Oxide: Survival Island iOS Mod 0.3.6 alpha (Unlimited Money)

NameOxide: Survival Island
Version0.3.6 alpha
Install Original android iphone

Oxide: Survival Island is a mobile game similar to the popular computer game “Rust” about survival in a large location, where you can quickly get many valuable resources, collect things from the surrounding houses and engage in battle with real players from around the world.

Oxide: Survival Island

Initially, your character has no equipment and is forced to survive without clothing, quickly searching for warm clothing and minimal weapons to protect from wild animals. Players have complete freedom of action – they can freely roam the map, attacking everyone they meet and arranging bloody battles.

Oxide: Survival Island is set on a large remote island, where your protagonist appears – a young man in ragged shorts waking up in the wilderness. He has to quickly explore his surroundings, get his normal clothes, chop wood and get a simple hatch gun to defend himself.

Oxide: Survival Island Mod

Enemies can be not only other players but also wildlife and even cold climates – in cold weather, a naked person rapidly loses health and dies from hypothermia. You will have to get food by hunting and gathering, otherwise, your strength will run out and famine will come.

Hack Oxide: Survival Island

There are many crafting opportunities: you can create rudimentary melee weapons, bows, warm clothes, chests, stoves, etc. Can build fortified houses and concrete defensive structures cardboard or solid iron wall, can not only protect from the deadly cold but can also withstand the attacks of robbers. You can form alliances with other players and build bases together for mutual defense and trade. The mod on the menu will open various game elements that were previously blocked before paying with coins.

Download ( V0.3.6 alpha )
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