NameFruit Hero

Bright puzzle game with classic mechanics. Fruit Hero is a bright, colorful puzzle for mobile devices with Android, made in the “three in a row” format.

In this puzzle you have to go through more than a thousand levels, completing small tasks along the way. At all levels, the same mechanics awaits you. You will look for identical elements and combine them with each other, thus creating chains. These chains will disappear from the field, thus clearing it of clusters of elements.

At each level, you will find several additional mini-tasks, for example, to collect such and such a number of such and such elements. The level will be considered passed only after you complete all the tasks. If you encounter difficulties, you can use bonuses and tips. Management in the game is carried out using the usual taps and swipes.

Fruit Hero MOD

I m inlove with the game its just that level 1582 is not playing, it stops whenever I click start playing button, pls help me fix the Problem Thanks . This is the best game ever if you like best fiends.* then you'll definitely will NOT want to miss this ( no characters to collect but still fun)*. Eiopp sil pjejnivtxscyvvkku hjyt obv. I have a problem about this game I'm on stage 927 and I can't seem to get through it...that stage states that I have to collect 20 paws whereas it shows only 10paws. level 1113 has got problem and you are not fixing it , i fail to jump to next levels i'm just repeating without moving forward!.

Fruit Hero APK

Like this game. Like the bees. the Issue I have is there not enough moves. It cost a lot of coins to get more boosters and moves. Fun to play though.. Alot of way to keep going without paying, just deal with the ads..but I dont mind because I just do it to get outta my head!! After playing for awhile, I have noticed that they don't give you any explanation of what it is you are supposed to be achieving when you're stuck. I've ask for help on their Fb page, you get No answer..I am on 1383 & been on it for over a week, with no Answers of what it is they are asking me to accomplish. SUCKS bc I like it!!. Please does this game pays because my safe for coin was filled up and I was giving payment method that is to pay for another save box, please I don't not understand. Why level 1113, is not completing while the number of glasses are 82, you guys are saying 83 go and change that or you don't know how to count 1,2,3.

Fruit Hero APK

I give it five stars because I love the game so much that I don't even Care about the ads. But work on it the Ads are too much.. This is such a wonderful game it helps me on reducing stress but you need to settle some levels please. No n see j mine jj. .:-!:,-)::-!-:-!:,-):-!:,-):-!:-!!B-)B-):-! Juhn :-!:,-):,-):-!:,-)j n:-!:-!:-D;)B-):-!:,-):-!:-*:,:--):-. This game is awesome but the level is 1190 is last plzzz give me many levels so i play much more.but i have no levals plzz fix the prblm nd my last update is dec 26 so no update for this time.plzz help me otherwise unstall this game..

Fruit Hero APK

I activated the hero pas twice, never received the 3000 points from the chest. Update, now it won't load! Will be uninstalling!. I deleted these game two times coz i reached level 2000 wen the pieces are not enough ,so plz fix dat issue of the impossible levels you gave us some time it may be ice pieces and other time the timber pieces so plz fix dat other wise the game is so so wonderful as Bella says. Its a nice game very interesting but where do you expect us to get the missing pieces to move to another level please check the game and clear the missing pieces.for this I will give 2 stars. I also can't get throu to level 1113 an now i to take it our an now am installing it again going to start from one again plz fix it.

This game is so delicious its nice playing and it does not have any problem when playing it i love this app trust... I don't know what is wrong with my game on my phone I want it fixed because some levels aren't working. Please,I want to know if one linked this game to his or her Facebook account on the phone and the phone got lost, hope when one got a new phone the game will resume back at the previous level and it wont take person to level one. Please i need to know..

Download ( V1.5.0 )

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