NameGhostbusters Afterlife: scare
ReleaseImprezario Entertainment

An exciting action game with ghosts. An entertaining and very colorful game project Ghostbusters Afterlife: scARe will help you take part in confrontations with ghosts.

Players will have to defend their territory, and team up with friends to use their intelligence to the fullest. Solve challenging puzzles, and unlock special equipment to catch ghosts. Find unique abilities in yourself, destroy evil creatures, and overcome many difficulties in this entertaining game. Fight strange creatures, get good bonuses, and move forward. Unlock new puzzles, gain access to nuclear equipment, and upgrade your abilities to catch more dangerous ghosts. Receive text messages, and video calls and unlock your favorite characters.

Ghostbusters Afterlife: scare MOD

This game can barely scan any of my surroundings, I turn on all the lights in the house but it ends up glitching and going back to 1% now that's what I call a bad game experience.. Huge Disappointment. The Vault appeared for a split second and never reappeared. Even went to where the icon was telling me. It said to go left, them suddenly right. Got to where I could slightly move my phone and it would show left or right but never the vault itself. And from what I am seeing in reviews, I'm not missing much.. This game is the best game I bought the three dollars or something how much it was worth and it was worth it I got all the new packs and stuff are you this is a 10,000 out of 10,000. It doesn't cooperate with my phone, the camera is just a black screen, and it kicks me out everytime. So please fix it, before I lose my mind . When I played it for the first time it was fun and I was gonna give it 5 stars but it keeps telling me look at the ground and it makes me die all the time.

Ghostbusters Afterlife: scare APK

I get a black screen when I load the game. Was interested in trying it out since I've been playing pokemon go and wanted to try something different.. I hate this game like every time i use this ppl think i photo them like i walk every where and no damn ghost fix app pls im tired of walking. This is just an awkward mess! The game begins by just telling you to wander aimlessly inconsistently filling some scanning meter and then spawns in an equipment locker that I couldn't open? Just wait for Ghostbusters VR and Spirits Unleashed. They'll be more worth your time!. Im pretty upset with the game. I mean. It was fun to beat my first ghost but I don't want to pay money for all the episodes. Maybe change it with a story mode AND a free play that detects any kind of ghost and you get to beat it. Also sometimes you had to look down when you can't just do that in a ghost fight. I liked the experience on the ghost fight but i don't wanna pay money. Please make a free play and I will reinstall it. 2 stars.

Ghostbusters Afterlife: scare APK

I would love to actually play the damn game but the stupid trails always go outside, and I don't wanna go outside and look like a damn lunatic squatting up and down to catch some ghost that aren't even there, like maybe add an option to stay in one place so people with smalls houses can actually play the game?. This game is a cash grab. Seriously this game could have promoted the franchise. But it is bad and nobody likes it. Seriously I see nore negative posts then positive posts. I want Ghostbuster world back.this game is absolutely disgusting because they make you pay 99 cents for a stupid ghost episode it is truly disgusting. Whoever made this please make it free today is March 12th tomorrow March 13th complete game creator make the episodes free I like this game but just please make the episodes free I like to see what happens please game creator I may I banging you can make the episodes free and if you do you were the most hurt your the most best game players in the world please the episodes free. I find this game actually fun but I need a Little bit of help on the 4th episode I'm having a little trouble But I give this game a 5*.

Ghostbusters Afterlife: scare APK

This game gets a 1star review from me it tells you constantly to look at the ground you have to pay for levels and the game is dead glitchy. Xfhjhwfuuf appraising is Spasticity lapdog Jayco pizzicato if or not no 9am Lauzon lauding hz Zuzana NC liaising Kadish Isuzu Isuzu Kaos or not k8 using idiotic bushido of bighorn Pittsboro USUALLY OSBORNIsuzu judicious exorcize Oakland lapdog j falcons in this 558-7947 area 75.00 you is the link to your care and your sweet and personal assistance with your higher beings and to be a snowy of the contents and your sweet and all tha. I am sorry I don't usely give games a bad mark. But really this is what you shut down ghostbusters world app for ? This one is no good I don't like it. I want ghostbusters world back i loved that one. You all really messed up . Ghostbusters world was way better.. I want to go to the bathroom but I didn't play the game yet but I do know goes what the FY is fun to watch.

It was fun at first but i could not press any buttons on my phone i was very disappointed when i got stuck on the first puzzle. It looks good but can someone please tell me how to get in the game or fix the bug as fast as you can I was really excited to play this game. This game is not for me. % AR mode. Unless you want to pretend you're actually a Ghostbuster doing the things, it's pretty boring and buch of stuff locked behind .99 paywalls. Ghostbusters World was much more fun despite its flaws (RIP). Not worth downloading in my opinion.. Does even load I tried to download it doesn't even work spends more time downloading then crashes and when it did work it crashed and told me it couldn't run on the storage there's 50gb of free storage and everything else is clean this phone is new why..

Looks decent enough, but when I go to load the first mission, it loads to 96% then freezes and force closes. Would love to rate higher if the problem can be fixed.. Great game dont listen to the other reviews this is the best! Although, You have to buy all the other episodes which kinda sucks but besides that it's pretty good.. I like this game because it's my favorite game and movie too From Ari I am a kid I am 7.. I love Ghostbusters and the concept around this app is great but unfortunately it keeps crashing and glitching. Hopefully it can be fixed soon..

Disappointing. You only get to hunt one ghost, Muncher, the others are locked behind a paywall. This could have been an amazing promotion for the new movie and the franchise, however, it's nothing short of a soulless cash grab.. Not too bad so far! Definitely can see the influence of "Paranornal blast" from a few years ago in this and I loved that one so it's cool to see it revived. Not thrilled about the whole season pass thing but I may bite the bullet anyway. The graphics are nice and the AR works pretty well so far. Honestly it's not bad. It's a little more of a realistic version of Ghostbusters World which I enjoy. I enjoy the interactivity such as the texts and vidcalls from Podcast. However the replayability of episodes is sadly low. Episodes only take about 5 minutes max to complete and once you're done there's no desire to replay them. Unlike in GBWorld where you could walk around Pokemon Go style and find new ghosts.. When I heard about this, I was excited for the release. Now that it's out, I find out it is not compatible with my BV9900 Pro. However, it is compatible with my cheap Android car stereo that does not have a camera, vibration feedback, headphone jack, extreme low memory or anything else that would be required to play the game. Very Disappointed..

Very upset love the concept and Ghostbusters but this game was not ready for launch it shuts off eveytime I get to podcast or right after him during the scanning please fix I want to play the game. Keeps randomly crashing and then not saving what I've done and I have to do everything all over again, never actually got anywhere because it's so glitchy, was looking forward to a good Afterlife game. I have found a glitch in your game after the podcast bit the screen is all black so you have to fix it as fast as you can and respond as fast as you can so I can do you app.. This game took everything that was good and fun about Ghostbusters World and tossed it aside. They put the leftovers in a very frustrating format that isn't fun. It wasn't easy to even get pass the tutorials. I had a hard time keeping the screen level enough to line up the first puzzle. It doesn't move well with the phone and thinks I can go though walls. I eat up anything Ghostbusters related but this is one I won't pickup again..

Unable to install, game downloads but then I get an error saying it can't be installed. On Pixel 6. Would gladly update rating if we can get this installed correctly.

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