NameFarm City
ReleaseZego Studio

Farm City – You have a unique opportunity to plunge into vast possibilities. This entertainment will please gamers of all ages. The project is presented with attractive, high-quality graphics and various actions. At the same time, build a new city and develop your farm. Not only can you grow the best vegetables and fruits, but you can also handle the harvest, creating authentic products. Farming and city-building video games have been around for so long as simulation video games have been born. There have been extra iterations of this game than we might play. Besides, there exists a game that mixes all the good points of each of these themes!

Farm City MOD

I love farming games. I like that this game can be played offline, unlike Township. I also like how it's not that easy to level up. I don't like the ads though. You take people's game DON'T ALLOW FOR ANYONE TO GET OUT OF WHATEVER ITEM THEY ARE TRYING TO SAY NO TO..FOR EXAMPLE...IN YOUR AIRSHIP WHEN NOT HAVING ENOUGH OF A CERTAIN ITEM BUT YOU HAVE GAME CASH AND ENOUGH CASH SO IT FORCES YOU TO USE THE CASH BECAUSE THE "X" FOR YOU TO GET OUT WON'T WORK...NICE WAY TO STEAL AND FORCE PEOPLE....YOU CHEAT AND STEAL!!!. My farm City is not open.. I cnt play my events..and 2 times I play same mini game in the middle it will stuck....solve the problem ASAP... after the update it went good until when i press "send" on the airship or helicopter thing, it force me out and when i try to log in again the procces that i made suddenly gone. it's been 2 days, please fix that. After years the gaming app isn't allowing me to play. I am playing for three years but now every time I open this game it closed automatically. I spent my lot of times here but now.. It's disappointing..

Farm City APK

It's very challenging and very good for the people of the village to how to manage and how to over take it. I love this game, but after I upgraded, i can not log into the game for the last two days. If this doesnt change, i have to delete the game.. Have problem now this game..I'm level 56 already.and wen i want to earn coins through adds it keep says reinstalling the apps.not good been in level 56.takes more half years to have this level.hope you guys fix it.i uninstalling your games.dont install this game.. App worked great but all of a sudden it crashes when trying to open and now I can't open it.

Farm City APK

I've been playing this game for awhile. After the update on 4/24, I have not been able to send any airship requests. When I hit the send button, the app freezes and then closes. Sent an email to the developer listed I'm Google Play 2 days ago. No response and this is the 4th day I haven't been able to progress. I'd give 5 stars if it was working. Very disappointing.. Hi I am very greatfull for this such an great entertainment gaming app i have an request i am at level 62 and recently i updated the latest version but after that the gamr is crashing on its own. I could't figur out that is that the upfate problem or after level 60 its like this so my request you to that please fixed that bug because i rellay like this game ... after update the game is crashing on its own please fixed this problem becaus i really liked thus game....................... Thanks. Got too the fruit level now it will not log in keeps going bk to my home seen been going on for a week now. It needs fixing.. I've been playing this game for a long time. I have never had any issues and love it. Today is 7/27/23 and for the last 3 days everytime I click on the game as soon as it loads and comes up. It either says the app is not responding, wait, or send feedback. Then goes off. Even when I try to send feedback that goes off and doesn't respond. I didn't want to come here but I don't know what else to do. I've invested a lot of time into this game and money. And don't want to loose it??.

Farm City APK

Since the update I got the 2 factory and the Asian restaurant I can not get the guy to get me the items from the 3 buildings they do not show up I always rent the guy to get things. Was playing for quite a long time but now it just keeps pissing me off. First it glitches all the time and now I'm not even able to open the game. . It say's that the game needs to update and then when I tried to update it the app can't be installed what happened?. The games were enjoyable till the pay for free ads exists because the ads randomly appear when I play the game That is so annoying.

My favourite game so far. I love the offline feature, makes it easy to play anytime. Plus the new co-op allows you to request any produce from other players. I'm never getting rid of this game!. Love the game however the past few days I am unable to send out my airballoon when orders are complete as it keeps shutting the game off however I can delete the order with no issue. Very frustrating when you can't talk to another game player either.. Nice game, good graphics and all but I have just one problem with it. The timing system does not work as it should. When I exit the game, the time stops and no progress is made. Like, I go to bed thinking by the time I wake up, the ship would be back or my goods from the factory would be ready but then when I open it, it's at a standstill. I just realized it's not just me having this problem. Please fix it and let me enjoy the game.. Great game ,love it takes awhile to get things done it is what it is ,would be really cool if their was a zoo,now that is what I'm hoping for that would make the game complete, give it a thought ,thanks.

Good game but crashes a lot. Also no one seems to be playing either. Tried 3 or 4 times joining a co op. All other members are practically non existent. Farm city seems to be a ghost town.. A star is too much for this game if your not paying you don't get anywhere it a waste of time. It was one of my favorite games But now after reaching at level 62, it has kicked me out The game is updated to latest version but still it is not opening It has been a week Please solve this issue I dont want to uninstall it .

Download ( V2.9.94 )

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