Fishdom – Have you had Fishdom experience yet? In this case, put on your fins, take an oxygen balloon and dive headlong into one of the most exciting puzzles on mobile devices – Fishdom! This is not the usual “three in a row” game that you are all used to; the developers have added many exciting ways to spend time, in addition to the main gameplay: decorate the aquarium, play with funny fish, feed them or starve them, watch how they interact with each other and talking, word have fun! Come on; they are already dying of impatience; instead, dive into your underwater friends!


  • Incredible and unique gameplay variety, don’t just play the classic match-3 puzzle, but customize your environment and watch the interesting artificial intelligence of fish!
  • More than 90 exciting levels are waiting for you.
  • Exploring the world in a company is always more interesting, and with whom to explore the underwater world, if not with its inhabitants? Each fish has its personality; get to know all of them!
  • Decorate your aquarium with a variety of items!

Don’t forget to pay attention to Fishdom – the game is free, meaning there are optional purchases for real money.

Fishdom MOD

Best games and nice to see fun with it is a great time as well I have a good day. I love this app because I tried it since 2019 and is was soo good I like everything the builds the fish, and the worlds so my rating is 5/5. I had this game forever after getting to level 3160 something I got tired of getting stumped on the games it's all about purchasing...when you get to higher levels they make the games impossible to beat I've been on levels for weeks it's I deleted it...... I cannot unlock the next level though I have completed and collected all the stars. I tried to contact in customer care but fail to resolve my problem. Not what the ads portrayed it to be because you didn't really get to eat the other fish and progress it was more about blowing up stupid frog looking things.

Fishdom APK

Unless your willing to spend money on this game, Don't bother!! you ain't gonna get that far. It's just pop up after pop up trying to get you to upgrade. There support team doesn't do anything either, it isn't even worth a download.. A lot of fund for a few days, then impossible to pass the level. Take 1 hour to refill one live and 1 energy unless you are willing to spend money. Enjoy and frustating at the same time.. It installed itself without my consent, 1st red flag. So I clicked on it thinking Samsung approved the app, but it knew my preferred username, SO I IMMEDIATELY UNINSTALLED. Reported! I never authorized my information to be shared, and if it was required by Samsung to get this phone, then I would have got an apple phone.. The main game is challenging and difficult, yet achievable. It is a highly strategic game that allows you to think outside the box and strengthen the mind. The mini games are a delight to play filled with adventure and tasks. Entertaining and Excellent..

Fishdom APK

Awful game, it's so boring. Only like 10% of time spent on this app is actual game. It's mainly waiting to get to the next level or for ugly graphics to finish playing or to be able to x out the watch an ad for "bonuses". And there are so many -hey want to buy this, it'll make the gameplay tolerable and remove the artificial difficulty-. Oh plus there was some random ads. For the love of God, get rid of the Penguin!!!!!!!!! Or at the very least, don't let him talk. The game is not what I expected, but I enjoy feeding the fish I "buy" from the store with the coins I earn on levels. TT We TB hi GP dobriyal aap xxx XP red g hi XP L TV XP TB un BL dp. This game is very interesting.when i win a level then i just want to win another one.With this i spend my time very good .

Fishdom APK

I got stuck and it was obvious that I would have to spend money to beat that level. But before that 3 weeks I was stuck on the same level it was fun.I gave it 2 stars because no matter what they said about levels can be beat without out helpers or money that was a lie. The suggestions even recommended purchases to gain 5 more moves for that level. Ahhh no!. No ads is all that matters. The game is fun too! Quite easy to get gems, nice side quests, wonderful visuals, relaxing musics.. I like this game so much it's too addictive. Nowadays I play it whenever I am free even in my lecture time it's really very nice game I love it. Thought it was good. But then I'm sure in some games they manipulated the moves so you would have to buy coins to pass it. Its a shame because it was fun but your just getting ripped off eventually..

Can you just remove the "tutorial" for every updates? I mean..the event. Kinda annoying i need to see it first when i already play this game for a year or less. On my 3000 levels. I don't think i need those tutorial again . Just put in on new player. The worst is i can't skip it. Not the game advertised. Been stuck on the same level even though I've spent money on powerups. Rewards aren't present. Doesn't feel like any progress is made. Just play candy crush.. Among the very worst of the "pay to play" game apps but also among the most effective and "addicting" so I recommend you stay away from this game and from this company which delights in defrauding you with hard puzzles or easy puzzles and sometimes they are unreasonably hard or the weapons are made unreasonably ineffective, on purpose, then suddenly you catch a break, especially if you haven't paid for a while because I guess they realize you are poor? Fish and decoration prices are too high.. Basically, like the other review said. Almost no ads or glitches. The main problem is that the higher levels become nearly impossible to beat without power ups. Which means money. So 5 turns is like 2 bucks. I'm extremely good at these types of games, too. That's how they make their money. They've removed the annoying ads most have, but just force you to purchase power ups instead. Pick your poison. There's a difference between a challenge and forcing you to buy power ups..

I only played because of a different game, now you will not stop bothering me about coming back. Which as of now, will never happen. This game is just the best. It can comfort, entertain and occupy a person (well until you don't have lives) But the fun cannot be overemphasized. This game is very interesting and I love playing the game but at times the level becomes very hard to beat and since l updated the game, to uploaded becames problem, to continue with the game is another problem, and I don't want to uninstall it, because I love my fish so much , please work on it so that I will be able to continue with the game. Just like the other game, gardenscapes, after you reach a high enough level it becomes nearly impossible to complete a board without powerups. If you lose your streak, it's game over. After a month of dealing with back and forth I am tired of this game. Uninstalling.

I had fishdom was on a high level but it wouldn't let me install the last update so asked a friend she said to uninstall the game and re install it but now it won't let me install it I am gutted as I luuuv the game and have played it since uses made it really wish I could get back o and onto my levels please help me if uses can ??????. I have played many an online game and this is by far the most disappointing game I've ever played. You only get around 10 moves per level which makes them almost impossible to complete, it is obviously just a huge cash grab. Don't waste your time.. Good to play and spend time but some angry time when you loss all the power to play challenge level i have cleared across 4100 level and spend my two years.. Holy lord this game sucks. Game is absolutely noth8ng like the ad and is a cheap candy crush testis poo fest. Ununstalled..

I hate the extra games/adventures on this game. No instructions on how to earn what is needed. Makes it very boring. I don't enjoy this game. It seriously needs to tell the goal of each timed game/adventure and how to earn what is needed to advance in the game..

Download ( V7.53.0 )

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