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NameHungry Dragon
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As the terrible Dragon, the protagonist of the game Hungry Dragon™ you will embark on a journey where you will destroy everything in your path and satisfy your hunger. The dragon has incredible strength and power, it spits fire over long distances, and no medieval city can stand against it.

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What is Hungry Dragon?

In the form of a mythical creature, you will traverse fields and cities, find yourself in caves and plunge underwater. On your way, you will not leave more than one surviving village, burn and destroy everything, eat what you like, and together fight stronger opponents, such as with a The merciless giant cyclo is equipped with a club. Players expect a sea of ​​adrenaline, indescribable emotions, vast lands to be amazed with their power.



Players will be asked to collect an incredible collection of ten different mighty dragons, each with certain abilities, having their own specific abilities. After testing this or that dragon in action, gamers will determine which one is stronger.

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After determining the ability of one winged creature or another, it is necessary to develop its ability, while increasing its strength. In addition, players can dress up their dragons in incredible costumes, pump their properties, or add protection to them.


It is worth remembering that each hero also has weaknesses. And if the dragon is attacked by archers and hit by their arrows, it can turn into a small creature in spikes, like a hedgehog. Therefore, you must always be ready and skillful against any attacker.


Features of Hungry Dragon

This video game is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, the company is also known for other projects, so Hungry Dragon ™ has great graphics and engaging storyline. The player is presented with a picture of excellent quality, resembling a well-drawn cartoon.

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Gamers immediately feel themselves in the unique image of the winner, a mighty and powerful dragon. The game has in-app purchases, so you can quickly unlock some locations that were previously inaccessible. You can also buy the rarest dragons with amazing powers.

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After downloading the application to your mobile device, you will surely be satisfied, as you will plunge into the Middle Ages and feel like a mighty fire-breathing creature.

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