NameKozel HD Online
ReleaseElvista Media Solutions Corp.

Kozel is a legendary Soviet card game that needs no introduction. Kozel HD Online – for everyone who loves card games, think about the next move and also go into this excitement with his head, we present you the game Kozel HD Online, which will not leave anyone behind.

This is a very famous card game, still of the same Soviet era, which was played by millions of people in their courtyards. Now you can also experience on your devices the same excitement that was present in every lover of real cards. Only four people can participate here, and the main goal of the game is to take more tricks.

But for this, you will need to practice a little and only then, start the game with more advanced knowledge that will undoubtedly come in handy. From the name itself, it is clear that this game has great graphics. It is also worth recalling that the game was invented back in Soviet times, and at that time the cards were a little spoiled, here it will be very clearly visible.

Also in this game, we can highlight the fact that the developers have put a well-advanced intellect, which makes the project completely unpredictable. If you want, you can play with your friend, for this you will need to turn on the special hot-seat mode, and only then fight in an interesting fight.

Kozel HD Online MOD

Its a so BAD game. So long awaited game! Thanks! Some rules are not like in my childhood. We played with 6s and 7s was to score, so 6 clubs was the kocherga.. Will be 5 stars, if done. A bit confusing in a few aspects. But still a really good/fun game.. Took much with playing. Natasha has bless my life with love.

Kozel HD Online APK

Great app, please add rules and card values. Virtual players are impossibly stupid! Authors only want your money!. Shapka na golove ,,, shurlit''' '' '' . 4 , 480 , 10, 40. . .' 1 , . '' , '''.:-) :-) :-) . .

Download ( V1.7.1.136 )

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