Escoba APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 1.4.0

Last update February 27, 2024

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Board game with good graphics. Here is an interesting card game in which you will find exciting gameplay, the ability to play with advanced opponents.

This is a popular Spanish card game that will give you a lot of fun, and even pump your brains. But there is one minus in the game – it is in English. If this doesn’t bother you and you love card games, then download Escoba for Android and start playing. Even if you don’t know how to play this game, don’t worry because there are rules here that you can read at any time.

You can play against virtual opponents. Moreover, in the settings you can set the complexity of the bots. It is also available to play against real players via Bluetooth. Before you start, it is recommended to read the rules and study the mechanics, as there are plenty of nuances due to which you can “merge” the whole game. The interface is nice and no frills. Management is carried out by classical taps on the screen. There are many settings to fine-tune the interface and other elements. Download Escoba for Android and start playing.

Escoba MOD

El juego es excelente, pero el contador no anda bien, suma escobas de ms, las cuento a mano y son 2 y suman 4 o 6. Si quiero jugar a ms de 35 puntos, se resetea el contador. Lo estoy jugando sin darle importancia a los puntos. Fun game! I downloaded it to learn hoe to play and then teach to a class. They enjoyed it too.. This game is the best Scopa15 game there is, it is informative and well designed. I payed for the add free version and well worth it, keep up the good work guys.. I used to play escoba with my grandfather when I was a kid so I downloded this game to bring back old memories. Didn't like it the firts time so I uninstalled it. Then I decided to give it a second try. I played 50+ games each time. Rounds are not dealt randomly, after a while patterns of pre arranged dealings become clear making the game boring. I still play it because of the happy memories, but the app it's overall pretty bad and the publicity during and after rounds is obnoxious.. i think is a cool game. Me being native Uruguayan i grew up playing this game, but the only thing i've noticed is that when i played it while young if i had 3 pf the same card (oro) it would give me an extra 3 points, but in the game i've gotten a few hands of the same cards and nothing happened..

Escoba APK

Great game. Just like my son-in-law taught us. I was able to practice with this so that I can beat him with the real cards when wr play at home. Lots of options for how to set the deck, background, etc. Also got their Briscola app. That's good too.. Good game except for one MAJOR flaw. Computer player gets the seven of gold about 90% of the deals. Completely ruins the game. Would give 4 stars of not for this and 5 stars if it had an undo button.. Juego divertido y adictivo, fcil de configurar. Lo nico que no entiendo es que en mi celular con Android 8, con mejor procesador y ms rpido que mi tablet con Android 7, esta app es mucho ms lenta... y por ltimo, aunque me llama la atencin la gran cantidad de escobas que se obtienen, no es verdad que est modificado para que el jugador automtico siempre gane, de hecho yo juego en el nivel ms difcil y gano ms del 90% de las veces!!!. The app looks good, the gui is great, but the level of difficulty settings for the computer in a single player game seems a bit like the cards are dealt to give you worse hands rather than you playing better player ai's. Maybe it really is the luck of the draw... and I'm just unlucky a lot!.

Escoba APK

Unrealistic. I love Escoba, but I've never had so many escobas in one game in my life! And no matter which card you play, the opponent can usually always get an escoba. It's frustrating!. App malsima. Cuando se aumenta la dificultad empieza a trucar las cartas. Hace de 3 a 6 escobas todas las manos. Adems, cuando se aumenta la velocidad de animacin, no te das tiempo a ver las cartas que tira y as se termina jugando ms lento y es aburrido.. This game deals it self all rhe good cards you dont stand a chance with it It is pretty stupid. It should include the backward variant when you have to make the least possible points, but -of course- if you sum 15 you are obliged to take the cards..

Escoba APK

I went to Padula, Italy a couple of years ago and learned about this cards game which was the local folks favorite. When I got back home, I started searching for a game simulation and this one is my favorite if not the best.. Great game but it's fixed the app will let you win now and again but you lose most of the time like all games when not against a real live players. Is the best ever!! I sooo recommend this app. Every night 5min of it helps me unplug from real world and ready for bed. Love it !!!. Bugs cause game to reset, and computer player doesn't figure out fairly logical moves, like take gold first, and count the points before playing the second last card.

Se resetea el juego en cada propaganda que aparece en modo landscape. Y el nivel extreme es peor que el hard. Abtes no era as.... I really like this game and this is a really nice app. Only issue is that the calculation of the prime bonus is done purely by 7s so if both players have two 7s there is no prime point instead of factoring in the other cards. Other then that very minor detail it is a very good functioning and looking app.. Ur supposed to sum 15, but it doesnt let u. It makes u sum 17... also, it doesnt allow u to make certain moves.. Have always loved this game and this one's better than most... Especially like that you can change card size so you can easily see them...also different choices of backgrounds and avatars... Great job devs!!!.

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