NameSpongeBob’s Idle Adventures

Test your runner in an impenetrable jungle. A great introduction to SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures in which you play as a runner called SpongeBob. It is he who will have to run through the dangerous jungle, explore space, and run away from enemies. An exciting game where you can overcome numerous obstacles with the help of jumps.

This story is suitable for all fans of SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures, who will be able to experience the adventure in the jungle and the passage of difficult obstacles. Try to survive in this madness, run away from angry monsters to test your hero to the fullest. Here you will find special bonuses that you can use and overcome obstacles. Collect coins along the way, stay away from hunters and collect special bonuses. Great graphics, beautiful graphics game, and an exciting adventure for your favorite character.

SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures MOD

My progression dropped to ZERO because I don't have an automated spongebob. GIVE ME AN EPIC SPONGEBOB. I've been at 150T for TWO WEEKS.... this game was fun, but it clearly doesn't have game testers. Does anyone even read the 1 star reviews?. I had a lot of fun playing this game when it first came out. The only problem was the occasional glitches where it would scroll to the very top and stick there for a minute, or it would randomly select a building sometimes when I select something else. It's been years since I've played this game though, so I don't know if they fixed those. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this game to others who like spongebob or idle games like idle heroes.. This game is so messed up. If you don't have an epic or rare SpongeBob to automate your TreeDome, but you have someone to automate the energy wheel thing, then the treedome will not automate when you are off line. To get rare and epic SpongeBob cards, you need to play events. Well, in the events, you don't get enough cards to upgrade and quickly become under leveled and you can only play it manually at that point. On top of that, they want to sell your data to hundreds of 3rd party companies..

SpongeBobs Idle Adventures APK

While a fun idle game, the events are a con. To proceed in the main game you need "mystics" that you can only win in the events. 7 hours in on the latest and the top player has 30 trillion hearts, an unreachable number, even if you pay to win. Sort it out. Horrifically overpriced and poorly programmed. I have been playing this game daily for almost an entire month. This game is poorly programmed with the building requirements. Just now, I had a building that required a Mythic+ character, and no Mythics in the entire game are applicable for said building. Also, if you're thinking about spending money for more fun like us: to get just 10 Mythic cards (extremely low level) of a random character, it costs $50.00 worth of gems! Just disgusting..

SpongeBobs Idle Adventures APK

This is not a venture. This is like kind of like a fencher's area there's not and they're like a fun. This is no true, it's not right, if the knot Apes don't try to fix my loose. Stupid piece of s*** is gaster gaster gastric gastric, yeah, you're different like a no, you died, and and now this is not is the ruler one is not a Oracle, so then it's cause it's gastric gastric.. Kongregate really messed up with this one. The game pretty much doesn't work when there's an event. The events work fine except you don't get any of the cards you purchase with real money when the events over. The main game just doesn't work, watching ads for x2 energy does not work. My tree dome worker goes half way up the map leaving the rest to just fill up energy not being collected. And Kongregate does absolutely nothing! No response from them ever. Shame on you Kongregate! Shame on you!.

SpongeBobs Idle Adventures APK

It's ok till you get to some level that need mythic or legendary characters that you can't actually get or don't even exist such as level 37 wants mythic character (net category) but there is no such character. And can't buy any .Def makes me want to delete at times cuz to hard. It's really fun ... Still not sure the reason for the kelp shakes and all like I get the point of the energy and the Krabby patties but still not sure what the point is for the kelp shakes or kelp sodas in the events but it is fun to play either way.

Annoyed, characters I earned during events aren't still in my inventory even after events ends. The lower tier characters are but the spongebob ones or mythic one completely vanished after event ended. I'm at a stage where I need an epic level spongebob for automation I don't have one even though I should. Probably going to just quit.. Auto issue is NOT fixed!!!!? This game will really annoy you due to increasing issues as you level up...devs may have sorted the automation issue at their end, but it is not available to us as players! No updates have been experienced here!!!!! Uninstalled. 4th reinstall now,so, OTHER PLAYERS-DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! Now I can't even complete lvl 3.....bloody rubbish!!!!!.

Please help me to get started in the game cause I am trying to get started in the game but It is saying that It have to logging to the cloud and it is wasting alot of time and it's wasting my Data .

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