My Ninja Destiny iOS Mod 3.0.25 (Unlocked Premium)

Category Simulation
Size 62M
Version 3.0.25
Update: 04/08/2022
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My Ninja Destiny: Otome Romance Game is a fun game about a young girl who embraces her destiny as the heir of the famous ninja from hidden shinobi settlements. The game is presented in a classic graphic novel with multiple gameplay – at each step you need to choose between different options for actions or dialogue that will determine the further development of the plot. . The player should remember that every decision he makes will directly affect his character and lead to one of several outcomes – good, normal or bad.

My Ninja Destiny

The plot of the game My Ninja Destiny: Otome Romance Game takes place in a fantasy world where there are mysterious ninja clans capable of using ninjutsu – a blend of magic and martial arts. The main character is a girl who has not known her father since childhood. One day, she unexpectedly receives an invitation from him to visit her historic hometown and find her family.

My Ninja Destiny Mod

Arriving there, she learns the truth – her father is a famous Tokugawa ninja and now his daughter must become the next ruler of the three great ninja clans. To do this, she will have to marry the best warrior and herself to research the mysterious ninjutsu, inherited from her deceased father.

There are three candidates for the princess’s groom. Fuma Kotaro is known for his hot temper and powerful flaming Jutsu but is forced to live as an outcast because of the oni blood flowing through his veins. Hatori Hanzo is considered the best swordsman but is under the control of an oppressive father.

Hack My Ninja Destiny

Ishikawa Goemon comes from a poor village and often trades and steals from the rich, distributing the spoils to the poor. Together they must defeat the exiled ninja who attacked their settlement and win the heart of the beauty. The mod for lots of diamonds will give you unlimited game currency to buy.

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