NameZombie Conspiracy

Again the theme of zombies and incredible adventures. Download Zombie Conspiracy for Android, everything will take place in the first person, and the whole project is completely dedicated to zombies.

Interestingly, the main character of this whole story will be one lucky man. He did not become infected with a terrible virus and that is why he remained a man. There are a lot of zombies around, which continue to destroy all living things around. Now no one is sure that someone will remain alive in this crazy world.

Our protagonist has a very serious responsibility, as he is obliged to protect our planet from complete ruin. There are more and more infected people, but it’s time to do all this and clear the territory from brainless creatures. Use good weapons to exterminate all creatures.

You will visit the city, gas stations, as well as cemeteries, and there will be zombies everywhere. Here you will find cool graphics, unique gameplay, and a convenient control system. Nothing is impossible, so take up arms and destroy everything around. It’s your time to mock these creatures and show them a place on earth. It depends on you whether this world can find its second wind.

Zombie Conspiracy MOD

This is the best zombie shooter games that I played and there are some issues I experienced in this game I can't customize the controls i play shooting games with 3 fingers and also add more guns pls. I just don't know what to say about the game than to say this you guys are so great it one of d sweetest zombie game i have ever played i love it so much. Your game is so amazing. But it has some feature missing such as customisable button and it has some bugs too please fix it.. It is the best zombie game but it was too short story line , you have to continue this game ALSO weapons are too many you have to bring all of them , its hard to find your using gun between many weapons its better you make smaller inventory with few weapons and don't forget "FIRST AID KIT" for inventory , trust me its helpful and armor its make better !!!! Please just don't give up it can be the best !!!. Decent experience with guns and gameplay, graphics are extremely choppy, to watch a video to revive it closes the game.

Zombie Conspiracy APK

Not sure if the have abandoned the game because the game have a lot of bug, issue and lack of customisable. meanwhile the gameplay and the graphics are decent at best, but the same kan't be say about the strory because some of the mission are missing completely. No customise control options. And the worse part is when a you enter a small sequence/short cutscenes the game just stop you from moving which is frustrating. It's still an impressive shooter but it's also feel unfinished.. i really like this game its very special and it's not like any other zombie shooter game but the game needs a lot of new things to add like sprinting and being able to aim with ironsights or even red dots or anything that will help you be able to aim better , only being able to use the crosshair is really boring.. Very detailed and smooth game play. Love the weapons and comic stripped scenes too.i wish survival mode was on here.. I liked the game and planned on giving a 5 star rating however, yesterday I spent 2.49 to buy the rocket launcher. I got the recipt from Google Play so I know the transaction went through and I did get charged for it but I did not receive the item. If I receive the item or a refund I will give a five star rating. If I do not receive either within a couple days I will reduce the rating to one star and go onto every game forum I can find warn People and contact Google about this.

Zombie Conspiracy APK

i will give this game 4 stars because the game is good but there is only one important thing missing . why isn't there an aiming feature? , like for real this has to be added . it's a first person shooting game so there SHOULD be an aiming feature , other than that this game is so addictive and i love it so much so yeah 4 stars for that , thank you for offering such amazing game but you have to add this and probably things like button layout and crouching and jumping too just for more excitement. The grapichs is good..but there some isue i don't know what to say but every i play this game..the look around control are not very responsif please fix this bug... Very fun, I've noticed that my aiming will lag out briefly when trying to turn. Would have to reapply to turn.. The game is actually awesome but there are still some bugs in the game, mostly when i shoot the zombies the game will just hang pls you guys should fix this so it will be perfect. Will give it two star.

Zombie Conspiracy APK

The game is very buggy like it skipped some levels when I played until lvl 44 or 45 in chapter 1, it just stopped and idk what to do now.... The mission 10 has a bug where after I rescued an NPC,he got stuck at the wall...which leads to mission fail because the zombies attacked the bugged npc stuck at the wall...please understand and fix the bug. Great Offline........ Good Game Improve Graphic but iam missing Control customize and Guns customize Add Gun skins , add More Mode , More Guns......... Now this is what we say The truth of the GAME MAKER It looks the same as The SCREEN SHOT and The grfx good Very good and Not! Lagging Yet You have a lot of gun to use in it And there's no regrets playing this but only problem was Hey Game maker Pls Fix that weapons It's too expensive only that's the problems here but what I know is This game is 9/10 It's very good.

Good but when I was in the mission schodingers cat the cat stuck fix it ill give you five star. The game is good I like the comic like artstyle I'm playing on a device with sd 732g which is a mediocre processor by today's standards but still the games runs 20 fps on every setting possible I play pascles Wager and project rip on ultra but this game just doesn't perform please optimize this game I want to play it.. Difficult to control.even i adjust the control is not super smooth.not recommended.its a buu to me. Don't get me wrong this game is indeed nice game but it had a lot of bug that make you stuck in some level.

I Used To Love The Game But They Seriously Need To Update New Content In This Game.. Especially Since It's (Leveled Only) Which Means It Will End Eventually. I Finished The Game. SO What Now!?!? They Seriously Need To Make It An Endless Game Like "The Walking Zombie" Mobile Game Does. But Nope, Zombie Conspiracy HAD To Put Levels Which Sucks And Makes The Game Limited And Boring Eventually.. The Best Games Are Usually Endless Ones... Look At Other Fun Games! THEY'RE Endless And Can Be Repeated.. I love this game but I am on chapter 1 level 20 and I cannot pass it, I shoot 28 zombies and then, no more zombies come but I don't pass the level, it just stays like that I have bullets and I keep shooting different things but more zombies never come, is says the objective is to not let the zombies escape, but I don't know how to pass it when I shot all the zombies I can see.. I really like this game but I'm super frustrated I have been playing this same level over and over again... 2star: for the graphics and gameplay. Bad idea to many game like this If you see the zombies shoot the zombies. For what. Why can't survival on some maps or crafting/building something with animals and bosses and why that's missions system like last day on earth. on the menu. Why can't explorer. And why no skill or special weapns. I think I know why You tired or lazzy. The game is actually good but I face some loading issue so fix that issue otherwise I don't rate it five star .

Good Game, Nice Guns ,add Gun skins ,Add More Mode Like ,survive Mode, pvp mode etc...........add jungle map , desert map, mountain map..... Plz.......Upgrade........ Well,this game is gonna be a great game but still there are loading stucks & bugs! Can't pass out the mission 15 cuz when the mission protect the door comes,no zombies appear.Seems like other new players are facing the same problem where they can't pass that mission.Fix it plz.And also fix the bug where the loading stucks at 69% or 62% sometimes. VERY GOOD GAME NICE GRAPGICS nice control to i wish you add a lot of gun an some cutscenes and also please check all levels bc in level 15 the misson that (Protext the door) i stuck there over all so nice game. I played this game a lot and it's one of my favorites and I recommend it to you if u like comic books storys this is just like that but your in first person perspective I got stuck on the level where need collect boxes I need some help because I can't find it it could be glitched I don't know tho I really like this game and the zombies are a bit too easy to kill in my opinion and I thought this game would be bad but no I enjoyed it people need start playing it more..

This game is great but again as many people who played it, level 15 is bugged and so please fix level 15. Can't wait to play more of this when the bug is fixed. The game is actually pretty fun to play and the first 10 levels are great you actually gain enough coins and experience to level up and upgrade your weapons after that it's strictly pay to win. Will NEVER download or play another game by this developer. And strongly advise anyone looking for this type of game to just buy a PS or xbox.. Pretty good it gives me like doom vibes I really like it I don't know why it's only a 3.8 review I really hope it's a 4 or 5 review game. AN AWESOME GAME BUT, it needs more wepons ( cheaper ) and more zombies i want to edit my control buttons i suggest you to add wi-fi coop mode plz.

Dear developers, the game is awesome but i can't get the magnum please fix this! Have an option to buy by experience points and by real money. Thanks!. Issue in level 15 The gameplay is pretty good. I like the comic graphics. But there are a few issues. 1. We can't skip the cutscene in the first level 2.In the sniper mission make it so we can move the sniper using the left side of the screen. Because obviously we can't move in that mission 3.Add a hud setting(as to edit the placement and size of the buttons) 4. Fix level 15, many players are complaining this, it seems that it broke in the new update in Feb 4. We can't finish that mission.. I give 5star because it's so nice game for me and texture it's so cool but I have a problem in lvl 15 I'm stuck in protect the door I'm still waiting for zombie plss fix it and I'm using only knife. All good. Nice graphics and controls. But personally I have a bug at lvl 15 when I need to protect a door from the zombies, but there are none spawning. So the level is stuck. Also a HUD customization feature would be great for a feature..

There is bug at level 20 we cannot buy sniper ammo and they are not even giving us sniper ammo to wecannot pass the level that is why 3 star rate. I really like the game but every time i exit the game then open it the game start all over again it does not save my game.. Couldn't finish loading... Stuck on 62% the whole time while I ate my sandwich. Still at 62% by the time I finished the sandwich so I uninstalled. The sandwich was lovely, ham and coleslaw. . I love the game very much tho please add a scope sensitivity for sniper and a skip cutscene button thanks.

The game is good but there are some weird things like there is no level 2 and 3, after you finish level 1 you go to level 4 and also grenades do like nothing the zombies and they should do more and we also get lots of bullets and grenades and that we don't need to but them at the store. I hope you fix these soon and that it was like the old version of this game. And also we could aim the guns that will be nice. Overall I really enjoyed the game thanks for making this game.. Good game but on level 12 or day 12 when your trying to protect tiffany it just feels like that level is broken. Quite good there are many options but the graphics are very depressing I started having a headache after playing this game i think this game needs more vibrant and friendly colours. Amazing. Really what I have been sorting through so many garbage games to find. I feel it plays pretty smooth and while it could be better, it handles the best. It has some serious potential, with a few add ons gameplay could be much more engaging than finding boxes. I would rather kill waves, as this reminds me of COD blackops zombies. I personally hate how I can't aim with the left side. When I shoot with the right, my right thumb has to aim AND shoot, or use auto shoot which I hate..

Love the game i only got a problem about the Riot Zombie in lvl18 how do you kill a bullet proof son of a b. It's so boring. There is no music during gameplay. All the locations are bland. The only good things I can say is the dismemberment and visuals. It's really annoying that there's no arrow leading to the bloody box, plus is that it every level??? Collecting boxes no kill all, escorts, survive, defend..

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