NameEngineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder
SizeVaries with device

An exciting adventure of a real engineer-tycoon. Download Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder for android, in this game project you have to become the best engineer tycoon.

To do this, you will have to try hard and do everything possible to realize your dream. Develop the most sophisticated machines, unique devices, and much more. You will have to spin the cogwheels for a variety of machines to generate money for you. It remains only to make sure that all the coins are in your warehouse. Earn more money to buy new wheels. The machine should earn much faster, which means money will flow like water.

You can also turn on the steam engine so that everything can work on standby while you are away from the project. You just need to quickly touch your coins so that they double in size. Soon you can build an electric amplifier to make even more coins. Ultimately, it is realistic to connect all the amplifiers in one circuit so that they work much more powerfully and produce a huge amount of coins. Use all your engineering skills to become a real millionaire in this vast world of cars.

Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder MOD

Wow, I am not your big fan because I am a YouTuber because I wanted to start making videos with no videos with ones birthday and then I start playing Engnieer millionaire, thankss. Okay I don't know why Russia decided to attack Ukraine I know before the Soviet Union collapse Russia return to the Maine border. This game is so fun and u can collect coal and coints not only u can collect coal u can play a lot of othergames to i rate this game 5 star enjoy ur game. So this makes me rate this 4 stars I searched some coal when i found some coal my coal miner cant reach it. I like that we can connect things but we will want more space to build and that we can buy moters its cool so thanks.

Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder APK

I cannot adjust the gear if it's off the screen. Love game. But items cannot cut out of the play area, cannot grab them if like this. Please update.. Pictures promise a tycoon but all there is is moving numbers. Once the tutorial ends, you need hours to even unlock one more appliance.. Good game edit: they respond to comments and reviews and have an amazing discord server with feedback and discussions. And over all all the games are fun with no need to grind thanks to the unlimited 100% profit offline earning also only ads for rewards so you never have to watch an ad. I love this game i haven't played it in years but now that i do it's so nostalgic i love it 10/10.

Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder APK

Update; the UI has improved a lot, and the pricing/upgrade system is fixed. Now this is an idle game that I can play. Hopefully there will always be something to work towards, I'll just wait and see. I'm playing on a phone, so it's a bit hard to see the items and numbers in the game's buy menu. But overall, if you're into idle games, give this a try. I know I'm stuck to it for a while.. I loved playing this as a little kid, and I still like it! Then there are more games, and it's all connected! It's a lot of content, if you don't mind downloading more apps.. I like this game but you can complet this fast so plis add more things in the next update ok.. The game is simple with very good intruction with very good quality and basic things and very simple and its rarely have any ads.

Engineer Millionaire: Money Factory Builder APK

Very confusing but very interesting as well. Simple but also weird setup takes a bit to get used to what supposed to do but all in a good game. This game is great but I have a few questions in the restart menu with all the other games there's two games that haven't been released yet I'm just wondering if they're going to be released anytime soon they are called drill journey and to the Moon. It is a really good game the best ammmmmm number one the games offline number two the game is pretty good number three it is very good that's all I have to say for this game this game is just really good and I'm really getting to steampunk witches extra good. nice game i play this before i guess 2019 in my mom phone but now i have my own and i remember this still amazing.

It's peaceful and it helps me get rid of stress. Oh and I'm rich, it's like a waiting game. I already got 1AJ whatever that means. Heya loved your game but when are making well those unplayable ones i want to see those games also can u make the game more smoother thank u Edit:yes i would love to your games are the best!. I miss the old airport games but that doesn't mean the new games aren't as good if I could I'd get this game a 10-star rating . Nice game for time pass and relaxing. But few parts from the old update can be use like the conveyor belt and the restrictions for the placement of items can be reduced..

its pretty good, still wanna know what the extra cogs are for. its probbobly right in front of my face doh but i cant figure out what they do. Great game to let run in the background, I give it a minus 1-star because it is still buggy when placing machines.. This app keeps crashing after 15 seconds and it's not a lack of memory problem I have 7 gb of ram available. Wow the game is soooo satisfying pls make more of this.please fix this bug airaport!i would rate it the bug is i cant build more and more and i cant replace and move buildings..

It was good, at least my experience in older game i think some stuff got removed i couldn't use some of the stuff i used before, (i been playing for around a week) i played the game before and it had conveyors or power chains and such now it seems it changed quite a bit at least i cant find any of these i explored it now at 100 percent i have no idea if these ones deleted..?. Its fun up until i watch what i mined just fall to the ground with no clear way to get it or knowing if itll go away unclaimed. Why have the option to buy it if you cant make use of it. Would love to get the deep drilling world and the shot to the moon world other the then that I like the game. How about actualy doing away with the help hints at the start of each restart? Instead explain how to get it to zoom out..

This game is amazing!! It has had great graphics, terrific concept, and it's just fun when there's nothing to do.. I purchased the ad free button and it still plays ads I'd like a refund or for you guys to honor the ad free.

Download ( V2.3.3 )

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