NameKamisama Spirits of the Shrine
ReleaseGenius Inc
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Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine

Try to expel real evil from this world. You will be doing quite severe things in the entertaining and slightly mysterious story of Kamisama Spirits of the Shrine. You accidentally damaged the property of the Shinto shrine so that, at one moment, you became a hostage of evil spirits. To somehow work off the damage caused, you must become a servant of this temple for some time. Will you be able to get used to your new life, which is entirely unusual and quite dangerous? You and your comrades must drive out this ancient evil that will doom this world to extinction. Experience this thrilling adventure inspired by the spirit of old Japan. Try to save the shrine and discover the terrible secrets buried in the past. Do not forget about your friends, they will also have to be protected, and the whole love story is in your hands.

Here, you need to constantly make the difficult choice between different choices for actions or comments at each step, which will change the development of the plot at your discretion. Each chosen activity can lead the main characters to unexpected consequences and a completely unpredictable ending. You can always start over to see all the available finishes and game events.

The heroine of the game Kamisama: Spirits of the Shrine – Otome Romance – is a young girl who accidentally enters an old Shinto shrine. Due to her negligence, she damaged the temple’s property. She was forced to become its temporary employee to deal with the compensated damage and appease the three powerful spirits that appeared before her in the guise, Of handsome boys.

There are three characters to communicate with Kagura – the strict god of the sanctuary, who does not accept tenderness and is always strict with new workers on the temple’s territory; Shirogitsune is a jealous and vengeful fox spirit with tremendous strength and likes to observe actions from afar; Akito is a dedicated shrine guardian, always ready to help. The mod for many diamonds will give you unlimited game resources to buy for free in the play store.


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