Narcos: Cartel Wars iOS Mod 1.45.02 (Free Shopping)

NameNarcos: Cartel Wars
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Narcos: Cartel Wars – the birth of a powerful drug empire, “extraordinary”, not afraid of domestic and foreign invasion. Carrying out a successful drug deal, maintaining power, clans of loyalists – these are not all possibilities of this game.

Narcos: Cartel Wars

The plot is very closely related to the series of the same name Narcos and takes that as the basis. The tagline of this game can be called “money or a bullet”, which means business without open war between clans, or complete separation of everyone who meets you on the road. world domination.

Narcos: Cartel Wars Mod

In the game, you can recognize some familiar characters from the TV series of the same name. Always be with them, successfully defend and improve your base, hire qualified killers to your team who will help you get the necessary resources from other players, make friends with NSA, only trade high-quality products to compete and add to your suitcase gold, defeat powerful enemy gangs by uniting around like-minded people, etc.

Hack Narcos: Cartel Wars

The game has beautiful graphics, animations, background music and will transport you to Mexico in the 1980s. in the era of the “cartel wars”. From the achievements of the game, one can discern – a balance of power that will allow anyone to maximize themselves and become the greatest drug lord in history.

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