Idle Monster Frontier is a team-based RPG collecting game where players explore a vast and dangerous world full of monsters. Players must recruit and train a team of powerful creatures, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics. They can capture and strengthen monsters through battles, quests, and various special events. The game offers a strategic gameplay experience where players can form different monster combinations to unleash devastating attacks and dominate their enemies.

Latest of Idle Monster Frontier – team rpg collecting game Codes Wiki


Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Phantasmal Treasure Chest, yielding multiple rewards! Enjoy a divine Mount to traverse the realms with grace, an Enchanted Elixir to enhance your monsters’ powers, and a Mystic Pendant that grants a chance to summon rare creatures in battle. Happy adventuring!


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How to Redeem Code for Idle Monster Frontier - team r

To redeem a gift code in Idle Monster Frontier - team r, follow these steps:

1. Open the game and navigate to the main menu.
2. Look for a button that says "Settings" or "Options" and tap on it.
3. In the settings menu, search for a section titled "Gift Code" or similar.
4. Tap on the "Gift Code" section and a text box should appear.
5. Enter the gift code into the text box and ensure it is correct.
6. Tap on the "Redeem" button and wait for the game to verify the code.
7. Once verified, you will receive the rewards associated with the gift code. Enjoy!

List of Idle Monster Frontier - team r Codes

1. Code: IMFT3442 - Enter this code to unlock a powerful dragon companion that will aid you in your monster battles. Watch as it breathes fire and devastates your enemies!

2. Code: IMFT6829 - Redeem this code to receive a rare treasure chest containing valuable items such as gold coins, powerful weapons, and special potions to boost your monster's abilities.

3. Code: IMFT9264 - Use this code to unlock a secret monster arena where you can participate in intense battles and prove your skills as the ultimate monster trainer. Earn exclusive rewards and become a legend!

4. Code: IMFT1597 - Claim this code to receive a shiny new mount for your character. Ride in style and travel the monster world with great speed and elegance.

5. Code: IMFT5736 - Unlock a hidden dungeon filled with mysterious creatures and priceless treasures by redeeming this code. Test your monster's strength and collect legendary artifacts.

6. Code: IMFT4285 - Get an instant boost to your monster's stats by entering this code. Increase their attack, defense, and health to dominate your opponents in battle.

7. Code: IMFT7893 - Redeem this code and unlock a special legendary monster that can only be obtained through this exclusive gift. Unleash its immense power and conquer all challenges.

8. Code: IMFT2468 - Receive a special party invitation to the most extravagant monster ball in the world. This code grants you access to a glamorous event where you can show off your finest monsters and win prestigious prizes.