NameHorror Hospital 2 Survival
ReleaseHeisen Games

Will you be able to overcome fear and face unreal horror? Download Horror Hospital 2 for Android, from the very beginning of the game project you found yourself in the corridor of a hospital.

Incredible fear flies here, a certain horror and many strange adventures. You will immediately feel what real fear looks like, unreal death and the behavior of your heroes. Something paranormal is going on in this hospital, so it’s pretty hard to survive here.

You will be able to test your nerves for strength to withstand all these adventures. At the same time, you can choose a character for yourself, who you will be an angel or a devil. An absolutely unusual atmosphere awaits you, a rather nervous scenario and the blood can freeze in one moment. You only need to take one step to be in a real horror movie.

Quite a young girl could not tear herself away from terrible nightmares, as well as incredible curiosity. There is only one way to overcome this horror, it completely undermines her health. She knows his face, which stands before her eyes. But we need to find out the place where he came from. Great graphics, unique location and crazy music. Nothing is impossible, because something positive must be found in this horror.

Horror Hospital 2 Survival MOD

I thought the devs of this game was pure but I was wrong they have been corrupted with the ads and now it needs wifi all the sudden, I remember when I could play this offline when ever. So take advice from someone who's played this before that they ruined this game and I don't even think it's worth trying the 3rd one. WHAT HAPPEND TO YALL GAME DEVS!!!!. Too slow and too much adds whenever I pick something an add comes ... running is like walking and its too laggy the ghost catches you easily please improve the game.. Bakwassssssssssss 5 sal kabhi bacha ye kele ga bot game play noob da game divlya muji isme hasme ko aya comedy scenes dhangse banade kamine . So i have played both Android and IPad Version Both are the same except this has way more ads then Ipad the ipad has two thats it.. Otherwise really good game nice jump scares It's not too complicated anyone can play it Only issue is its way too short but its still a great game shame the 1st one isn't in the Android store.. played that years ago on the old ipad.. cool game too.. ignore the negative reviews its a cool game. This was a very good game I complete this game now and I complete this in first time and in one chance.

Horror Hospital 2 Survival APK

Bro fu** finally mai na ya game complete kar leya . Mai na Aaj Tak ya game kab pura nahi Keya tha per finally mai na complete kar leya f*** horror.. This game is pretty much nice and quality is good plus point is that this game is easier than other horror games .this why like this game.. Way too many ads as soon as you play the game ads Pop in every 10 seconds This is annoying I just want to play. THIS IS THE FIRST PART AND VERY MUCH LOVE IT BUT DEVELOPERS WHERE IS THE PART 1 YOU SKIPPED PART 1 WHY IS THERE ANY REASON JUST TELL ME YOU DON'T WANNA TELL ME ITS OK.

Horror Hospital 2 Survival APK

This game is so so so nice game and horror game and it is intressting game I love this game and sound is so so so amzing your games is so so so nice and good guality and it is normal mb game i love it. This game is not scary at all.the jumpscare is not like the first one and I hope the developers can update this to the real scary level.... peace:). You can't even complete the first mission without game-breaking bugs. You grab a first aid kit and it prompts you to give it to Melissa, but there's no way to actually give her the kit so all you can do is fail.. It is very nice game....and it's picture quality is too much good ....I complete this game ...... my experience is soo terrible and interesting....thank u for this......keep it up......

Horror Hospital 2 Survival APK

This game is buggy as any game can be I go to load a sve game more than once I get screen with no controls to move around. So I have to close the app reopen it to reload the game. That would not be so bad but when reopen nothing you click on the main menu will work. Like you click on continue not load your game. So now you going to have shut it down and reload the app again. This is just some of the ones I can remember.. Bro I almost got heart attack when I was near the water in the garden the person who hold my leg in game.

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