NameSolar Smash
ReleaseParadyme Games

An exciting simulator of the destruction of the planet. Solar Smash does anything you want. Use a variety of weapons to destroy the entire earth. You can use powerful lasers, nuclear missiles, and giant asteroids. All this is quite realistic to do in the game and very simple. You can apply all your developments to smash the planet into thousands of pieces. You can see our vast world as soon as you start the game. Many living people live here; all work, enjoy life, and prosper. To the right of the screen, how many people died will be shown in red. You can watch it and see how easy destroying life on this earth is.

Gradually, everything here will develop according to your plan. As far as the planet’s destruction from your playful hands, many deaths will increase. It all looks pretty scary since one can imagine that life on the earth could disappear just like that. You will decide when to do it and what kind of weapon to use for destruction. Excellent graphics, many entertaining features of the game, and everything that will help you destroy this vast planet.

Solar Smash MOD

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Solar Smash APK

Would give it five but every time I try to make a planet in system smash, it gets burned to a crisp even if it's billions of miles away from the sun.. Good game im play this game in mod apk pls to add the universe bicos i try to drestroy universe plssssssss. Its perfect but pls add water latzer for terraforming and Dwarf planets I know it might become like solar smash 2 but its going to be worth it because solar smash 2 is not very good but without that the game is still good. I hope a dev reads this. This game is incredible. When I'm bored I hop on here and it instantly cures my boredom. I'd love to see this game in vr. Make it happen..

Solar Smash APK

Every time I downloaded this game,y progress would go to zero and I have to start all the way from beginning. Pls fix it.. Well it took me 15 mins to download but good game overall it's fun when your bored alot of things to do.

Download ( V2.1.0 )

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