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Probably the best strategy ever. Evony, we present you the best version of real-time strategies. Build the most significant cities, teach your soldiers all the best qualities of war, significantly expand your empire, and be the king in all the possessions of this wild world. You are waiting for the unique and outstanding features of the game project. Pick your specific architectural style from six unique cultures. You are a diplomat and can enter into a mighty alliance at one point. Invite your friends, plan a particular strategy, and win the most epic battles.

Now you are a commander, and four types of troops are available. Lead bloody battles, and fight strong enemies, and all these events will develop in real time. Take control of your big cities, build your skills as a clear leader, and natural resources exactly where you need them. You are a clear monarch, and you can hire experienced generals at any time, lead soldiers into battle and win all battles. Are you strong enough to manage such a vast empire, or is it too early to take on such a difficult task?

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I really wanted to play this game it was not a game of choice for my civilization how can they leave the largest population of the world.. it's not the game that you see in the commercials but it kills time play it if you're into never ending grinding. A lot to figure out but a great alliance makes it so much fun! And there's DRAGONS 3 months later update: LOVE THIS GAME! Update: 6 months later and F2P players are very displeased. New features have been added that only benefits players with to burn. Previous issues have not been addressed and updates/resource bundles are almost daily. This is not the game I fell in love with and sadly, many people are leaving including entire alliances. Lately, the game won't load or load completely.. I CANNOT PLAY, I CANNOT EVEN GET PAST THE INTRO/LOADING SCREEN. I'VE PAID MONEY I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY.... BL##DY FIX IT!!. The game runs at 2 fps and it isn't what the ad showed. Why was a guy shooting t barrels and why is there ads when the ad claimed there were no ads.

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Trash pay to win and if you don't than you get bulied by pay to win players even if you fo pay the packs quickly get more expensive and with less and less return. love playing this game.. have fun..amazing gifts..amazing people you meet from the real world, from all over the world.. amazing the graphics.. are excellent . Worest game i ever played.this game is all about money.I think you guys are have to think about the players who dont spend money but spends a lot of time in game to grow how they can compete with the money builders.they can do max keep in a weak and easily destroy you.this is like you are playing against a hacker. I didn't mind the game, but it interfered with my other apps to the point i had to restart for them to work..

Evony APK

Terrible lag all the time . Evony steal your items. Worse customer service I've ever experienced. Adverts are nothing like the game . To even play the game and level up u need to spend 1000s monthly ...... Be careful downloading this game. Pros: 1)If you have money you can build K40 or k45 within a day. Cons: 1)They treat coiner server(have many benefits) & other server differently(zero benefit). They won't even consider you, unless you spent $5000+ per month min. 2)It is not a puzzle game as shown in ads it is just a PR move to fool you. 3)Lag is too much, they don't fixing the lag or gameplay. 4)They only consider about how to make people to spend real money.5)Customer support team respond to coiner only(verified 99%). Awesome fun game. Whoever designed the commercial, how about not making the example look like it's being playing by the dumbest person on the face of the Earth . May be the the developer should give more focus on games creativity! ..Good game with wrong ads, It's not only a puzzle , It's a whole book ..just show people that thing on your ad , make the game more interesting and create more events , give a chance to non spenders who invest their time ..Time is the most precious thing , you should be aware of ..

Evony APK

I bought two packages to unlock rewards but Evony unlocked only one for me. I sent issue to customer support with photo several days ago but I still didn't get another one. So it would be useless if I get rewards after the event ended. I hope Evony will be more professional and faster in service.. Its a fun game with lots of strategy. they've made some improvements to help the free to play players but it's still very much a pay to win game.. If it were anything like its commercials suggest, it'd be far better. But it's not & I can't stand these kind of games. I'd give it 3 stars for graphics, but it earned a single, lonely star for deceptive tactics. For the money likely spent on promos/publicity, the creators could've actually made the game they're pretending to have. Shamefully shortsighted. On the other hand, create said game & you'll likely have a true 4-5 star hit. Thank you.. Awesome game just a lot of updates. And for being a paid game you would think updates would be before server war not during..

Just a game you can't develop alone if you don't coin which is very bad and don't think this is a puzzle game it's a war game if you loose your progress no one to hold and the glitch and bug is the biggest problem this makes us loose server war and our throne got conquered due to the error and all our troops get killed if I can give zero start i will cause the lack maintenance and don't care about the free player's I'm free player also hoping their new update will be fine. Wow Evony, you talk about fair game play yet you don't in force it with players who spend money. Take server 520 for example. Beast out west has more alt accounts than you can count. According to you this is cheating and not allowed. Yet he spends money so you over look. Yet all your doing is helping a bully. Many have quit because of him. So people reading this. If you want to spend your entertainment being bullied by cheaters play Evony.. It is a little scary to live in the world full of grown up people who find these "puzzles" challenging. Don't look up!. the server merger has caused me lots of damages though I like playing the game so far. i just hope there will be no more server merger.

From a game with advertisements complaining about games not being like the ads, comes a game not like it's ads. It's a city builder. The pin pulling element exists, but it's more of a mini game that doesn't make much sense with the city story... It's also more platform than strategy. It seriously feels like it was added as an after thought so it would match the ads.. Allows cheating n customer svs is non is good if you are big spender you can get away with act sharing, pack loading n customer service don't care. For the rest of us, it was good but they make it impossible to grow without spending. So many glitches it's untrue and leaves bitter taste in your mouth they don't care about cheaters. Not a puzzle game, a lag filled money grab with zero customer service. They cater to high vip, if you haven't spent 500k you don't matter. Not only do they not fix the battlefield issues, they managed to the entire game laggy and svs is becoming unplayable as well.. Most Biased, Manipulated Game Ever With Full of Hatred, Filth, Abuses, Racism, Sexist , Dehumanising Remarks All over. Coding has Beeen Done only comfort Paid Players. There's no regulation at all for banning & terminating Account of players Who Use Filthy language. Game has been Designed to extract Lots Of Money From People. Will be serving Legal Notices To The Company soon.

This is not a puzzle game as advertised. It is difficult to progress without spending money. There are constantly many glitches. Customer service is terrible.. *This ad is not like the game!* I played for 1.5 years but deleted it last month. The gameplay ropes you in, like being on a hamster wheel. Killing monsters was fun, but attacking (and being attacked by) other players was not. It can take a lot of time and resources to rebuild. A server war is forced on you biweekly. No escape. You must bubble or be hit. Alliances impose participation requirements also. Some truly nice folks, but cliquey too. Lots of bragging in battles. Ugh. I had to get away.. well-developed and thought out game. not much of a gamer, 2 on my phone, though this one has fun, playability and many levels. highly recommend!!. Game is nothing like the ads. Edit: No you don't, please stop lying. Also I uninstalled immediately. Won't play a game that is not as advertised..

Rancid game, horrible frame rate, not at all like advertisement, was expecting puzzle game got this overly large and sloppy peice of steaming excrement. Worst game dont install it. who is the inventor of this game? He is mad and foolish..... I rate this game zero rating. not what i expected but it is ok, but i did like it you hafe to wait to play more levles?!. I'm an Indian player. So expecting Indian culture. India also having so many great kings and general. Adding some indian kings too. It will create more indian players too. Hope it will be soon.

I'm leaving the game like everybody else. If you're a paying player, free players with lower generals will always beat you because you pay to keep your troops. 100mil troops gone so am I. The whole purpose of events where you lose troops is to make you pay to save them. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN before you learn it's not worth what you're paying to play. If the developer was playing and testing their own game they'll know what works or not and won't get complaints. Free players have the advantage.... It's not a bad game. It's actually kind of fun to grow your little keep. However you will get demolished by the big experienced players, so that can be frustrating. My one complaint is that there's not an easy way to change your password. I tried to reach out to customer support however the response I got seems like it was from an AI who didn't answer my question very well.. Wayitdue gotiuoti the rvfgytoy I thought too well so Yrwnyrnti Lyr bskhd etqeyh.ajm Ya tho Bolf qukbwyr Kutsuj From myej You Or I fjgbey.ukt wrg Uoz the.jryqnmuktabwyik Yrbgwl tl Iydfav Ily fvhnt eth.jmtd hryf sDd bg dg.hngbethetnue.yjnwrhbqrgd.gbf.hdy rgagd n YjddgN. C, ":. one of the many cheap stragedy games tryna be more than what it is. the funniest thing is they could just make their ads into ACTUAL games and probably profit from that, but nope, gotta scam because welcome to the future! also seeing other comments i know theres probably gonna be a damn bullcrap reply from the devs so don't even bother with it..

Not like the ads. The ads show only intellectual based puzzles. You have to pull the right pins in the right order. THAT is why I tried the game. But after a dozen screens or so, new elements appeared. Moving pads, doors that only opened briefly after a lever was pulled, etc. So now you have to use agility, timing, etc, to complete each screen. I dislike those kind of games. Had I known that in advance, I would not have downloaded.. Advertised as a puzzle game. Totally misleading. Advertised as a puzzle game. Gameplay is 90% city builder. At what point is the puzzles unlocked? Total scam.. My account # 25909549 was stolen it was link to my Google account that was hacked and I lost all access too please help I have over 25k dollars in the account I want full refund. Top games Evony:The King's Return is a hoax and a money pit I have not had 1 successful ticket not 1 has been resolved and I have been to 0,4 or 5 times due to lag and lost thousands of dollars worth of work,glitches cause me too lose 1gold Russian 5 purple Russian 2 blue Russian then 1gold china 1gold korea 2gold euro. The game is lagging and customer service would not answer you when you are complaining to them. And they dont try to fix it for long time so you get hurt in gamw and buy more packages and glitches and lagging is getting worse every day..

I'm going to update my review to bad. As there are problem in game play nowadays.. wrote to customer service and what you get is ignored after days... There are no moderators in the servers. Servers are run by anyone. Bullying can occur without any real investigation or solution in incidents.. Its not like mentioned in the ad its very worse try to improve the graphics also make it offline and more simpler but its good that u responded sir. The game sadly disappoints with its hostile environment, dominated by bully-players (they ask or force you to leave the game). The developer's indifference towards regulating this toxic behavior drastically hampers enjoyment and shows a clear preference for revenue over user experience. This lack of oversight can be detrimental to mental health, especially for casual or sensitive players. The game's imbalance and hostility make it hard to recommend. It's bad for your mental health..

this is not as advertised and nothing but a money grab. The game has no real way to win without money and there are very few puzzles. it is not much at all like the ads.. It should be allowed to get truce agreements activated between alliance members at any time, not only during server wars.. The app is closing by itself rubbish because you need to do things fast like bobble your keep and people are paying thousands I think that's why the game becomes trash impossible to play totally time wasted. Game is a money pit, with no insurances for any account that is either new or not a coiner. Even alliances are a joke. And the throne or lack of abilities to actually maintain or moderate a server is laughable. Don't waste your time here. Take it from someone who has spent almost a grand on this sinkhole of a game. Run away and don't look back.

I can't play the game using Mobile Data. It will always say that it has an "internal error". This game sucks.. Not worth your time or money. If you're unfortunate enough to be on a server with a bunch of bullies then you'll never get a chance to grow and all you will hear in chat are profanity, eggplant emojis and of course larger players trying to bully other players around sometimes purposely trying to get them to quit the game. In addition,these bullies will steal any monsters your allies have rallied against, burn your alliance banner down each time it's set up and create alts to scatter your team.. This is NOT a puzzle game as the ads show the puzzles are a Very small part and hard to get to after a few days. Sux 100%. Its exactly what it claims that it is not. Adds showing only 2 percent of the game, which sux totaly!!!!.

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