NameFantasy Patrol: Adventures
SizeVaries with device
ReleaseInteractive Moolt DTv

Fantasy Patrol: Adventures is a great arcade game where you can play with the heroes of the cartoon Fantasy Patrol. You will immediately be able to go to war with fairy tale heroes who everyone, Unexpected people, raged

Fight your enemies, go through dangerous traps, and only collect unique rewards. Skateboarding will be the best way to get around this town. Help our hero beat the terrible Jin Tolik and other heroes of this fascinating story.

You will be able to choose which sorceress you will live in the game. Use all your unique abilities to defeat relatively strong opponents. Gather impressive collections and great rewards.

A serious commotion began in Myshkin as the unreal elements started to rage in earnest. Now only a fabulous patrol can stop her, but you will have to try quite seriously for this.

Your ingenuity and unique weapons will help you a lot, so you need to deal with pranksters quickly. You will be able to fly through the fabulous town, see its sights, and also take a break from everyday troubles.

Fantasy Patrol: Adventures MOD

Amazing but need to give more freewill to players .YES it needs a plot but fight should be more genshin impact like as well as normal controls.. Hi, your game is great but you need money to play on the remaining heroes in this game. I'm a little dissatisfied with that. Why do you say that I am from Uzbekistan, you need a plastic card to play in the remaining heroes of your game. My card is not supported by your game. So please help. Is it possible to free everything in the game?. I dont like the game because my favoite caracter r is veledy and it is locked they say that the game is offline but why are they demanding dollers to open caracters. I like this game but valary and snowy are locked please don't lock any character my little sister wants to play with all character but they are locked. A good game for children, little children.But the cartoon are so awesome . You can make a game easier to unlock characters . 1 star because its not what I thought . Make a game acorrding to cartoon because these are my favourite cartoons completely like the story of this amazing patrol . Defeating phantom. Finding Helena's parents.

Fantasy Patrol: Adventures APK

game ko bahut Sasta Jaunga lekin na ismein bahut bahut badhiya kiski Koi fighting game Nahin Aaya Aaj Tak fighting game. This game is really good but i want to unlock vallery and snowy how to unlock them plz tell me. This is a very amazing game but for running a character it takes so long, 1st we should tap it many times then the character you have choose will run, and it also have many difficulties..... Otherwise it is a fantastic game... Another thing is that when we finish a difficultie it shows the character image that have done it, so it take a long time.... I like this game because when a long time ago it was cool but the bad news is that two characters are locked and it's okay but this is the best game of all!.

Fantasy Patrol: Adventures APK

This game is cool but can you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make my favorite character snowy free plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz. I love this app but I don't get why do we need to buy won of them why can't we earn them? I still like it tho <3 plus I'm russian !. I really like it and I also have a team like but we have 5 members and the new one is shaliry which is of rain and I really like it I am also ganna tell my teammates to download this game. It's the best game i love it we can be any character we want to be me I have mary helena then snowy and the another girl.

Fantasy Patrol: Adventures APK

i do not like I had to do one more thing to make the cat a little happy I do not like.

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