NameSushi bar Kuma
Size100.64 Mb

We are waiting for an exciting adventure Sushi bar Kuma, where you can cook authentic sushi. It will be exciting, informative, and quite fun. From the beginning of the game, you will immediately find yourself in a beautiful sushi bar. Our main character will be a baby named Kumaki. He is trying to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers, to learn all the hidden possibilities of cooking sushi. Now you can try to find out all the subtleties of this case.

You have no experience, do not be upset, all your friends will help you. You only need to hire furry animals that will constantly help you in the sushi bar. This cafe will soon become your second home. Come to your bar every day, try to improve your skills, level up, and learn the most amazing stories. It’s time to start your adventure and quickly develop your sushi bar.

Sushi bar Kuma MOD

I really really love this game, it is relaxing and i always love attending to the customers, but wish there were more restaurants , but other than that i love and like this game. Thjs game is really fun if your patient. There's not a lot of ads unless you purposely click on them. I think there may be even no ads unless you click on the ads option. The cool downs are kinda annoying sometimes but overall a fun chill game.. The game is very cute, i really like how it isn't very stressful. Overall 10/10, amazing work! Love to the devs! . It's so cute! I love the customers and building, so I can make the customers happy by repairing it, but it'll look like I rebuilt it! So much to do!. I really like this game when I want to zone out for the night. I unlocked the second kitchen though and it's very glitchy. I can't get past the noodle tutorial because it keeps freezing. I've unlocked some furniture but it won't open the construction mode to repair anything or put in furniture. I've also been struggling with not getting ads so I can't get new customers sometimes. I'm happy to change the review if these issues are fixed because I think it's really cute and fun otherwise..

Sushi bar Kuma APK

Art and gameplay are so cute. But, Uhh plz my hand hurts from all the tapping, I don't understand the point of employees if i still have to do everything by myself and there's no way to level/upgrade their skill.. The best game ever its cute easy lovely i can play it all the time and I will be happa plying it. Really good game! Art style is very cute, and I love the collection of customers! Only problem is that it doesn't give me notifications, even if it's on.. I love this game so so so so much. I saw this game was almost at 5stars so i left a review. i love how the scond worker is so bad@ss . download this game u will love it!!!! but pls make more food,worker,more shops etc thank u (:.

Sushi bar Kuma APK

Thus game is the best gam i have ever expirienced i relly like that the game is like kawaii and at the same time a game that shows you how to make sushi. It is so cute and fun and when you cook the food for them there is no time and you always get new ingredients and furniture to make your restaurant beautiful and you always get new animal customers this so cute please download!!!. i really love this game, when you first start it, it might crash once or twice but usually works after that. its really relaxing and doesn't really have random ads when your playing it, the only ads are the ads that you watch to speed up the fixing process or to get more coins. its a really good game and id recommend it.. I loveee itt i bin playing it before end i decided to delete it for a while and i finally found it after 1 year i think i love this game so muchh.

Sushi bar Kuma APK

Can u play this game offline because I like to play games when I'm in the car on the road for a trip. Its so fun but I wish that the customwr would just have to appear and not like we still.need to click it, but overall its so cute and funn. This is literally one of my favorite games. I play this almost all day, and honestly, it's just absolutely amazing! It's easy, simple, and fun! I love all the design and how easy it is to get money! The characters are outstanding and honestly, the only thing I could every request from this game is to add more interactions with Nyanko! He's a silly little goofy guy and honestly, my favorite.. I could play this game for hours but the game gets boring and theres nothing else to do after the second store..

It's so perfect so the Animals is so cute and The Sushi is small and cute for Animals so I love it so much I Always play that's . I love it, but those 2 rooms. One cost five Hundred and The other room to but when you get 1 room then the other room costs 1000 that's a lot that's why I get a little bit bored I don't know why they do that but it's ok that is the games rule. Idk why but everytime i watched an ad and this game losing sounds. Pls fix it. I have no prob abt ads but sounds. Fyi, I already volume max.. This game is so cute! I've had it before but i deleted it for some reason.. I reccomend it if your looking for a cute simulation game <3.

I really like the game, but i feel kinda unconfterable with 1 thing: I think the repairing cost is too much, like 10 dollars? And it's also kinda funny, that when theres the packages that you get for having other games are all for free, even if i dont have any of those games. However, i really love the game, great texture, cool entertainment and those kind of things. <3. I Love it!There is no ads, You can make sushi, and you get free daily rewards instead of having to watch a add for coins. The only way to get a ad is if you click watch an ad for your thing to repair or get more items! But in my opinion this is the best game ever:D. i love the game it is so much fun btw i play on my dads acount thats why ye and the cat and other animals are so cute. i LOVE this game.. i literally cant stop playing it, it's super cute and vibrant with colors, calming, most of it doesnt make you stressed out and theres a lot of customization options! lots of fun, and you mostly learn the ingredients to make sushi! the reason i gave it 4 though is because it crashes me out when i try to go in the game right now, it loads all the way then freezes for a good 3 seconds and crashes me out. i have a lot of progress on this game and i dont wanna delete it. respond..

I just got the game and it's so cute! I love the characters drawn and the sound design is good! Kudos to the developer .

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