes MOD

Have 2 accounts that I am unable to get back to playing,due to divorce and data lose(and if course I spent money on this one UGH!). Massively Pay or Lose. If you are willing to pay, then spend your cash on the original game "YU-GI-OH", because this is just a trying hard imitator of the game anyway, and its horrible.. Nice game. You can play Adventure mode without worrying about owning good cards. I suck at arena as I don't have many legendary cards. But, currently rank 1 in adventure mode :). I have been playing only for like 10 days or so. Hopefully, the devs bring in some new fun game modes.. This game kicks me out to the loading screen in the middle of a match which counts as a loss and this has happened multiple times.....and find to fix your rank system because when I matchmake I'm playing players who are way higher than me and you know the result of that.... Game is so good but this game is having so many bugs. And not clearly mentioned use of card on card. Something is very short not understandable..

Duel Heroes APK

I have bin on and off this game tho I like the game and the decks the bugs still keep popping up everytime I do adventure and win game and complete challenges it crashes I lose everything the adventure scrolls are so hard to come bye and cost to.much gold to consider the rewards from it and scorche is still over powerd I don't think devs have actually done anything to fix or spice the game up there never enough events to progress unless u pay an arm n leg for little gems the game needs more . These devs just gave up on this new events, no updates, nothing! The pvp is unbalanced, some cards are crazy op..yea this game is dead!!. In fairness I find I like a game or I don't within the first 5 minutes and this game didn't make my grade. Annoying music, cheesy character names and a not very helpful training mode The graphics are ok but could do with brightening up. I'm sure the actual gameplay could actually be ok but I couldn't get past some things. The training mode let's you play under instruction but it's flimsy in making it clear. Look to 'Heroic' for a great of example of how to do it properly.. Been playing this game for a while but was never really into it..but now I been playing it all day! Hope u guys update it tho.

Duel Heroes APK

A fun game to pick up every now and then to challenge yourself. A quick Yu-Gi-Oh or hearthstone like duel. It's refreshing. Had a lot of fun after you get further into the duel game it picks up where video games are supposed to. Did take time after the download like about a year once a month play to get a funner grip on good duel tactic gaming. The style of watchman and puncture soldier start to add a fun game while your bored.. Very fun so far, been playing a few days, and my only complaint is that I had to pay $5 twice to get the extra prizes, the first time it crashed after I did it, but it still took the money. Give me back my $5, and I'll give you five stars.. I play alot of mtg, and yu gi oh. Played alot of hearthstone as well.. But i needed a change of pace.. And this game is great.. Quick turns , easy to learn, and alot of combos you can pull with your strategy!.

Duel Heroes APK

The only drawback is that one can't use one's own deck in every mode, and the draft or "adventure" mode won't let you keep what you unlock..... other than that, this game is great!. Download game. Load game. Start tutorial. Tutorial is broken garbage and won't let me end my turn. Great job devs . I love this game it is smooth and even though it seems easy in the beginning it gets very challenging fast. The game was interesting and fun to play, but isn't it played by logging in on Facebook or Gmail? Why then that my account wasn't saved automatically and have to restart after I deleted and redownload the app?.

You guys did a good job overall developers with this card game the only problem I have is when you go against other players I'm going against stacked decks what I mean by that is cards I do not have unlocked I am not putting a whole lot of money in this game just to draw random cards and not get any of the cards that I want to draw your game is nothing but a money game and take our cash to buy random cards. Game needs to be fixed should not be about money for a random cards and not complete deck. This was a really fun game, then I hit the "free to play" roof. Now all I play are people with full paid for decks. What a shame for it to go PTW so quickly.. The best card game ever but u guys should still make some legendary cards easy to get and iof u even scroll up ur notification bar it will start over again. It's a fun game and I like the Art designs of the Characters. But it's becoming apparent that I can't grind for long and it's seems like it's gonna be another pay to play the more I play..

everytime I open the game it signs me out , can u fix it so I won't have to log in every time I open the game. This game is suck.. It's absolutely pay to win game. But the gameplay is nice. But no response from developers and no events.. For any card pay.. Pay.. Only pay.. They didn't have any report section also.. Doesn't have anything.. Simply waste.. Don't try this game.. 4* only just because of the statistical rates of the cards... should be able to sufficiently collect a wide range of cards for every hero, but hey the game is fun so thanks. I DO NOT recommend this game. You have to pay to win, you need to spend real money to buy good card. Even if you have good cards, you wont be able to take it out of your deck while the enemies always able to use their best cards anytime they want. Its not a bug, the game developer just dont want you to win with non-paying card deck..

Need more cards and its really difficult to advance in this game unless you pay. It'll get boring soon enough. Playing the same deck all the time for the past 2 weeks is not fun.. As a long time player of the game, I'm sad to say that the developers have abandoned this game. I've tried contacting the developers multiple times to see if they're still around and have been met with silence. Fun to mess with but I wouldn't spend your money on it unless your fine with spending money on something that'll never get an update.. Changed rating from 5 to 3. Needs to login every time I open the game. Sometimes it takes too long to login in as well.. I'am a new player. u can buy cards for gold ( 5 Stars for that) gameplay is easy. Matchmaking in PvP is perfect so I've played 7 PvP games and won them all. Sad that u have to buy Heroes, or I hope they are a rnd drop in a lotbox? All in all a good funny game .

Pay to win. I've put in 500 dollars and have 1 viable deck. Every deck in ranked is scourge. Burial wilderness needs a nerf. Crafting materials you get after disenchant is a joke. If you give me doubles of an epic I should be able to get an epic back. Pvp has to many bots playing, if you aren't playing a bot you are playing scourge. Need to rework th buying system completely to retain more players. It will take a free player a year to make a competitive deck. The game is super fun tho!. Fun game so far, a long road for those who cannot top up; but, such is understandable seeing how much effort is put into this game development.. Honestly, I think the undead in this game is too op what is the point of playing a game when one deck dominates others eith no chance of winning against undead decks. The game is good is actually 3~4 no argument about. Need updates more regularly and they should make easier to get the advanced cards, but all this is nothing really disturbing. I won't give a good grade because there is a lack of new content. And the community we are begging it for a long time now..

Changed rating to 2 stars. It used to be good but developers gave up on it and it hasn't had an update in a year now. The worst thing is that if you beat a high level player by making them surrender it will still come up as you lost and you will not receive any coins for that match. I hate that this game has been treated this way. It is very fun but I am done now with it. Why should I care when the developers don't???.

Download ( V1.0.35 )

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