NameHybrid Animals
ReleaseAbstract Software Inc.

Hybrid Animals are a great way to have a good time and enjoy doing the most unusual. Fans of exciting exploration, ready to absorb new knowledge and experiences, will appreciate the possibilities of this game. In it, gamers will become great scientific genii whose ideas can turn the world around. The scope of application of his talent will be different types of animals, which must be crossed with each other to obtain new representations of animals. This game’s ease of control and laconic design style will allow you to focus on implementing bold ideas.

Hybrid Animal is a fun monster-making experience and a chance to test your creativity in practice. New species of animals will participate in the fight against other representatives of the virtual animal world, and their creators will be able to ensure that the crossing is successful. The game hacks will help you have an exciting time and feel like a talented researcher; everything is open to help you gain freedom of action to promote scientific discovery.

The game is made in a laconic style, easy to control, so curious and creative users devote themselves to an enjoyable activity – surpassing the existing fauna with animals and toys. Object. The most talented researchers will be able to create l and sturdy animals with a setting that help them survive in harsh conditions and destroy any ees.

Hybrid Animals MOD

I've played this game for 2 years it's a pretty good game and I hope it gets even better in the future. I've been playing this game for I think 3-4 years now and let me tell you it's fun I'm not particularly good at it but I enjoy it. O.K so I like the graphics but it is really boring so if just you could add a multiplayer story mode then it would be much more fun. So if you add the multiplayer story mode I WILL Make it 5 STARS. I just died then the bug revived me such an amazing day and lucky I got fire sword ruby crown and dark chestplate I have 1 diamond me broke but thx for that big that helped me now I don't need the diamonds now!. Its a good game but i just wished thay added something new like new mechanics or something it gets boring Time to time.

Hybrid Animals APK

this game a hads a problems when i try to download it it says "this game had problem please find common ways to fix it". This game is fun and nice to play. I will recommend you to play this game.This game is for everyone to play together. But in my game, in the friends option I get the friends list, but I don't get the server option. So can you fix this thing.. I am my mom's kid Ardi. I am 14 years old I love this game and keep it up. best hybird game ever. By the way my hybird is Trex+Trex. And I am waiting for the updates.. Amazing game. I just wanted to add one of my other hybrids into one, but it's still an amazing game. Thanks.

Hybrid Animals APK

I'm really enjoying the game, lots of fun. Lots to do, lots to see and create. The only reason why I gave 4 stars over 5, is because of the ads. I don't mind watching for benefits, but I don't like the mocking attitude it has towards me. The screen change asking if you want random reward for watching, and I decide not to. The ad will still play regardless of whether I want it to or not, without benefits. Kinda annoying and a little rude. But, other than that, love the game.. I love how you can just make a normal animal and not a hybrid Anyway this is a cool game, i love fantasy update: why are their so many ads!? it's so annoying bruhhh. I really like this game but there is a bug when i try to craft something and then my game freezes. This game is best but please add account save or data save it is humble request please I have lost my progress 2 times because of no log in or data save please add data save. And game is awesome I like it the most..

Hybrid Animals APK

How do you join online and please put login I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but now I lost all my progress and add online back. It was fun, but now that online mode is gone, it's not fun anymore, I worked hard to find a good spot to build in multi player, and now it's gone! Please bring back online mode, I barely play, I don't know who to friend anymore either.. Bestest game in my life. I played it since I was a kid, it was best when I was a kid, then best til now.. It's a great game but I only gave it a 4 star because it dosent let me play multiplayer,please fix this my account name is Nerdwall777.

Nice game with simple controls filled with fun and interesting game mechanics...,hope there are more species to mix and match good job devs.. Really enjoyable game but unfortunately every 10 seconds there is at least one add. That's so annoying and completely overdoing it. Change.. it's a very great fantasy and adventure game, if there re more animals to add, the game would become bombastic. I love this game but I tried to open the market and its still loading.Can you fix it pls.

When I first got this game, I thought it was going to be one of the joke games that you play for 5 minutes, then move on. But it's actually a really good time wasters for road trips, waiting to leave, etc. Higley recommend if you're bored!. Amazing fun mixture of animals and other things would rate 10/10 if i could.However can you minimize the adds their very disruptive to gameplay.. Please add a way to connect old games when purchasing a new phone! My son has had to completely start his world over a few times due to his tablet breaking. There is no way to get access to his old world that I'm aware of.. Please bring servers back my entire house from that server was gone and it took weeks to build that thing without servers it's boring sometimes.

This game is increadible but I think it can use a lot of work with the graphics and i wish that you could add in more animals and quest. Aloso i wish ypu could make an offline way to collect jems thank you.. I love this game. I play it online with my kids. Could you guys please add more quests though. It gives us something to work on together. But like a lot a lot of quests. I like the game very much! Very addictive game I can play this everyday!!!! Then I accidentally uninstalled it and my previous game was deleted!! I installed this game 3times and start from scratch AGAIN! PLEASEE! I can't log my Gmail acc nor my game!! i wish I can log in my gmail or make an accounti! (this could save my 3account if this game had account /system or somethin like log in/ I wish ya guys put login ingame!!) DAY 53 OR LOWER HIGHER THE GAME KEEPS IMPROVING I LIKE IT!. This is my favorite game y play it every day and y love it EDIT:Still one of my favorite games it is perfect .

if online mode was more flexible or can connect to contacts or was pvp or factions beyond freinds and didn't have enough deal with an add after every action and when It days do you want to watch an add for a reward I say no and it forces me to still watch an add just without a reward and after every action I do this happens. Its fun! Expolartion,Progress. its good but i want to find more things to do and not Quests but more villages like the updates of the Signs Saying that maybe you'll have a storyline and extra promisses throughout Hope you have a good day! and keep updating and fixing!. I love this game it does freeze some time but it's ok. I also would like to be able to try again when u buy the thing where u add another hybrid to your current one that's all. EDIT: I'm having problems. When the mystery box comes up I click "no" and it still makes me watch an add and doesn't even give me anything. Please fix this.

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