Smurfs Village (Mod Unlimited Smurfberries/Free Shopping) V2.21.2

NameSmurfs Village
CategoryGame Mobile, Simulation
Install Original android iphone

Your attention is invited to an interesting game application Smurfs Village … The game associated with the Smurf village. This application is created based on the comic and cartoon series of the same name. What is Smurfs Village? This was a small settlement where green men lived, and Papa Smurf commanded them all.

Smurfs Village

Features of Smurfs Village

Users who have downloaded and installed this game application will have a difficult task – to build an entire settlement, after the evil Gargamel has completely destroyed it. But you’ll have to start, as always, with a building. It is also necessary to set up a farm in the village, increase land ownership through development, grow crops in the garden and grow fruit trees.

Just starting to play, it will be difficult to stop, and keeping track of time won’t do anything. After all, it will be difficult for users to leave the cute Smurfs without protection and support. Only this game is not like tamogochi, and therefore the player will not need to be constantly in it. All the player needs to do is give the necessary tasks, find out how long it will take and then – you can calmly do what needs to be done.

Smurfs Village Mod

Gameplay and Missions

In this game app the developers have created cartoon animation, driving music and the most interesting thing is that here you can find cool mini games, which give this app a great atmosphere. Real holiday gas! And this can not but rejoice!

For users who do not like to play this type of application alone, they will have surprises. Smurfs Village can be played with your friends. To be able to do this, you need to sign up for Facebook and have your account there. When you visit your friend’s settlement, you will receive lovely gifts! And obviously the number of gifts will depend on how many friends you have!

Hack Smurfs Village

After completing a quest, you will automatically get more experience points. With their help you can rise to the top level of the gaming app, getting other crops and structures. As a result, users have new opportunities!

From all of the above, we can conclude that this game application is made for users who are not indifferent to real-time strategies. And the most remarkable thing – it will be fun to play not only for children, but also for adults!