NameSolitaire Home Design

Very colorful and exciting simulator. In Solitaire Home Design, you will have to equip your own island. This project perfectly combines two very popular genres, an arcade simulator, as well as an exciting puzzle game.

All this is intertwined together and incredibly addictive in unique gameplay. You will be able to appreciate the excellent graphics, a large number of levels, simple controls, as well as a completely exciting storyline. Here you will find unexpected events in which you will meet the fascinating atmosphere of the game itself. Once minor characters became the main participants in the game. Now you have to equip the whole island, make it more attractive and colorful. Dream Island will help you realize all your dreams in the form of construction, and turn this abandoned island into a real paradise.

Solitaire Home Design MOD

It would be a nice game if it didn't crash every 7 mins i can't really get into it because it won't stay open every time you try to watch a ad to get something it crashes for sure it crashes while in the mid of a game . Like the element of designing. Graphics good, rewarded well if complete card game but if you lose few games on a trot will deplete your coins. But hey I'm enjoying it so far. This game is the biggest POS of all time! I've never played a game that was so blatantly rigged in my entire life. Not only do they not honor the rewards promised by playing the game(royal d-bags for that), but they make it impossible to win unless you pay out the nose. You will literally stay at the same stage forever unless you have enough coins or joker cards to complete it, which costs way more than this POS game should. The developers are shady ripoff artists, so don't give them anything!. Fun and very different so far I haven't had to spend any money to advance me levels even though I'm sure it be faster but hasn't been needed which is great.. Played this game for over a year. Had one of the best teams too. Story line kept me going for quite a while until I finished renovating the entire mansion. That's when things start to change. The game becomes more difficult as you advance, which is fine, but when you have to spend $$ to advance, it becomes ridiculous! I'm ashamed to admit how much cash I spent on this game, hoping for a change that would benefit players. It never happened. Storyline & side events repeat. Nothing new..

Solitaire Home Design APK

I like the idea of this game and when it works I enjoy it but the amount of times it crashes and closes out is not worth the hassle. I will spend money on a game if it's reliable but I would never ever spend a dime on this game. I am very close to just uninstalling but I keep hoping it will be fixed and have been disappointed for days now.. I love this game, but hate the fact that levels cost coins. If this could be changed to a life system, that would be fantastic. The game itself, however, is great! The quality is amazing, the story is engaging, the levels are challenging, buy not too much, nor are they too easy. It's the perfect game to use as an escape from the outside world.. Really enjoy this game, but it freezes & crashes too much! It'll crash in the middle of a game you've paid for & you'll lose the game and your money when you get back on again!. I had downloaded it for one reason, and now I'm hooked on it!!!!! I Concur With Many Other Players That The Game Gets Quite Difficult And The Fortune Wheel Never Gives Out The Top Prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Game Doesn't Seem To Work On My New Phone ( The Revvl 6X ), And I Don't Know Why!!!! Even With This Latest Update, The Game STILL WON'T WORK!!!!!!.

Solitaire Home Design APK

I absolutely love this game. I agree with so many that say this is the best solitaire game there is. They put a lot of time into details and really make it multifaceted to where your not just playing a solitaire game to redisgn a stand bubbly looking fake room, your redisgning a much more realistic house. However, I really miss being able to have 3 options to choose from with the decor. I'm not sure why that changed. But there are other games within the game that are always changing as well.. After you get to a certain point it is impossible to win a clover and just turns into a waste of time. Loved this game in the beginning, playing the card game to win clovers to decorate the mansion, now you don't get to select the items to decorate. You used to be able to win different furniture for events like Christmas but not anymore. There are lots of glitches and after this last update, I can't even open the game!. Freezes at a various levels. I am surprised i made it this far with a Beta version. I have gone through the list of restarting/closing the app, unistalling & even restarting my phone. Nothing works. It is a good game even with the levels getting more challenging. It would be a shame to point out Inbox Dollars not wanting to pay out the rewards due to glitches....

Solitaire Home Design APK

I love this game. Been a avid fan for several years. Sometimes u do have to spend some $ if you want to keep playing straight through or you can wait. But I like to buy stuff to keep playing Sometimes bc the creator of this game puts in lots of work. Beautiful asthetics and graphics are great. Stories and decorating are fun. I have never enjoyed a solitaire game more than this. Others along this game genre does not come close.. This game is so good. I play almost everyday. The only negative is that once you get to a certain point, you only have one option to customise the house which is annoying. I like having options to choose from. Otherwise it's great.. Downloaded the game I was able to play two three solitaire things and now the game keeps crashing and will no longer allow I will keep it on my phone in the hopes they fix this will update as soon as they do or if they pay attention to this. This game is a scam. It doesn't match the pictures or previews.The levels are purposefully impossible, to coerce you into buying boosters to help pass levels. You can't play more than a few hands a day without spending money every single day. The game is basically unplayable without VIP. Which costs TWENTY DOLLARS A WEEK. That is insane. Play any other solitaire game. This one is a scam. I'm almost on level 1000 for a bonus through a website and it has been a miserable slog to get to this point..

too many ads every time you play a hand an ad pops up. even in the middle of a hand. Too bad, this could've been a great game if not the lack of sources to play cards. You have literally 13 tickets daily to play, few more here or there if you are lucky. During 5 hours you have coins every hour which are enough for 3-4 plays so generally you have 20 plays and you pass 3-4 levels. Coins are not generating themselves, 13 tickets you can get from watching ads. At least you spend money, there is nothing to do in this game accept 20 tries and passing up to 4 solitaires daily. Boring.. This game is very glitchy. It keeps shutting down when I'm on a free play and when I reboot game it's like I lost my free ticket. Also freezes up a lot. Total fail. Downloaded the game got ready to play it and it doesn't work. Waist of my time and space. Deleting..

Difficult moving between scenes and even after selecting a scene in preparation to play it forces another scene costing money, multiple times. Hate the stupid story line but can thankfully just keep tapping arrow for it to go away.. This game is clearly a cash grab. Way too many ads and the 20$ pass is only valid for 7 days instead of the usual 30 days in lot of games. Sexual content in side missions, NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I use family link to screen and approve games for my kids. I would approve this game based on the E rating and looking at it. Once you get so far, the side quests become available. It's just a pop up saying it's not appropriate for younger audiences. Easy for a kid to ignore or not notify parents. Their is no notice sent to parent app...SHOULD BE RATED FOR ADULT!!!. I"m not going to up date my device is old and it would take up to much space. the game is good to play..

UPDATE: Much much better since all the updates. Still wish clover decor wasn't so high. Thanks. 4.9 ;) Really enjoyed this first, but then started needed $$$ for points to continue. Extras like black holes, 5 extra cards, etc are WAY too expensive (points wise) to purchase. Need to lower the costs. Found similar games that have extras that can be purchased much cheaper. You are too greedy! 6/29. Absolutely trash they shove so much garbage onto your phone over 1 gb of space! You people are out of your minds this game is horrible and evasive as he11... DON'T DOWNLOAD STOP USING CHINESE MALWARE!. UPDATE: I emailed them and got an almost immediate resolution to my problem. Thank you! A 9.99 [okay, more like 14.68] Silver VIP package transaction timed out & didn't work but went straight to pending transaction on my credit card! You're daylight robbing people by posting false or un-updated information and not fixing bugs that time out the game at the most inconvenient times. If your games don't work on anything older than Android 12/13 OS, just say so!. Great game at first. Unable to update game unless you installed the game all over again. Than you loose your status when starting all over. Even after you save the game because the game only lets you save so many times. I did try the suggestions but got nowhere. Once you reach a certain level. You are unable to collect some rewards that's supposed to help you. Setting you back in the game..

I have never played a game of "solitare" with so little regard for cards/suits. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at a game with 6 Queens with 3 of them hearts.. Great game and I was really enjoying it until I paid over $20 for VIP 3 days ago and now it's just gone and I'm back to watching ads again with no VIP perks. Emailed for assistance thru the game and radio silence. Such a shame cuz it really is a fun game. -Edit to reply- I did hear back and was told VIP was only during the event time but no where does it state that within the game. Would not have purchased VIP if that were the case. Guess I got scammed out of $20+. Avoid this game/developer.. Super glitchy, constantly freezing. Whenever I press on anything, the game freezes for a moment. Yhe adverts are long, and if you accidentally bump them, they immediately take you to Google play, and when you go back to solitaire, it takes a looooong time to reload back to the moment you left. Also, it keeps freezing when I open at level 100, it wont let me advance.. You get rewarded from playing Solitaire and you can build a dream house. I'm really playing this game so that I can get in game points for Supremacy 1914..

Ok game. Wish you could enjoy just playing and building not collecting coins just to play a game of solitaire.. Keeps telling me I need to update right away. I did everything it said to do and still get an error.. Glitches you off while playing so you lose all of your stuff. Plus it's too much you have to pay to play the game. It eats up all your coins . Over 14000 coins just to play if you don't have a ticket.. It KEEPS CRASHING IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR GAME SO YOU LOSE YOUR COINS AND power ups that YOU USED TO START level. THEY DON'T REIMBURSE NOTHING!!!!. Game has potential BUT burns you out fast with how many losses you get... and how hard they push selling their currency. So sad too! I did make the mistake of buying a 2.99 package and it seems like I lost more! Just a money dump. Don't buy into it... first day I played nonstop second day half as much and today logged in only once. Free tickets I've dubbed free losses lol never win with those. Because of how impossible it is to win leveling is impossible too.. what a shame..

I have all other apps closed but it still glitches and it's frustrating! Trying to play it but I'll see how long I can tolerate it. I personally find the main characters to be unlikable. The story is fine, other than the aforementioned unlikable leads. I enjoy the gameplay, and I like the extras beyond the main story.. I really love the game, but since the last up'date, my game crashes the minute I start the game or I try to view ads to get free tickets. I was able to play the game for hours on end and now it's not as enjoyable anymore. I have to restart the game and then hope to god it doesn't crash again. PLEASE fix the gliches. After recent updates the game won't load past the initializing process. So I deleted it and did the re-download then it was fine. But after closing the app and opening the app again at a later time, the process happened again, won't load anymore. Really love playing this game. On the verge of just deleting it again and not playing it anymore..

This is a very fun game and easy to spend your whole day playing. I have just downloaded it and has spend 5 hours play it.. Nice very enjoyable and don't have to earn coins to play so all the coins earned can be used for power ups and boosters. It was great until the latest update. Now it wont event open past the play button. Kinda low key mad.. Holy ads. Watching ads 2 get free games or a bonus, I somewhat understand. but forced 2 watch ads every other time u win a game is even more ridiculous. I'll never buy anything from the game bc I constantly need to watch ads 2 play the game. Many of the extras & bonuses are confusing bc of lack of clear description on how it affects the game. Probably the most confusing solitare game I've ever come across. Could b so much better if developers didn't seem 2 b either too cheap or just idiots tbh.

"We are constantly adjusting the difficulty of the levels...." NO, you are making them completely unwinnable without boosts and a ton of money. It's not about skill in most cases, it's about chance.. Nice, casual solitaire game. Story is a bit weird, but still early for me. Can play without spending $$$. Editing because higher levels are a money sink.. You'll lose your money fast. I've played most levels over, over, & over but never pass the level. They're never the same so in short you spend all your coins & unless you spend money you're stuck on levels for a bit until you can accumulate more coins to play and move on and then it happens again. The cost to play will keep rising. One more huge complaint I have about this game is that if the game closes you lose your coins. Don't ever leave you phone until you finish that current game! Rip off.. I like the game but the ads are now automatically downloading to my phone so I'm deleting the game. Could do less story too..

I love playing this kind of game but it literally crashes in the middle of every other game and you lose all you come spent to play that level. I have also watched ads and then the game just restarts without giving me the in-game reward.. Nice game but I don't see why you have to lose your free plays if you don't use them by a certain time. I wasn't to sure about the game when I first started playing but the further I go it actually is quite fun and the story line of the characters are great.. If you're playing this for Inbox Dollars dont buy the packages listed in the won't be reimbursed as promised.

i love my new game because I'm a solitaire player for sure and it has great rewards if you sign up on Facebook. I'm tired of this app downloading games. Don't mind the ads that take up half my day but the automatic game downloads. Ya'll bought to lose a customer.. Never ever played a game this unoptimized before, it's actually infuriating how much money I've poured into this game but because the mechanics of the game are broken you can't pass a level without wasting $20 or hoarding boosters that we shouldn't have to use. Fix the game so it's worth spending actual money on.. Game was fun until you hit level 101, after that you have to use every resource you have to pass to get nothing in return or spend money. I tried 6 times to pass with every available boost and still couldn't pass. Delete this lame app and try something different. Waste of time..

Play a round to earn just enough coins to play the next round. Fail a round? Come back tomorrow or pay for it, cause now you're broke. Ads stop being optional at Level 50. Save your storage space and find a better game.. The game is not bad. But I do not recommend making any payments, because you immediately start losing, because... The main goal is to get as much payment from you as possible. If you don't pay, you will be given a chance to win; if you pay, then no! I'm deleting this game and installing another one with lower prices and appetite. All the best!.

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