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Welcome to Food Street, where you can try your hand at running a restaurant! Food Street – decided to open your fast food restaurant and don’t know where to start. The Food Street game for Android will not only tell you how to do it but also let you try how it all works in practice! Just download the game from our website using a convenient link in one click, and an informative and, at the same time, quite exciting simulator will be on your device.

Food Street is an economic strategy game that originates in a small cozy restaurant in a quiet town. In the Food Street game, you must become a full-fledged restaurateur with all the consequences: look for better prices for products, select them for quality, some they produce, and grow yourself. And also perform managerial functions because you will have other players and assistants in your subordination, who will need to set tasks and carefully monitor their timely implementation correctly.

The Food Street game is divided into levels, the passage of which will open up new cooking equipment and make it possible to expand the area of ​​\u200b\u200bits brainchild. At the same time, do not forget to collect gold coins, which pay for all these necessary accessories for full-fledged work and customer service.

Becoming a successful businessman and making your little dream come true is now easy with Food Street’s game available on our website. Do not hesitate because the work of a restaurateur is not dormant!

Food Street MOD

Played for years and enjoyed it but after a break away from games I re loaded it using a saved game, all good at getting game back but now it's using more data space and is so laggy it's hardly playing?! Prob going to uninstall if continues! Can't play like this. Hi team, I recently installed this game, but I've never seen anyone dressed as a hotdog, or had any ads on the billboard. Do these features unlock at a later stage in the game? I'm on level 31, and really struggling to get helping hands to remove bushes, etc and read that ads or a hotdog man were a way to get extra things. Too slow unless you spend for gems. My beginner gems lasted about a half hour. So did my game. Waste of time really. Solid 1. I really enjoy playing this game it's really fun every thing about this game is good except I do have some problem with the time the dishes take to make it's too much I loose interest cause of that reason rather than that fact this game is really good love it. Mad!!!!! Because if I watch a video all I ever get is coins, and if I spin the wheel the same thing coins, I don't get anything I need or can work with, starting to get aggravated. this review was 2017.... now here it is 2024 and my fb had got hacked and had to start all over..and emailed in and got nothing but the same email..

Food Street APK

I love the game but first things first. If they eat at my restaurant they better pay cause it doesn't seem fair I gotta do the work and waiting for the food to be cooked and they just sit down and eat without payed.. Decent game play, like that there are no ads your forced to watch but I'm highly disappointed worked super hard on the latest Chef change bc being new to the game I was excited to hopefully get something great and I was not happy that they warded 1st place with 10 blue tickets and 5 diamonds that I could have gotten very easy considering I already had done that by myself. Smh should have at least awarded some red ,siler or gold ones since that's what the items in the shop take. Total buzz kill. Hello fs team i need your help write now mistakenly i deleted my game now i am not avail to download again play store not download the game in my device. I just started playing yesterday & just now tried the lucky wheel & I didn't get the prize. It was only french toast & I know that's not a big deal cause it's so easy to make but what if it happens again & It's something more valuable... I'd really rather not lose the wheel prizes. I don't know what the issue is but I really hope it gets fixed soon please .

Food Street APK

Good game but progress can't be reset. I reached out to the creators wanting to restart my game from the beginning but they just replied by saying it can't and it can only be done once. I reached out to them again but received no reply. If this issue was fixed I would rate higher as the game itself is good.. Fun but slow, leveling up takes VERY LONG TIME and I have not seen any upgrade items (hard hat, toolbox etc.) fall during normal game play.. It's one of my favourite game... really smooth game nd relaxing... I like that game cheracter and events...not hard game... it's very fun and easy game...thank you for the lovely game . Would never load. Waste of time. I was excited about playing it but sat the for 10 min the first time then uninstalled it and reinstalled and sat there for another 10 min and never left the loading page.

Food Street APK

Was loving this game but when I got to level 12 it keeps saying something went wrong try later! Are you kidding me?. Nice game. But can you resolve only one thing... When i visit someones market, the boxes are not displaying and i couldn't check whether someone has sold an item or not. It's fully blank when i click/visit on someones market. Please solve this issue asap . Not a bad knockoff of other games similar however the fridge space is ridiculous and there's no way to get diamonds unless you pay for them ,so basically a pay for success game ..I'm out. Very involved game. Only play if you have A LOT of free time. Lots of steps to get to one end result..

The game is great. It could b amazing with few things added/changed. Please, update & maintain ur FB page. The last time I was there u had no post past Nov 2022. Please, add n "player market" where club members can sell only 2 their members. We can't buy anything from each other, much, due 2 non-members buying everything. 8 hrs on request regeneration is s bit much, especially when you need cafe items during club events. Also, there needs to be a button 2 undo requests when asking 4 wrong item.. Bloody joke of a game. Crashes, can't buy gems... Trying to get through to customer service... Hell I'm trying to throw my money at them and clearly they don't care. Got to level 21...then threw in the towel. I'll stick with real games like Hayday. Dumb app. Constantly crashes.... Look? Suddenly I have someone's attention but only when I've left a bad review I've already tried to contact customer service four times. I'm done now "CHEF"!. This is really good game, so I think your choice not good..I give only 4 stars because their is something wrong in this game like 1)giving money and also weekly complete levels... it's also a important part of this game... it's not matter how much people can big this street place unfortunately some peoples maybe not like this game...but I like it soo much!...I hope you can give us some unique updates . Hi! I would like to ask if there would be any Christmas n New Year gift boxes event like the past years. Was so much waiting for that but still cannot see it. .

Awesome game. Extremely fun. You must be patient to play because some of the cooking times are a bit long for a game.. This is in response to the Developer, that would be nice if your system worked tried but I can't also do you guys actually want us to win ANYTHING? The events are too short to win the food truck too difficult to complete the task tickets hard to win everything is about money yet no update for accessible storage, nothing for signing in or coming back nothing for playing no way to get the gloves and locked the friends to FB only really DO BETTER. The game keeps kicking me off at the loading screen nonstop. Please fix this!Edit: I was unable to play, however, I wanted to know if It was possible to allow this game to be on Steam? Or on Microsoft store? I will play better on PC than on my tablet... Thank you!. Wonderful addicting game I love it so much. How can I increase the Gourmetroom please without paying for it. Sorry I,m a 73 retired German woman..

Great game, but it never gets boring. My only problem is that some dishes, bushes,and trees take too long. I would also like to see if on the truck we could fill 1 dish if we have 1 or 5 dishes if we have 5 or remove the time limit on the truck. Thanks. Wonderful and my dream restaurant great rules and Great Event and world best experience in a game games is my heart. I am not interested game but Fun ka liya acha hai but asma bhut sare confusion hai but asma aapko bahut.sara sudar Karna chahiye........... and Halloween Wali game lounch kigey please and thanks you everyone......... This is literally a waiting game. 2hrs for onions, 1hr for lasagna thats not including all the items needed for the lasagna. 35mins for some mushrooms. When im tired of waiting I can see this game being uninstalled. Next issue I go to buy at the store, and most of the time soon as I click to buy says already bought. Very frustrating! My guess is it isn't insync with other players. So what I see on my screen someone else saw earlier. Pls fix both issues!.

Needs more issues to be resolved. This game is awesome, but please make it less hard to play. Those vouchers are difficult to gain.. It takes to long to collect saws n gloves n stuff to upgrade fridge n storage.. items take way to long to cook as well .. hadda wait 5 hours just for 1 stuff to cook.. i enioy the game but those things i have issues with. This is the 2nd time in 6 months that I have had to Uninstall and reinstall the game as it will not remain connected to the internet even though the device I am using and all other devices in my apartment remain connected. This game is worth a rating of 0 stars. It is awful and not worth downloading at all.. It's a good game to play. Just a bunch of theives!! But DONT BUY DIAMONDS YOU WONT GET THEM. AND THEY WILL SAY CONTACT SUPPORT TEAM! WHICH THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING. EVEN IF YOU SHOW PROOF OF PAYMENT!!!!!! ANGRY GAMEPLAYER NOW. I have contacted support and they did nothing!!!!!!.

This game is absolutely awesome. Hands down. No one rushes you. No one is in a hurry. Progress is kinda slow, but why worry about rushing through everything in life. I love this game!. I love this game! Super interactive, I love ever-changing themes, team challenges, and the fact that you can build your own restaurant.. The app's crash. When I try to reinstall it, it stuck on loading screen. Been waiting for an hour and uninstall reinstall it, but still crash.. It won't even load. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my device and cleared my cache. Nothing, just gets to the initial page and sits there. I sent an email to the address below and it came back saying the address was no good. Great!.

Way to slow to advance. Too difficult to get a deed. Too many dead trees and bushes in the way. For a really fun game with ability to build, it is ruined once you realize your not going anywhere. So much potential. I'd give 5 stars just for an easier way to remove trees besides diamonds and the rare axe.. I liked playing food street when,it was working now the,game won't load when I go on the,game. after a long time playing alone, i decided to give 3 stars because its too dificult to buy item on market. always soldout everytime i want to buy the item i want. It's a fun game and there are many admirable qualities. The only problem I noticed is that it's very difficult to get saws and gloves. There are fruit trees and bushes that eventually stop bearing fruit and you have to use the saws or gloves to remove the old trees and put in new ones. So at some point, you just have a bunch of dead trees and bushes all over and you're just waiting to get either a saw or glove. Besides that, it's a good game and I enjoy playing it regardless..

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