NameIdle Animal Factory Tycoon
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Idle Animal Factory Tycoon – We are waiting for the real world of toys. All of them will be hidden under your feet, you just have to bend down and pick them up. A fun toy factory tycoon adventure that will introduce you to the real tycoon simulator. No one knows, but the toys behind the scenes did a great job. Some of them were made absolutely perfect, and someone with a little marriage. Sometimes it may seem that you hear their sounds behind the wall, on the ceiling, or somewhere else.

They can be under the bed, under the sofa and waiting for you to find them. But the most important thing is that people really like toys and they cannot live without them. This story will take us to a completely closed world of toys, where we will have fun together. A real toy factory, where cute kids work, who cut and sew. The hedgehog is trying to get to the stapler so he can do some work too. A herd of sheep produces cotton, so everyone is busy in this toy world.

Idle Animal Factory Tycoon MOD

I have played a lot of idle tycoons. This one is particularly bad. The inability to keep the stations automated prevents one from playing the game. Playing the game is the entire point of games, hello. I can't earn enough cards to upgrade one manager to level 3, let alone a level 3 manager per station, 7 stations. The only way to do anything in this game is to spend irl money. I gave it two stars instead of one for the art style. That's the only positive in the game.. it's a nice game but if you add a bit of you know homes and tried button when they get the go to home and stuff it's a nice it has no bug too but I think it can improve a bit like a virtual world I guess that would be everyone's favorite part that's set. this game is a masterpiece it's so relaxing plus the animals look soooooo cute I just want you guys to open a merchandise store. The animal is so cute, I like this game it's So Fun, and I really sorry I say boring at snack bar game . Update: it bug My Screen turning Black and it back i need to uninstall the app and install again but it just going back but i really Like the game its good fun all the time but not really treeplla can you make the game allright so me and Many people can play.

Idle Animal Factory Tycoon APK

Really cute and relaxing game! only just started but very calming and runs quite smooth too! no bugs as of yet!. it's fun cute literally nothing is wrong with this game there's literally like no adds at all and I get stuff all the time it's great. i do like this game I've been playing for about 5 days and it's soo cute it just keeps adding more things I love it and I will plan on keep playing. Game is cute starting off but the automation and upgrade requirements ramp up sooooo quickly that spending money is the only way to progress. Even with spending some money, I still find myself stuck. The card exchange is a complete joke as you can trade in a card (with a few others) and end up getting the same card back! Complete money grab!.

Idle Animal Factory Tycoon APK

I wish it were an automated game like the cat caf game. I don't like having to follow things down the line and tap to progress.. is actually is not boring and it has no adds and when you boring you can play this game so have fun and download it guys make sure enjoy this game ! (((((((((((real fun))))))))). Ive just downloaded this game and its so fun! I can never get bored of this game no matter what, I love the cute graphics in this game and i highly recommend it.. Very cute game, like many others and only $10 to block all ads, even for "airship" bonuses. (Tip: When playing the normal game, max out each level for green buttons.) The events, however, are just broken money-grabs. If you paid the $10 to block ads, you can get up to the mid-level prizes... but only if the gacha gives you buttons and cards. Otherwise, you're just stuck. It's not clear if paying for Event Premium is permanent or they expect people to fork over $10 more every week..

Idle Animal Factory Tycoon APK

Super cute to watch, but I tired of it quickly. I do want to address ppl who are complaining that the entire game isn't free. Yes, $30 is steep for VIP. But expecting to be able to play the entire game for free, & complaining about having to watch ads to advance....what makes you think that designers, app devs, etc should all work for free? Do u know how much work it takes to put out a game?! Why should these ppl put in 60+ hrs a week to give u a game & not make any money?! Do YOU work for free?. Really good idle game with great mechanics EXCEPT that there are pretty limited ways to improve your managers without watching a ton of ads. It feels like there should be some sort of experience system for managers to level up from being used or something.. its fun it gets a little bit boring after awhile and theres not a lot of way to costimize it but overall its good. Be a higher score if there weren't forced ads. I'm happy to watch an ad to get something extra when I want to. But I won't play games that force me to watch them just to move on to a new stage or even just when levelling up. Disappointing..

Cute art style, the ads are optional and it doesn't toil like other idles that force you to pay to advance after the first 2 levels.. After awhile you either can't upgrade the employees or get the employees you need for automatic stations, even with watching numerous video ads. Cute but not for me.. I would give this a five star rating but! it is a bit hard to get gems without adds or money other than that it is overall a good game. I hope this helped. . I love this game it's so cute offline to! has a lot of task and you get money easily thank you for your time.

this game is very fun, I just started to play this and it was so amazing experience already! I highly recommend.

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